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Rebirth of the FIRE ANTS: After the tragic death of our OG fire ant colony, the Fire Nation, I sought out a brand new starting fire ant colony to assume the mighty fire ant throne. In this episode we meet our young fire ant queen and her brood, and provide the colony with something truly special. The footage captured in this video is truly magical. Hope you enjoy the humble beginnings of a fire ant colony, as we welcome them to our growing Antiverse. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #FireAnts #QueenAnt #AntColony

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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Co-writer Heinrich Domingo
Video Editors/DOP Heinrich Domingo, JM Grande
Executive Producer RJ Garcia

Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in this video. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints:

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AntsCanada Před 9 měsíci
AC Family, meet our new fire ant colony! Aren't they beautiful? What should we name the Royal Queen? Taking name suggestions now! BTW - Thank you all for the outpouring of love and support last week at the announcement of the Fire Nation's passing! All the messages moved me deeply and it helped to see so many of you sharing in the loss. Ant love is truly forever! We begin all over again with this new fire ant colony! Pls remember to SUBSCRIBE to join our growing family and to follow the journey of this colony and others of our Antiverse!
Samuel Stanley
Samuel Stanley Před 19 hodinami
The new colony... i suggest it to be the red madness
Hunter Torino
Hunter Torino Před měsícem
Phoenix nation!!!
Red Leader
Red Leader Před měsícem
Phoenix nation or Solar Empire (preferable solar empire cause my names solar! =D )
tuber dude
tuber dude Před 2 měsíci
This is the 500th reply whoop whoop whoever sees this has no life
Red Saber
Red Saber Před 2 měsíci
Last reply 😝
Kirbyjawws _YT
Kirbyjawws _YT Před 2 hodinami
Mielle Aldrich Emmanuel Reyes
Mielle Aldrich Emmanuel Reyes Před 3 hodinami
i might choose the name fire nation 2.0
OLIVIA FOO QIAN WEN Moe Před 6 hodinami
phoenix nation
kingcobra 2013
kingcobra 2013 Před 18 hodinami
Anyone thinks the queen is one of the alates of the fire nation?
Samuel Stanley
Samuel Stanley Před 19 hodinami
So.. i suggest this colony to be the red madness (*Fire ants are aggresive so that's why*)
Emily Tabolt
Emily Tabolt Před 22 hodinami
Tit is regurgitating
Phoenix Woodrow
Phoenix Woodrow Před dnem
Phoenix nashin
Jr Costibolo
Jr Costibolo Před 2 dny
You should name it Phoenix Impire
Kunj Pandya
Kunj Pandya Před 2 dny
I caught a black ant queen today but it is just tooo big🤔
Naw lyina
Naw lyina Před 3 dny
Yes Yes
Ethan Brait
Ethan Brait Před 3 dny
call them phoenix empire
Patience Jerahuni
Patience Jerahuni Před 3 dny
Elena Iie
Elena Iie Před 5 dny
Eu sunt s u n numești is în pyar vyar nessun și în care omoară fiecare animal eu zic așa dacă vrei
joseph siva
joseph siva Před 5 dny
Julia Angeron
Julia Angeron Před 5 dny
I think the ants are cute too!
Diana Lau
Diana Lau Před 5 dny
You should name it Phoenix nation!
luke's life
luke's life Před 8 dny
5:39 eyelashes me: wutt 1:15 him so gorgeous also me: oh that makes sense
Michael Eldred
Michael Eldred Před 8 dny
Hey I found an ant queen in my kitchen so I am rewatching this
Nicholas F
Nicholas F Před 9 dny
I was so worried when I saw they were fire ants before. I hoped the fire nation was still here
Trinitys life
Trinitys life Před 10 dny
Phoenix nation
Sheryl Oneal
Sheryl Oneal Před 10 dny
Phoenix empire
Pi Seni
Pi Seni Před 10 dny
I didn't know that fire ant queens have hair
Hamish_124 Před 10 dny
The answer is regurgitation
Dr. Rimi Biswas
Dr. Rimi Biswas Před 11 dny
Dr. Rimi Biswas
Dr. Rimi Biswas Před 11 dny
Ashton Kirstein
Ashton Kirstein Před 12 dny
they are so cute
Ashton Kirstein
Ashton Kirstein Před 12 dny
I love this channel it has science, interactivity and is overall COOL
Kristian Thaler
Kristian Thaler Před 12 dny
i heard pheonix nation and the pizza i was chewing on flew out my nose
Dana Bishop
Dana Bishop Před 12 dny
Good bye fire nation
Dana Bishop
Dana Bishop Před 12 dny
Rip fire nation
Kronixs Před 13 dny
Why and now did the fire nation die?
Alejandro Rivera
Alejandro Rivera Před 13 dny
Fénix nación
Lexana Ristoni
Lexana Ristoni Před 13 dny
cat saba vs cat saba
Angel Rose Mensorado
Angel Rose Mensorado Před 13 dny
"let's feed them!" Ad: *flying biscuits* Magic Flakes Cheese!!
Lindsay Sharpe
Lindsay Sharpe Před 14 dny
I love your videos🐜🐜
Travis Jones
Travis Jones Před 16 dny
the phoenix nation
Alvin Chanthery
Alvin Chanthery Před 17 dny
Me before watching: I want a dog! Me after: I WANT ANTS
Emmy :D
Emmy :D Před 17 dny
The ant that fed the queen tryna slide into her DM's
Anthony X
Anthony X Před 19 dny
What would happen if I kidnapped a local queen from her colony?
ashima mehta
ashima mehta Před 19 dny
all hail queen phoenix
Jayson Holloway
Jayson Holloway Před 20 dny
Ryan odonoghue
Ryan odonoghue Před 21 dnem
The red deaths
Shipmaster Před 21 dnem
Trophallaxis is the name given to the way eusocial insects regurgitate food to feed the other members of the colony! :D
gabrielfightsnyeh 1234
gabrielfightsnyeh 1234 Před 21 dnem
the penix nation
The Gaming God
The Gaming God Před 22 dny
Love it
C J Před 22 dny
the zz
the zz Před 23 dny
Phoenix are reborn when they die so it’s like rhat
Pollyana Marta
Pollyana Marta Před 23 dny
Vim pela lorelay fox #paz
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan Před 24 dny
Name it phnix ns
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan Před 24 dny
Omg aa
ItzNathan Playz
ItzNathan Playz Před 24 dny
Phoenix Empire
Pritika Raj
Pritika Raj Před 24 dny
The 1% of beings who see may God bless 🙏 and R.I.P FIRE NATION😭😢😪
Abhay Singh Chandel
Abhay Singh Chandel Před 25 dny
These mites attacked the gden empire and almost wiped em out and know the fire nation tooo??
kingcobra 2013
kingcobra 2013 Před 24 dny
Well if there's a end for the colony it's mites
Rabino Josh-McKenzy
Rabino Josh-McKenzy Před 25 dny
what is ac means
kingcobra 2013
kingcobra 2013 Před 24 dny
Ant colony/ants canada
Johnbuster Wever
Johnbuster Wever Před 27 dny
Ant candada : sad fire nation hass pass away :( My brother : i em godzilla i will kill all of u 😈 hahaha
Payomo, Adrian Jose
Payomo, Adrian Jose Před 27 dny
Who's here after watching the Fire Queen moved to Ember Islands?
Brianne Shewfelt
Brianne Shewfelt Před 27 dny
I dont understand keeping a colony of fire ants, but seeing just how much he cares for them makes it a little bit easier to understand
Wulan Puspita Sari
Wulan Puspita Sari Před 27 dny
AVM Před 28 dny
Nice 👌 channel 👍
polite pineapple
polite pineapple Před 28 dny
AntsCanada: let's feed them- CSposts: *burger king ad*
kingcobra 2013
kingcobra 2013 Před 24 dny
Me: well a burger can't fit in der
tuxk 2timez
tuxk 2timez Před 28 dny
That feeding the queen part kinda hit my heart strings a lil 😅 lml
KGeezview Před 28 dny
i im a kid and i have fire ants too
kingcobra 2013
kingcobra 2013 Před 24 dny
Qing lian Qi
Qing lian Qi Před 28 dny
How did you get an ant king?
hollie thrasher
hollie thrasher Před 29 dny
neo fire nation? wait a minute neo zeon? ZEIG ZEON!
Fyodor Mineev
Fyodor Mineev Před měsícem
sad that fire nation died
Marietta Roman
Marietta Roman Před měsícem
imagine how hard a life is as a queen ant
Danniel Unjie
Danniel Unjie Před měsícem
Fire nation 2.0
Raine Isabel
Raine Isabel Před měsícem
Is the name
Raine Isabel
Raine Isabel Před měsícem
Rachel Brayshaw
Rachel Brayshaw Před měsícem
phoenix nation
Elizabeth Thill
Elizabeth Thill Před měsícem
its not the same
Jing playz gamez
Jing playz gamez Před měsícem
This is very cool I don’t even want to tap my iPad XD
Angelo Reyes
Angelo Reyes Před měsícem
Mikey Bustos?
robert mensorado
robert mensorado Před měsícem
Human playing a piano humans:naaah. A bunch of ants. Humans:interesting
robert mensorado
robert mensorado Před měsícem
Yaaaaaay fire nationn
Nandan Salandri
Nandan Salandri Před měsícem
I love your videos
Pixel Wolf
Pixel Wolf Před měsícem
*Plot twist* one of the elites of the fire nation survived and got out of the condo without AC knowing and mated and became The Ember Ember
Admin Ducky
Admin Ducky Před měsícem
8 months ago no one had a plan that this colony will be such an amazing one
mcroarynuggets Beanie Babies
mcroarynuggets Beanie Babies Před měsícem
Jeff R
Jeff R Před měsícem
Dear ants Canada and other colony keepers, I've had a queen red ant that has eggs laid and has since I purchased her over a week ago. The larvae do not look to be growing any larger at all. Please help with any info! This is my first fire ant colony.
Emerson Thorne
Emerson Thorne Před měsícem
This is an old video, wait till Saturday when he posts a new one for your best shot of him seeing it.
Thunderstorm *-
Thunderstorm *- Před měsícem
I know you may not have space, but if you ever add any new ants to the anti verse, just a queen, could we have a similar thing to this? I love seeing upbringings of colonies
Pi Seni
Pi Seni Před měsícem
The queen is very easy it know her eyes is big
Audrey Yap Wenyun
Audrey Yap Wenyun Před měsícem
beatwolf gaming
beatwolf gaming Před měsícem
Name them phoenix nation this is so exciting for me cause when the fire nation died out my heart dropped with sadness but this video has brought it back up thank you ants canada:)
James Faulkner
James Faulkner Před měsícem
Wow you love fire ants i was almost killed by them is a small kid growing up in florida theyre little demons they do not stop stinging
cmon Bill really
cmon Bill really Před měsícem
Where you buy the fire ant queen
cmon Bill really
cmon Bill really Před 14 dny
@etrnlygr8tful oh thanx lol
etrnlygr8tful Před měsícem
I believe they were given to him, that or he found her himself.
cmon Bill really
cmon Bill really Před měsícem
All hail the pheonix emporer love this
LynMichelle Před měsícem
Long ago, the empires and the nations of the Antiverse lived in harmony... but it all changed when the *Fire Nation* arrived. They, sadly---after a long-lived rule---died out. But then... they came back, stronger than before. That day, the rulers of the Antiverse were brought back from the dead. That day... 🔥 the *Phoenix Empire* was born. 🔥 🐜🔥 May the Fire Nation thrive on in our hearts forever, and may a new generation rise from their ashes. 🔥🐜
Persephone Barnhart
Persephone Barnhart Před měsícem
The Phoenix Empire
Mr Smeee
Mr Smeee Před měsícem
This is so wholesome, I love it.
Alexs World
Alexs World Před měsícem
I bet you scroll down here to watch this video
Fireblazar 22
Fireblazar 22 Před měsícem
I’ve been an observer of this Chanel and never really participated but to see all the things that we went through with the fire nation and I come back to find out that they died is truly sad and feels like one of those things that you can’t replace after spending so much time with
realyoutuber 3d
realyoutuber 3d Před měsícem
Fire nation was mu fav
Kenn Před měsícem
ANT LOVE FOREVER!! my ant just got he's first nanitics :D
Moosey Před měsícem
im new here, what happened to the old colony?
AIMKING79_ GAMES Před měsícem
queen: i want really to go of this thing 1 second OMG WHAT :O
Dragon Master
Dragon Master Před měsícem
all was fine... until the fire nation got mites
Raeka Frances Apego
Raeka Frances Apego Před měsícem
Hearth braking
Kenneth Yeung
Kenneth Yeung Před měsícem
SCP READER Před měsícem
I miss the fire nation
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