These WEAVER ANT NESTS Will Blow Your Mind

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Weaver ant leaf nests are truly mind-blowing! My new colony of Asian Weaver Ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) have been transplanted into their newly designed, climate-controlled tropical terrarium, known as Vortexia. They were previously under threat by an intruding colony of Pharaoh ants, but that isn't the only complication. We discover a dead queen in the collection! Join us as the ants construct their incredible, signature leaf nests and witness one of Mother Nature's most incredible insects solve all challenges!
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AC Family, thank you for watching! Hope you guys enjoy Part 3 of our Weaver Ant Trilogy in celebration of 3 million subs! I love this colony? How about you, guys? This episode was extra long and hard to make, so it was a few days late, but let me know if you guys like the episode by giving it a THUMBS UP and if you aren't yet SUBSCRIBE to the channel (hit the bell) and join the AC Family! Ant love forever! ❤🐜🌱
Rudi Muliyono
Rudi Muliyono Před 10 dny
Could you put links to part 1 & 2 at the description so it can be easily tracked back?
Maria Canillo
Maria Canillo Před měsícem
Pis give me ant plsss and philiphine flag
Kendall Morris
Kendall Morris Před měsícem
everyone lets get antscanada 10 million subs
Terrie Kendziorski
Terrie Kendziorski Před měsícem
younten dema
younten dema Před 2 měsíci
Sorry mikey I killed those ants
Tyler Před 2 dny
you have defiantly gave me a new look on ants the way you showcase them is absolutely amazing i love the work youre doing and how youre educating everyone on how amazing ants actually are thank you for giving everyone a new look on this amazing insect keep up the great work!
Vesna Stefanovska
Vesna Stefanovska Před 6 dny
thanks for teaching me how to keep ants
Vesna Stefanovska
Vesna Stefanovska Před 6 dny
you are the best
Sincere Nuesi
Sincere Nuesi Před 8 dny
she is a gueen
Sincere Nuesi
Sincere Nuesi Před 8 dny
don't forget prices emelda
Sincere Nuesi
Sincere Nuesi Před 8 dny
should i have weaver ants first or honeypot ants
Sincere Nuesi
Sincere Nuesi Před 8 dny
i love them too
Raul Gonzalo Wagner Silva
Raul Gonzalo Wagner Silva Před 9 dny
the larvaes face are sooo cute
Fake Name
Fake Name Před 12 dny
The two queens could of been fighting for the move and more ants wanted to move and the queen that didn't want to got killed by the queen and the ants that wanted to move to the ants who didn't want to move brought back the babies where they thought they deserved and therefore rebelling.
Kathy Essa
Kathy Essa Před 12 dny
Tech's by Gleb Bagrov
Tech's by Gleb Bagrov Před 14 dny
The reason they build so many leaf nests is that they want to create soldier outposts throughout their territory to control it easier
ashima mehta
ashima mehta Před 15 dny
weaver ant: hey climb over me I'm-oof ur-oof br-oof idge-oof
ashima mehta
ashima mehta Před 15 dny
mealworm: just because I'm called a meal-worm dosent make me edible weaver ants: u do tats pretty good anyway
K-Field Isaac
K-Field Isaac Před 15 dny
I love these ants are just like, "Ayy fam can I borrow your baby real quick, we building houses" *Bops baby ant head on leave* "here's your baby, thanks again"
Elite Ninja
Elite Ninja Před 15 dny
I think am getting addicted to this ants show
solo05 Před 16 dny
You have great passion sir
tonytheoneandonly Před 17 dny
There's is something sassy about these guys
Abigail Tincher
Abigail Tincher Před 17 dny
Me:sees dead queen ant..Also Me: screaming at the ants to protect the princess
Brian Lo
Brian Lo Před 17 dny
Say Ant love forever :D
lg plays
lg plays Před 18 dny
Rains* Ant 1:BRUH WTF WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN EVERYDAY Ant ²: uh dude it happens everyday when that *points at a clock* stick points at that peanut thing
Nandita Francis
Nandita Francis Před 19 dny
dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! edit:colony is great
Rafael Duran
Rafael Duran Před 21 dnem
Theres so many weaver ants here in philippines
Pralaya Bodyworks
Pralaya Bodyworks Před 21 dnem
How are other ants getting into their tank?
CAT White
CAT White Před 22 dny
10:28 what are there 100 queen's in there?
Eugene The Gamer Hong
Eugene The Gamer Hong Před 22 dny
can you do this challenge for the ants can you let the weaver ants attack the fire ants
WallnutPlayzz225 Před 27 dny
Ant farm idea: keep a sugar ant farm
Sunita Hazarika
Sunita Hazarika Před 27 dny
Man that brace (bridge) ant was struggling so hard that he was thinking "Why me?!" 🐜
LeoDaniel Mair
LeoDaniel Mair Před 28 dny
Cristina Saenz
Cristina Saenz Před 28 dny
How do you find all those ants?
FlightSimDev Před 28 dny
And not a cell phone in sight!
Mr Duckers
Mr Duckers Před 29 dny
Damn i love these types if ants maybe i should consider to be a ant keeper. :D
J PF Před 29 dny
Which came first the glue or the ant?
Simon Stong
Simon Stong Před měsícem
I love Weaver ants ♡♡♡
Thaze TheBro
Thaze TheBro Před měsícem
6:17 voice crack
The Official ZephyrONE
The Official ZephyrONE Před měsícem
Alexander Vang
Alexander Vang Před měsícem
dude I love you so much for my essay I supported your product, the outworld. ur welcome no need to thancc me.
chhoung888 Před měsícem
Waliat Azeez
Waliat Azeez Před měsícem
Ants are my best insect
lungte1 Před měsícem
robert mensorado
robert mensorado Před měsícem
I get it they built 3 nest for those 3 queens ants my gosh there so smart
robert mensorado
robert mensorado Před měsícem
So is the queen still alive or dead those babies are gonna die :V
Dev Shah
Dev Shah Před měsícem
Imagine waking up expecting to be fed and your sister just smothers your face into a leaf until you spit on it.
Maras Před měsícem
your hype ants up more than i ever could have imagined. thank you.
Ashley Gillispie
Ashley Gillispie Před měsícem
patience, bravery, perseverance, integrity, kindness, justice, and determination! (The human souls from undertale
Galaxy Critter
Galaxy Critter Před měsícem
“And that kids, means that weaver ants use CHILD LABOUR to build homes,” Oh wow. just WOW
Turtle man
Turtle man Před měsícem
Ya know I want to be a weaver ant 🐜 because I have a acid pepperspray
Moon Storm
Moon Storm Před měsícem
Gosh that blue ish green Queen was looking aweasome
Adella Jay
Adella Jay Před měsícem
I swear I'm also sorry I'm just laughing my ass off...... My thoughts on ants is first they are amazing, hardworker, and third masochistic, hahahahahlol
Cory in the house
Cory in the house Před měsícem
17:52 that one guy in a group who gets carried thought the group project
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith Před měsícem
personally this video would have been muuuch more pleasant to listen to if you would narrate with a natural demeanor instead of this sort of anime cartoon style? Just sayin 🤷‍♂️ cool topic though
Reddine NL
Reddine NL Před měsícem
How about princes?
It might be boring for gamers but you can learn if there was a game where you have to take care of the ants(gamers might watch this just in case)
Chewy Choo Choo
Chewy Choo Choo Před měsícem
had you ever tried leaf cuter ants
—DR•AG•ON— Před měsícem
This may sound weird but im not scared of any ants but black ants the ones that can’t do anything
—DR•AG•ON— Před měsícem
These are my favourite ants
—DR•AG•ON— Před měsícem
12:04 they tried to put me on the cover of them all but my legssss were toooo longggggg
Kristina Cable
Kristina Cable Před měsícem
Jake Marqueses Barado
Jake Marqueses Barado Před měsícem
I'm surprised I made it to part 3 I was so hook at part 1 and also the way he chuckles just... satisfying so passionate
-Fox Pastry-
-Fox Pastry- Před měsícem
These ants are cool and I am afraid of bugs
Arjun Tandon
Arjun Tandon Před měsícem
Omg Hope, Perseverance and Love? Like seriously?😂😂😂
grabe kayo
grabe kayo Před měsícem
Are you a Filipino bro because you said your from asia
Aurren TV
Aurren TV Před měsícem
Please tell me you have a voice acting career on the side because you definitely have the voice.
mr. monster
mr. monster Před měsícem
These WEAVER ANT NESTS Will Blow Your Mind
Dave Hagan
Dave Hagan Před měsícem
OMG green ants
Gepard mic
Gepard mic Před měsícem
Next time, they get computers and play multiplayer whit you :-) And order for more sugar.
Randy Pike
Randy Pike Před měsícem
onlyoneofhiskind Před měsícem
It was great fun to watch your video. I love the narration style.
redxpen Před měsícem
Literally could have easily rigged a bottle, straw, and nylon stocking to a vaccuum and had them all in the bottle very quickly
Mellow Corn
Mellow Corn Před měsícem
Watch BBC's Ant Fortress Under Attack.
Mellow Corn
Mellow Corn Před měsícem
You wish
Robert Navarro
Robert Navarro Před měsícem
im here because of Kurzgesagt video about Weaver ants.
Krista Acker
Krista Acker Před měsícem
One is going to get diebets
DaniThePepperonii Před měsícem
*come here so I can squish your head and use you as glue*
100 Subs no videos?
100 Subs no videos? Před měsícem
Who else is from kurtzgesagt?
Andreas Před měsícem
Miro Joan
Miro Joan Před měsícem
chill bro, it's just ants
bellathedog8674 Před měsícem
how does he sleep at night knowing a couple ants could go in his ears and nostrils at night
Pete Před měsícem
we used to eat these in primary school in aus lmao
dorito des
dorito des Před měsícem
a n t
Chris And stellen
Chris And stellen Před měsícem
ewald Doornebal
ewald Doornebal Před měsícem
15:33 you can see the silk squirt from the pupa!
Siim Koger
Siim Koger Před měsícem
17:53 that one ant just laying around pretending to work .. MOOOOD
Nebucatnetzer Před měsícem
Kurzgesagt anyone?
Zychuu Před měsícem
Kurzgesagt brought me here on accident.
Logical Syntax Error
Logical Syntax Error Před měsícem
Here because of Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell's video on Weaver Ants. :3
MrLarrycar Před měsícem
guess you grew up watching William Shatner
Callum Matthews
Callum Matthews Před měsícem
There cute but deadly to insects and other ants
John Ayap
John Ayap Před měsícem
me: yeah, another ant video also me: wait, its already 30 minutes!?
Alexander Kazakov
Alexander Kazakov Před měsícem
socialism works for ants and bees
u12bdragon Před měsícem
oh my god why do you talk like this this video is so much better muted
XcerptShow Před měsícem
9:06 "was it possible she killed during the rough dumping process?" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Fahad Ansari
Fahad Ansari Před měsícem
Michael Emory
Michael Emory Před měsícem
Should have done a time-lapse of the leaf movement! Cool content.
buder5 Před měsícem
i feel cruel connect all the colony to a center hub going to each colony and see war raging
Dez Mondow
Dez Mondow Před měsícem
Ants in texas are so lame its just fire ants building dirt mounds
not a hero
not a hero Před měsícem
Damn I'm not even interested in ants and this is still entertaining
Zyon Nelson
Zyon Nelson Před měsícem
he so energetic its like a story I cant stop reading
Zach Před měsícem
Who's here after watching Kurzgesagt ?
Shenal Fonseka
Shenal Fonseka Před měsícem
Hehe same here
Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker Před měsícem
Dont they use some catapilars as cattle and alow them to co exist in there terrortory?
Zylons Realm
Zylons Realm Před měsícem
Who's here from kurzgesagt?
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