PLEASE HELP: What Should I Do With All These FIRE ANTS?

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I need your help! My massive pet fire ant colony (the 'Phoenix Empire') is growing at such a rapid rate now and I have to decide what our next step will be. Today I show you how big the ant colony is now, what they're current housing is, and what our options are for the fate of our beloved fire ants. Hope you enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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AntsCanada Před 3 měsíci
AC Family, thanks for watching and helping me out! As mentioned in this video, please look for my hearted posts in the comments and *LIKE* the option of your choice to leave your vote! You can vote for more than one option, and you can also give feedback under the post! I can't wait to see/read your thoughts! Let's give the Phoenix Empire the best life! Ant love forever! EDIT: Apparently, the three posts to vote are being buried! I'm still jaded that CSposts removed the voting function in the videos. It makes things so hard. I may try #hashtags next time and use an outside app to count the votes. Sorry about this AC Family!
Ryan Pittman
Ryan Pittman Před měsícem
RoseToggled Před 2 měsíci
@Bogdan Radivojevic hi :)
Pie King 1
Pie King 1 Před 3 měsíci
You should move them now it would be huge and a new experience
Aubrianna Abbema
Aubrianna Abbema Před 3 měsíci
Cool Kidz Fun Club
Cool Kidz Fun Club Před 3 měsíci
Move them NOW
Joshua Russell
Joshua Russell Před 18 hodinami
NG CYNN DEE Moe Před 2 dny
The coach when AC covered it: Guess I’ll die
Erfina Lee
Erfina Lee Před 5 dny
Wezzy Z
Wezzy Z Před 8 dny
Move them now
Wezzy Z
Wezzy Z Před 8 dny
Move them now
Summer Prete
Summer Prete Před 8 dny
Wow that's a lot of ants!
Maidra Cuyuch
Maidra Cuyuch Před 9 dny
Move them later
Lorenz Cabangon
Lorenz Cabangon Před 9 dny
all i saw were shining butts
Dr.amit Chaturvedi
Dr.amit Chaturvedi Před 11 dny
Move them in 3 weeks or 5 weeks
Desiree Baltisberger
Desiree Baltisberger Před 13 dny
David Plante
David Plante Před 14 dny
Bhavani Dudella
Bhavani Dudella Před 19 dny
Lynn Estelle
Lynn Estelle Před 20 dny
An ad just popped out about killing ants that live inside people's home and I'm triggered
3M 24 TO Lam
3M 24 TO Lam Před 22 dny
Move them later maybe 6 months later
Jesse Thornock
Jesse Thornock Před 27 dny
Another option: reign them down on your enemies
Pluto Moonlight
Pluto Moonlight Před 27 dny
Oh my god I would not want to step in that ant pile-
Shoto todorokie
Shoto todorokie Před 27 dny
I want to see queen
Shoto todorokie
Shoto todorokie Před 27 dny
Carla Adams
Carla Adams Před 27 dny
You got that many ants in mounths?! Look like YEARS!!!
Cat princess C
Cat princess C Před 29 dny
Move them now
yusef ziayi
yusef ziayi Před 29 dny
just kill em all and get new ones
blaed Před měsícem
oh my god
sanyo kasamuri
sanyo kasamuri Před měsícem
Should start an ant war
Laurence Chang
Laurence Chang Před měsícem
Ruth Vergara
Ruth Vergara Před měsícem
That’s about how many people are in this planet 🌎 or even more or less
Carter McClain
Carter McClain Před 29 dny
Carter McClain
Carter McClain Před 29 dny
Queen Of Robots
Queen Of Robots Před měsícem
Pls keep yhem in ant farms and expandnif needed
Miranda Archer
Miranda Archer Před měsícem
You should do it
Matthe_55 Před měsícem
They have no enemy so no enemy is there to eat them might want enemys
ItsAquaPlays Před měsícem
The Fire Ant When they realeased Fire ants: My Life Has Been A Lie I Thought We Live Like Others
Anastasia Caffee
Anastasia Caffee Před měsícem
Okay I don't like roaches and dead ones are even worse but while I didn't like it I have an oc who had three hissing cockroaches as pets when growing up and would be devastated at the loss of a beautiful creature, but know it's for the good of taking care of the colony, specially one as large as the fire ants
sweety Lopez
sweety Lopez Před měsícem
Mm maybe the hot ant flames! I really like that one!
Hxlo breexx
Hxlo breexx Před měsícem
tyraelpl Před měsícem
"They are billions!"
Henry Jacobs
Henry Jacobs Před měsícem
Move them latwe
pandagamer Před měsícem
Panzer Před měsícem
Any ogs remember the fire nation RIP fire nation
Leovic De Manzana
Leovic De Manzana Před měsícem
Rip fire Nation but ember empress If you pass still cute egg
Peyton Hudson
Peyton Hudson Před měsícem
Noya Před měsícem
Time to Rome empire
The Artfulldodger
The Artfulldodger Před měsícem
Ever heard of CULLING ? Or starve them enough to make them fight over some FOOD !!🍕
Gerret The Garter Snake
Gerret The Garter Snake Před měsícem
Killing it by cutting it doesn’t really work some times, it is still alive even after that. The best way to kill it is to take something hard and smash it’s head.
Omri Livneh
Omri Livneh Před měsícem
How is being killed by the ants worse than being partially eviscerated with scissors and then being killed by the ants? If cockroaches do feel pain (which is hotly debated among entomologists, including myself), those "freshly killed" roaches still have fully functioning ganglia (mini brains along their spine and the reason roaches can live without a head for weeks).
Inane Degree55
Inane Degree55 Před měsícem
Ants constantly bite you or pinch you over time cauing devastating pain whilst still being alive so if ants canada didnt use scissors it would be alive and moving whilst 100 of thousands of ants eat it alive and when it dies it will have to feel the pain so better of do it antscanadas way
Garellel Gruten Zylos
Garellel Gruten Zylos Před měsícem
Huh your the ant expert why u asking us?
Sophie Zhu
Sophie Zhu Před měsícem
What would happen if the Phoenix nation fights a pharaoh ant colony
Hayden Riggs
Hayden Riggs Před měsícem
Apollo 8756
Apollo 8756 Před měsícem
I have a suggestion! Certain species of lizards feast on ants as their only food, including Thorny devils and Texas horned lizards. Perhaps introducing one or two if these lizards could solve your population problems, though some changes would need to be made to their paludarium. Hope this helps you out! ;D
Bitc.h Please
Bitc.h Please Před měsícem
Marme Dwyane Carillo
Marme Dwyane Carillo Před měsícem
me love your vids
Marme Dwyane Carillo
Marme Dwyane Carillo Před měsícem
Preston Idris
Preston Idris Před měsícem
Move them later or now
Spooky Month
Spooky Month Před měsícem
The Phoenix empire is like the Ottoman Empire
LogicalBaboon Před měsícem
wait to move them in
FATHER TIME Před měsícem
All this talk about the Fire Nation you got me emotional
Luna Mations
Luna Mations Před měsícem
You should move them if they have already tried to escape and I wouldn’t risk another breakout
Richard Chadwick
Richard Chadwick Před měsícem
I think you should drown them all ◉‿◉
The real gamer tapia
The real gamer tapia Před měsícem
Me sees 20 ants me wow that’s a lot of ants ants Canada come to my house
Markus Oralias
Markus Oralias Před měsícem
In the new setup you should drill a hole in the bottom of the tank and attach the camber they are in into the ground of the tank. Then you could see where they live and not lose them in the dirt.
S K Před měsícem
Fire ants nest is the last place where I want to place my foot on.
Iam Janseph
Iam Janseph Před měsícem
megan stepek
megan stepek Před měsícem
by the way my name is Rome
megan stepek
megan stepek Před měsícem
see the queen again
Grand Dawggy
Grand Dawggy Před měsícem
Ant Bois swarm and youtube bit rate go RIP
KindaBad Meal
KindaBad Meal Před měsícem
Jayden McKnight
Jayden McKnight Před měsícem
Its funny how I can see and whole colony of ants and still able to eat but when I see a roach im utterly disgusted
sa rang
sa rang Před měsícem
어마무시 하구만 ㄷㄷ
Saito San
Saito San Před měsícem
Fury XVanity
Fury XVanity Před měsícem
Now i cant sleep without thinking ants will eat me in my sleep
stacey craig
stacey craig Před měsícem
I miss the queen
ROBO FLAME Před měsícem
Cockroach: falls in Ants: hi sisters
Exaliz Před měsícem
*Now that’s a lot of damage*
Dafa Almer Dzaky
Dafa Almer Dzaky Před měsícem
move them later
Pilot Flight
Pilot Flight Před měsícem
Release the ants I know it is sad gust say good bye😢
Eros Holden
Eros Holden Před měsícem
Do a face reveyll
R aRe
R aRe Před měsícem
Sell And make Money
world of tanks shojie quitos
world of tanks shojie quitos Před měsícem
Another ant vs spider video maybe
ThatGuyThai Před měsícem
I feel the live feedings are way more ethical than you killing them yourself. Watching them be slaughtered by you and scissors is so much harder since you see their guts sprawl out while they continue to move. The neurotoxin is far more ethical since they will not feel the pain of death compared to metal scissors splitting their bodies in half and spilling their guts. It also provides far more entertainment and nature is far more fascinating to watch. Also, a roach can live up to 3 days with a severed head so when you kill them and drop them it's more so just dropping amputated live roaches to their deaths rather than having simple curiosity kill the roaches through natural fire ant means.
ThatGuyThai Před měsícem
@Grand Dawggy you would still be able to survive without a head 3 days before death. You'd still feel it if you were a roach. A toxin that neutralizes you in a naturalistic death is far more merciful than getting amputated and dropped in still writhing in pain.
Grand Dawggy
Grand Dawggy Před měsícem
I think I'd rather my head crushed than to be paralysed and slowly disassembled alive
Tutorial Videos
Tutorial Videos Před měsícem
You need predators
Yodib Burog
Yodib Burog Před měsícem
The fire ant grow to fast
Mr Shockblast
Mr Shockblast Před měsícem
I'd wait
Maria Ortiz
Maria Ortiz Před měsícem
You probably won’t like this idea but have you heard of nutritious of ants and have you heard the edible and you can eat the rude I hate this idea but if your aunts overgrown don’t just waste them and crush them or stop or start doing light feeding with scorpions if I have a big enough ant farm they can take on the live scorpions I will feed them that if they get too big
sad reee
sad reee Před měsícem
Jalil Parker
Jalil Parker Před měsícem
I think you should connect them together so they can go when they are ready and it will split up the colony into 2 districts so they wil be good for defending if pharoah ants or other attackers come and they will be easier to keep an eye on plus queens will be split up and breeding can be more organized
Marlon Gutrie
Marlon Gutrie Před měsícem
Marlon Gutrie
Marlon Gutrie Před měsícem
Marlon Gutrie
Marlon Gutrie Před měsícem
Rosemary Valle
Rosemary Valle Před měsícem
Awesome blosome is back if you wish to see it again...
MikeJr U2b
MikeJr U2b Před měsícem
Ants Canada sounds much younger than i remember...
star wars star wars
star wars star wars Před měsícem
Put them in now!!!!
airplane george
airplane george Před 2 měsíci
reminds me of yesterday, except the roach was my bare foot and I took it away before the little bastards finished eating it.
Totally_Not _Lasagna
Totally_Not _Lasagna Před 2 měsíci
Move them now
bro bro
bro bro Před 2 měsíci
The reason roaches can still move is because the nerves ar cut but there trying to find each other
Cheah Wenjern
Cheah Wenjern Před 2 měsíci
Combine the aquarium.
Dominique Alley
Dominique Alley Před 2 měsíci
For a name
Dominique Alley
Dominique Alley Před 2 měsíci
The lava dungeon
Bea Roblox 180
Bea Roblox 180 Před 2 měsíci
Bloop: im Gonna Hit you with a L Ants N o _ME_ bloop: i ate human ants: I Sting people and make them feel they want to die Because it hurts Bloop: Bloop: Im Popular bc im in a Fight with megalado Ants: Im Popular Because Someone made a channel about me Bloop: My mouth So big i can Swallow A whole big ant colony Ants: I Will bite you And you will get Extra itchy Bloop: im Popular cuz im scary Ants: Im Popular cuz Other people Experiment me For zombies Or once Keeps M E as a pet Bloop: Im still popular Cuz Wants scientist To figure out wHat am I Ants: Im Popular cuz Scientist Test meh And i can turn into a Zombie! Hooman: Why do i see a big creature in the water and A ant near it? Cockroach: Dont know
not stupid but that's a lie
not stupid but that's a lie Před 2 měsíci
I mean let's see you gave them 5 jelly cups you took all the roaches and made them eaten because you thought they were smart so yeah I guess they were a little tooooo welll feddd
sarah adams
sarah adams Před 2 měsíci
When you see the queen or that will be sad
e monkey
e monkey Před 2 měsíci
Releas a flood on it
Sakura-Chan UwU
Sakura-Chan UwU Před 2 měsíci
I just got an ad of ten easy ways to kill ants Ō^Ō Dem boi
roy magracia
roy magracia Před 2 měsíci
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