Return of the Smart Mites

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My pet ants have become infested with mites yet again. The Platinum Dragons, the name given to our young colony of Polyrhachis ants have been growing slowly, and at one point seemed to be winning the battle against a mite infestation they were dealing with when we first got them, but now, the mites have returned.
However, a discovery this week has lead me to change my mind about the swarms of mites that continue to plague our ants of the Ant Room. Join us for today's informative in-depth look at the world and intelligence of mites! I also have some exciting updates on some of the other ants and creatures of the Ant Room. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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AC Family, thank you for watching today's episode from the Antiverse. Don't the mites just blow your mind?! Don't forget to hit the LIKE button, leave a COMMENT, SHARE this video, and SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL) if you enjoyed this video! I appreciate all your support, guys! It means a lot to me. Ant love forever.
Branden Russell
Branden Russell Před rokem
@antscanada these ants were attacked by pharaoh ants right? It's march of next year now so was wondering about the mites :(.
Mäŕćíø Řöćhä
Mäŕćíø Řöćhä Před rokem
AntsCanada call the fishie Gup-gup!!
manictiger Před rokem
I have an even crazier hypothesis: the mites latch onto the ants for warmth during the coldest months. P.S. If you've not already named the tarantula, someone mentioned Aurora. I think its the best name.
Diamond Gamer
Diamond Gamer Před rokem
NAME THE SPIDER VENUS. Venus is the god of beauty
ACE36O Před rokem
get a friend for the guppy
Lukus Carter
Lukus Carter Před 15 dny
Hello Ants Canada, it’s something that you have a video about mites. I’ve had an experience with mites and it’s not been so fun. The mites I’ve been dealing with are quite different than the ones you have. These mites are so fast that you can barely see them when they are moving. But you can if you pay close enough attention. They are known as Paratarsotomus Macropalpis. And they are the fastest creature on earth literally. I live in Ga and I’m pretty sure I caught them from an Amazon package. Anyhow, my wife and I have been struggling with them for over a year, then we moved. We did everything we could to try to leave the mites behind, but still a few seemed to make their way to our new home. Frustrated, I got an idea, FIREANTS 🐜! So desperately trying to get some sleep, and frustrated because I felt the mites crawling all over me, I went outside and scooped about 10 - 15 fireants into a bottle and brought them inside. I literally put the fire ants into my bed with me, and prayed to The Father that they would not bite me. And they did not bite me one time. But they must have hunted down and bit the mites because within 2 minutes of laying in the bed with the fire ants, I felt absolutely no more mites!! Since that night, I’ve put a few fire ants into my bed at night maybe 3 times per week every week. And each time the mites disappear. I’ve not been able to find anything about this happening anywhere else. So I decided to write about it in your comment section. In the off chance you read this, please do tell any information you could share about mites and ants and weather you know if fire ants kill mites. Thank you sir.
C_b Před měsícem
My giant millipede has mites that look quite similar to these. Do you think I have reason to worry? It had them when i got it
Tarchia_tamer Před měsícem
Random Memes Weekly
Random Memes Weekly Před 3 měsíci
everybody gangsta until the smart mites return
8A01 Nathan Heilun CHAN
8A01 Nathan Heilun CHAN Před 3 měsíci
The mites mite not be smart, the workers are the ones that travel the most which increases the chance of getting mites, while the queen and the brood kinda just stay in one place. The workers probably came across some mites outside the nest and it lached onto it, so only worker ants are exposed to the mites.
Technodono games
Technodono games Před 6 měsíci
at 16:12 you can see an ant fall off the branch onto his floor?.. so sad :(
Sisir Bhargav
Sisir Bhargav Před 7 měsíci
You light insence in the territory
Ilias Salhi
Ilias Salhi Před 8 měsíci
something about the beetles really rubs me the wrong way.
Amab Siddique
Amab Siddique Před 8 měsíci
Joseph Newton
Joseph Newton Před 8 měsíci
Found this today and I can't stop watching
A L Lizard
A L Lizard Před 9 měsíci
aaa gaming
aaa gaming Před 9 měsíci
Oh no
Blaire Monroe
Blaire Monroe Před 9 měsíci
3 Days Of Binge Watching Ya Channel Nd Im Hooked
Dennis O'Leary
Dennis O'Leary Před 9 měsíci
Name him big balls
Delta YT
Delta YT Před 10 měsíci
I think they waiting until your concern was until -10% and came back
xXAnøñymøús WolfįeXx
xXAnøñymøús WolfįeXx Před 11 měsíci
This mite be a problem……..
Muliadi Soenaryo
Muliadi Soenaryo Před rokem
This is ants channel but imma ask anyway since i saw that you have a green bottle blue tarantula. Do you know how to get rid of mites in tarantula. Im not sure what kind it is. It hangs on the carapace, eyes, booklungs of my tarantula. Not much but im concerned. im not talking about springtails here. Using vaseline only take care of some. some will be just out of reach. I read in a forum that leaving the tarantula in calcium carbonate substrate for a month or two will prevent the mites from hatching and that will take care of the problem but I am not sure how the T reacts to calcium carbonate. Introducing Stratiolaelaps scimitus formerly known as the Hypoaspis Miles Mites will be a solution, they will prey on spring tails but I doubt they will take the mites infestation completely. I left it with dry substrate as for now.
C4RV Před rokem
If you replace ants with humans it will be like a fantasy medieval world
Joseph Tells the news
Joseph Tells the news Před rokem
Maxco ASMR
Maxco ASMR Před rokem
Creepa! 0:03
ThatPotatoNeon 01
ThatPotatoNeon 01 Před rokem
NAME SMOL FISH FLOUNDER AH wait I'm to late arent I?
Icey_Muichiro San
Icey_Muichiro San Před rokem
Me: Ugh, c'mon, mites, can't you just leave Ants Canada's ants alone?? ):< Mite5837: No! (Acting cool) R U crazy?? We use ants to eat, to rule 'em! (as if ur sooo proud...) Me: ARGH!!! Plz just go and rule outsider ants... No! Rule other insect... Such as... Um...Ah... Hm...( two billion years later...) Um... Hm... Mite3847: C'mon, 5837,(OMG this ant is a god! It remember each of the ants!) just... um... hm....( five billion years later...) just keep rule on the ants, it's better riding on 'em like cows and stuff... Since we are not blood-sucking mites or anything BTW...!
Stranger Man
Stranger Man Před rokem
Creeper, 0:03
Broderick Clayburn
Broderick Clayburn Před rokem
peterernst1 Před rokem
blue green algea? so the antibiotics were redundant????
Casey Lea
Casey Lea Před rokem
Two days ago I was looking for ways to rid my yard of fire ants, today I’ve binged HOURS of your videos and I’m crying because these dragon boos are so mitey 😭 😭 like, I’m 5 minutes in and scratching all over. Poor tiny babehs. I realize they don’t bite, but still, it looks so itchy.
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown Před rokem
name of the fish: gupper
Matt Christie
Matt Christie Před rokem
God please no
Heson Rivera
Heson Rivera Před rokem
oh no the smart mites
Lisaa Před rokem
but how did mites even turn up when indoor ants
Ville Před rokem
There were 13 ads on this video
nano300 Před rokem
Darn those blasted mites!!! A reoccurring plague that just gets passed around the ant room! The poor things. * If they appear in the colder/dryer/windier months. Maybe you can keep them from latching next year by increasing how much you water the enclosures and kicking the heat up a degree or two?
Daniel Moyer
Daniel Moyer Před rokem
Noah Lowry
Noah Lowry Před rokem
Name the last survivor of the "Guppy Gang" the "Perseveress" or name her "Grey Chief"
Thuận An Tý Thiều
Thuận An Tý Thiều Před rokem
That was MITEblowing
Le Thai Anh Pham
Le Thai Anh Pham Před rokem
note for ac shop: why won't you creat an ant dome?
Salciano Před rokem
And are the mites gone, now? :O
Asian Jet
Asian Jet Před rokem
Name it goop
Renn Rantz
Renn Rantz Před rokem
So glad their good but then oof this xD
MeIsIrin Před rokem
Holllllyyy smokeeeeeee look at that mitesssssssss too muuucccchhh
Irfaan Fauzi
Irfaan Fauzi Před rokem
According to my 7 year old son, The guppy's name should be GuppyMan.🤣
channel jumpers
channel jumpers Před rokem
ohh its not pharo ants im seeing outside... its carpenter ants! I hope they can survive falls because while I was returning a lost one back to the ant hill it jumped off and there was no trace
Diane Moon
Diane Moon Před rokem
Every time I hear "el dragon" I just think of the ants as the Mon Dragons from Kadenang Ginto sldslslslls
Jordan Rose
Jordan Rose Před rokem
Your narration is so incredible and succinct, I have a lot of eye and vision problems, so being able to close my eyes and still experience everything in these videos through your descriptions is an incredible thing, and one of the many reasons I love your channel
LORD PRECEL Před rokem
Grażyna daj piwa-Janusz XD
MF PF Před rokem
8:23 or… the gueen is in ideal environment and the workers not...
Mandy Megehee
Mandy Megehee Před rokem
I know the mites aren't bad, but it still upsets me when I see the ants covered in them. It reminds me of fleas on gos or cats.
Helge Meff
Helge Meff Před rokem
Emir Wat Tabor
Emir Wat Tabor Před rokem
Name the Guppy Guppzers.
SC Před rokem
Gimme a black common ant queen
Juju Eyeballs
Juju Eyeballs Před rokem
sam bam
sam bam Před rokem
Jonathan Paynter
Jonathan Paynter Před rokem
Name the guppy Alexandra
Memes by me
Memes by me Před rokem
I have developed a love for bugs now
My Name isn’t Relevant
My Name isn’t Relevant Před rokem
Everything is smart we just don’t know it yet, but I believe that everything has some sort of.. smartness, is that even a word. Who knows maybe even plants have some sort of understanding.
Joeseph Terry
Joeseph Terry Před rokem
I love this channal
ProfessorGLife Před rokem
3:32 😩😩😩😩😩😩
The new goddess trusted you last episode it was cute to see you do that it looked like petting a dog it cured my fear of spiders
Justin Varghese
Justin Varghese Před rokem
Fantastic insects and the crimes of mites
alex sanchez
alex sanchez Před rokem
Matt Lippstone
Matt Lippstone Před rokem
name the fish small fry
It’s KJ Vlogs
It’s KJ Vlogs Před rokem
Watching This Video Makes Me Itchy
Flixz_ Klapz
Flixz_ Klapz Před rokem
sub to my channel
Gay don't know why,-
Gay don't know why,- Před rokem
Jorogumo for life!
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia Před rokem
Name the fish tiny
Smish Před rokem
I miss the black dragons. u.u
bentu2ila Před rokem
Nature Imposter
Nature Imposter Před rokem
Aawwwe poor dragons! Those mites look really bad and really annoying
astroSuperkoala Před rokem
It was the dragon
Johnathan Fox
Johnathan Fox Před rokem
Name the fish jet
Colin D'Acquisto
Colin D'Acquisto Před rokem
I'm probably a little late, but I suggest "Queen Cleopatra," for her beauty, and her cleverness.
Melinda Massey
Melinda Massey Před rokem
i think you should name it guppster
max miller
max miller Před rokem
i hate blacks egg
President Ants
President Ants Před rokem
baaraayaan Před rokem
baaraayaan Před rokem
Music FMX Fanatic
Music FMX Fanatic Před rokem
Squirt the Guppy
Ethan Liang
Ethan Liang Před rokem
Noooooooo not mites
thebookman10 Před rokem
Jason McMiles
Jason McMiles Před rokem
it may not be a clown fish but it should be called Nemo. the only surviving/stowaway guppy
Ants YouTube
Ants YouTube Před rokem
Shrek Před rokem
You should name the fish Zuko
Susan Ayer
Susan Ayer Před rokem
Philip Aquino
Philip Aquino Před rokem
i want a colony
Marcus Hill
Marcus Hill Před rokem
LeeBoy Před rokem
I thought your from Canada?
BRIM WOLF Před rokem
did he universing the ants ? :D
Songbird Menagerie
Songbird Menagerie Před rokem
because the mites done't like heat. Gabe age 7 I love ants!!!
koustubh sowani
koustubh sowani Před rokem
This mite be dangerous
Eevee Starburst
Eevee Starburst Před rokem
I would have wanted to name her Arachne tbh
Ethan Parke
Ethan Parke Před rokem
Who? Where did these guys come from? I can't keep track of all these kingdoms, I don't see any videos on these guys.
LPS Glamour
LPS Glamour Před rokem
If ur guppy is a girl named it Shima and if it's a boy name it Jacob
Enemy Spider
Enemy Spider Před rokem
MMCA Před rokem
Apollo is the Greek God of Medicine
high Před rokem
MMCA He’s also the Greek God of the Sun and music, I think.
Ilias Wouters
Ilias Wouters Před rokem
Soak Před rokem
I have a husky named Venus
Jennifer Schmids
Jennifer Schmids Před rokem
Kira Nichols
Kira Nichols Před rokem
Name the guppy winston
Tang Chee Sum
Tang Chee Sum Před rokem
Did you have any Connifer trees grow there?? Wood ants use the connifer tree saps to clean themselves clear of mites. I got this information from watching from the ants australia channel.
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