What Is Happening to this Frog? | Amazing Frog Skin

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A video breakdown of how awesome frog skin is and why it may be important for humans. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #frogs #amphibians #skin
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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Co-writer Heinrich Domingo
Video Editors/DOP Heinrich Domingo, JM Grande
Executive Producer RJ Garcia
Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in this video. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints: www.alexanderwild.com
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sunflowermilku Před 20 dny
ummmmm antas canadas..a.... you're teally started to freak meo out.
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great Před měsícem
Cute boi
Jose Meneses Montano
Jose Meneses Montano Před měsícem
Please do more jabba videos , perhaps a feeding video would awesome . Just subscribed 🔥
Pears B Liking One.J and 9CB7
Pears B Liking One.J and 9CB7 Před měsícem
Egg Man
Egg Man Před 2 měsíci
The frogs name is funny
SMG3 Colyer
SMG3 Colyer Před 3 měsíci
Do you ever see him moving?
Serpent Artist
Serpent Artist Před 3 měsíci
He kind of reminds me of a creature from Avatar TLA
Diamond Jai
Diamond Jai Před 4 měsíci
john tapper
john tapper Před 4 měsíci
more videos on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dumb theatre kid
dumb theatre kid Před 4 měsíci
Wow ever since I was young I've always wanted a frog, now I want one even more
øyvind hagesæter
øyvind hagesæter Před 4 měsíci
the reason they dissapeare from unhealthy enviroments are becouse the baby thingies wil grow faster into frogs
Vishmohanie Mertotaroeno
Vishmohanie Mertotaroeno Před 5 měsíci
Antcanada I live in Suriname😚😚😚
W.D Gaster undercover as a random container
W.D Gaster undercover as a random container Před 5 měsíci
I think im the missing link between surinan horned frogs and couch potatoes
ωαяиιиg  ღ
ωαяиιиg  ღ Před 5 měsíci
From the prince frog himself “it’s not slime it’s mucus”
Daniel Wijaya
Daniel Wijaya Před 5 měsíci
Jabba the HUT is pewdiepie’s dog lol
The last autobot
The last autobot Před 6 měsíci
This dude looks like a filler episode villian for dragon ball z
Nicole WolfCry
Nicole WolfCry Před 6 měsíci
"why frogs? First welcome new comers" ME: "wait... you freaking read minds? Thanks for the welcome... I think?" I found you off exotic's and I found exotics off The Dark Den....... This has been an interesting journey to kill my fear of insects.
A. Mae
A. Mae Před 9 měsíci
Does he have a mate?
Wen Wang
Wen Wang Před 9 měsíci
Cute name and cute looking guy
nubian Před 9 měsíci
So what happened to the frog... it ate its skin.
Lavalighter Magic
Lavalighter Magic Před 9 měsíci
Frog: sheds skin and eats it AntCanada: *HAAAAAALLELUJAH*
kitcat 7898
kitcat 7898 Před 9 měsíci
That’s interesting about the frogs disappearing when the ecosystem starts to go. Where I grew up used to have hundreds of them and then one summer I couldn’t find any to try and catch and I haven’t seen any there since and I bet that means that the neighborhood is getting bad for animals which I would believe 100% because it’s full of people obsessed with their grass and I’d bet they use a ton of chemicals to keep them green.
Jenna Loza
Jenna Loza Před 9 měsíci
Lol gross... Also I didn't know they shed
RavishingRaichu 03
RavishingRaichu 03 Před 9 měsíci
I'm a fuckin rock.
I'm a fuckin rock. Před 9 měsíci
Huh. I didn't even know frogs shed their skin.
William Cornette
William Cornette Před 9 měsíci
Make sure your water doesn’t turn him gay
sixflagsgoose Před 9 měsíci
What morph is jabba?
Collin Stewart
Collin Stewart Před 9 měsíci
Layla_luv7 Před 9 měsíci
Ants: "Hello Frog!" Frog:Looks down at the Ants. "Who are you and why am I here? Do you wanna get *EATEN???* " Ants: " *We're Related* " Frog: "..."
CrumblingCookie Před 9 měsíci
its not slime ITS MUCUS
Ekin the social boy
Ekin the social boy Před 9 měsíci
Jabba is not a name No, HypnoToad is He is perfect in every way Oh hail HypnoToad I remember HypnoToad being the most popular.
Frunkle McBunkle
Frunkle McBunkle Před 9 měsíci
Frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog frog
Nicholas Lienandjaja
Nicholas Lienandjaja Před 9 měsíci
Don't worry this is normal for frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders (and not just amphibians, some lizards will also do this). After all, their shed skin still contain essential protein and fats.
Stefan Kojadinovic
Stefan Kojadinovic Před 9 měsíci
Live Jaba the Hutt vs fire ants.
RB Před 9 měsíci
Is it considered cannibalism if a frog eats its own skin? Do frogs ever get together and swap skin just for an occasional change of flavor?
Jack Jordan
Jack Jordan Před 9 měsíci
Just accidentally whipped my phone across the room when that tarantula came on the screen
Well it’s a good thing I live on a farm you see frogs all the time so it’s good to know that my land is nice and healthy thanks Antscanada
Demonic Zero
Demonic Zero Před 9 měsíci
The time line of the AC fam 2010 Ants in his bedroom 2020 Many animals in his animal room 2030 at least one of every passive animal at the AC animal center 2040 buys both the Americas (South and north) and turns it to a wildlife preserve 2050 buys the whole world and turns it to a big preserve
candice wiiams
candice wiiams Před 9 měsíci
AC:"Frogs sometimes don't even drink water from their mouth!They just absorb into their skin!" Me:Washes my hands and my hands dry "Now time to get this skin off."
TheTrendyArtist Před 10 měsíci
can you do please more of the axolotls they are my favorite animals you haven't done a video about them for almost a year.
TheTrendyArtist Před 10 měsíci
@AntsCanada thanks for replying and also could you sub to me my friends think my youtube channel sucks and i'll never reach 52 subs. can you sub plz.
FISHY ARMY Před 10 měsíci
Thanks so much!
AntsCanada Před 10 měsíci
An update on them is coming up this weekend!
Ant Trails
Ant Trails Před 10 měsíci
He is nice my frog also eats his I think they would make a great pair :D :D
redswift31 Před 10 měsíci
I used to have a pacman frog myself. They are so awesome!
Yarnza Před 10 měsíci
After watching one of your earlier videos I I got a pacman frog of my own in a planted terrarium (fairly certain it’s a female and I named her Frogger after the old video game character)
MVR Calix
MVR Calix Před 10 měsíci
Which one of you fuckers suggested jabba the hut lmaooooo. DEad.
worddunlap Před 10 měsíci
When threatened the Surinam horned frog can open his mouth more than 180 degrees and swallow himself, blinking out of visibility until his bowels move... :)
Peace Maker
Peace Maker Před 10 měsíci
Please put the frog back to Nature
Ferret Lord
Ferret Lord Před 10 měsíci
Waka waka waka
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow Před 10 měsíci
Pokémon!!! Gotta catch em all!!!
Michael Murray
Michael Murray Před 10 měsíci
Michelle Wright laurawright04@hotmail.com
Michelle Wright laurawright04@hotmail.com Před 10 měsíci
Thought it was a metapod from pokemon at first glance
Arerio Před 10 měsíci
I eat my peeling lip skin
awsomespecs Před 10 měsíci
its weird cuz their like toads but not in many ways
Frosty Baby
Frosty Baby Před 10 měsíci
Silactarus Před 10 měsíci
Your Pac-Man is adorable!!!
Tomato Poo580
Tomato Poo580 Před 10 měsíci
You ever just wanna blow in his nose?
Barbie Twinmom
Barbie Twinmom Před 10 měsíci
Never knew they shed their skin too but I recently looked up something cool but also strange Did u know that ants fart? Lmao hahahaha I know it's strange but my children asked me lol so I looked it up hahaha
e e
e e Před 10 měsíci
It is wensday my dudes
Dariusz DJuliusz
Dariusz DJuliusz Před 10 měsíci
Your packman frog can have parisits even know you can't see them!
OhCeeDee Před 10 měsíci
I was drinking a 1L bottle of orange juice while watching this video; After this video, I undrank the orange juice :(
Mike Upton
Mike Upton Před 10 měsíci
Jabba is a funny little dude.
Rooster Před 10 měsíci
You should give him a carbon-frozen Han Solo miniature in his enclosure.
Maverick Venturina
Maverick Venturina Před 10 měsíci
how do you fit your cool jungle in your condo? knowing here in the Philippines condo's are small hehe
wayne newby
wayne newby Před 10 měsíci
I have kept E. Bassleri, an orange headed morph from Peru. It was my thought to pipe ants into their enclosure for the very reason you mention... to test the theory that ant eating made them toxic... it is a subject of scientific interest. I actually spoke with scientists about it. What I found, and it makes sense, is that my frogs were dead scared of ants. The mere sight of one had them going straight up into the plant canopy of the vivarium. Where they live ants eat frogs if they don’t move fast enough.I was using Formica fossaceps, red wood ant, because the have formic acid... alas, not likely that a frog ever ate one. They do eat plant pests though. My new theory, one shared by some scientists, is that the frogs derive their toxicity from plant pests that feed on plants that contain alkaloids. My new vivarium has those, and plant pests... but I still have to finish it before adding frogs. This is my latest vivarium project. csposts.info/cd/video/2qexlZ2qg62gl80
Isa Rodriguez
Isa Rodriguez Před 10 měsíci
Damn gamariki sure did change a lot.
Ric Braber
Ric Braber Před 10 měsíci
I got an add on this vid abuapt ant repelent
Shane Cadwalleder
Shane Cadwalleder Před 10 měsíci
I have a pet packman 🐸 too
AbbieNeverPosts Před 10 měsíci
He’s just shedding
ATV_Gaming _YT
ATV_Gaming _YT Před 10 měsíci
So Jabbas slime is like a cell membrane letting things go through and some not
iikonzic Před 10 měsíci
Ummm..... isn't it like shedding your lungs?
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Před 10 měsíci
Broo get a praying mantis for a enclosed live tank you can do it I believe in you I will even donate to start the adventure of a mantis enclosure
Random _encounter
Random _encounter Před 10 měsíci
daveymonday gaming
daveymonday gaming Před 10 měsíci
Whenever im hungry i eat my own finger skin....
Merrie M
Merrie M Před 10 měsíci
Does his sound modulation remind anyone of Chef John from Food wishes?
Daniel Ruiz
Daniel Ruiz Před 10 měsíci
Hey you. I used to watch your channel a few years ago. I’m paranoid about being well I’m schizophrenic.. so I don’t follow people and unfollow constantly. I always loved your videos. I’ve seen as many as you the would let me search for. It’s been over a year so thanks for making new content (: I always wanted an ant farm. Ty for making them and supporting yours
Nate Cho
Nate Cho Před 10 měsíci
im from when the titans were first introdused
On Your Left
On Your Left Před 10 měsíci
"jabba" its pronounced "jawba"
Ryan & Patty Cresswell
Ryan & Patty Cresswell Před 10 měsíci
Jab a the hut is a fat lazy skin eating frog lol
Shenie Sanoy
Shenie Sanoy Před 10 měsíci
i will make pet american frog u think is ok
Andres Santoyo
Andres Santoyo Před 10 měsíci
What happened to the axolotls like if you won't a update AC family
Mr.hammie’s gaming world
Mr.hammie’s gaming world Před 10 měsíci
What’s antscandas email
Dariusz DJuliusz
Dariusz DJuliusz Před 10 měsíci
I know that because i have toads and they do that too!
Colour Not Color
Colour Not Color Před 10 měsíci
Wait, I open my mouth and blink
gameing killer28
gameing killer28 Před 10 měsíci
You know exotic lair
# DoeMaarRandom
# DoeMaarRandom Před 10 měsíci
AKyKa13 Před 10 měsíci
Cool frog!
MetungKP Před 10 měsíci
I didn't know that frogs molted.
GhoulAshton Před 10 měsíci
His name should be shrek we missed out
Charles Roberts
Charles Roberts Před 10 měsíci
Jab a : “titi Jedi titi Jedi! “.
bythewindow Před 10 měsíci
my only problem with this video is that it’s short I want to more frog
in my Grandma house there's a Coqui Everytime in one of those plants that store water I try to catch spiders and feed it is amazing it eats super fast I love Toads and frogs amazing animals
ewok king
ewok king Před 10 měsíci
My grandparents own frogs in there fish pond we catch and release them after looking at him
Rae Andrian Yu
Rae Andrian Yu Před 10 měsíci
Please continue the rhino beeetle games
Amanda Stephens
Amanda Stephens Před 10 měsíci
LOVE JABBA!!! More frog stuff!!!!🙋🏼‍♀️
Advaitya Subba
Advaitya Subba Před 10 měsíci
I need a ant queen can you give me a queen that can survive in Darjeeling cold
Super Iggy Crew
Super Iggy Crew Před 10 měsíci
6 9
Klirks GT
Klirks GT Před 10 měsíci
Uhm kuya mikey I also want to start my ant farm but I dont know where to find queen ant and where to buy fomicariums btw im from philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Marc Stewart
Marc Stewart Před 10 měsíci
He is a beautiful frog
Chad So
Chad So Před 10 měsíci
Nice informative video. Good job!
Daily legos and Stopmotion Belokur
Daily legos and Stopmotion Belokur Před 10 měsíci
Love your frog and its colors I want to get one for Christmas, you make my day a whole lot better, I also have a you tube channel I currently do not do it about animals but hopefully soon I will. Good luck on everything!!!
Memes Are the best
Memes Are the best Před 10 měsíci
You sound like mikey bustos..🤔🤔
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