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I decided to satisfy my curiosity and try touching my Asian Bullet Ants (the Black Panthers) in a challenge I'd never forget! You won't believe what happened when I actually touched them! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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AntsCanada Před 2 měsíci
Don't EVER try this at home!!!
instagram Vidéo
instagram Vidéo Před 19 dny
It is🌹 impossible 🌹that you🌹 did not see🌹 this Ä ẅöṃäń ệńďṩ ḧệŕ ŀïḟệ ïń ḟŕöńẗ öḟ ḧệŕ🌹 ċḧïŀďŕệń Ḅệŀöẅ ẗḧệṿïďệö öń 🌹ṃÿċḧäńń🍁pjJwjjJjJwjjwj
Domioof Channel
Domioof Channel Před 21 dnem
Ill do it
Banana's ,tv,2020
Banana's ,tv,2020 Před 24 dny
@Rizqy 45 M
JJ Alvero
JJ Alvero Před měsícem
Good too se the black panthers again. You should post more of your other ant colonies too, cuz we haven't seen them in a while
Luke Dancy
Luke Dancy Před měsícem
There are red mites on your ants Please take a closer look
David pankin
David pankin Před 2 dny
Do you know that Bullet ants sting feels like real BULLET...
Thomas F
Thomas F Před 4 dny
this is so bad
noobgamer_69 Před 12 dny
"recently killed hissing roach" Roach: still twitching and writhing in pain while being eaten alive.
bigchunk1 Před 15 dny
You spend so much time around them you've just come to want the pain. I think humans are the ones who need to be studied. My guess is that you will be added to the list of things to kill.
bigchunk1 Před 15 dny
I was right. The ants in alarm state are more likely to see you as a threat.
Pamela Gangell-Hardinge
Pamela Gangell-Hardinge Před 15 dny
no u didn't puusy
Sam Church
Sam Church Před 17 dny
Uhm, you chose the black version of the kkk for a name? lol
Jesse Thornock
Jesse Thornock Před 17 dny
I figured with this fresh food they’d see you as a threat coming to take their food away from them. Seems more dangerous than before the feeding
CSX Railfanner
CSX Railfanner Před 18 dny
I have an idea for a name for the bullet ant colony: Ammunation
Chris Nguyen
Chris Nguyen Před 19 dny
that ant will then move on to be a painter and create the Sistine Chapel for ants
Aurora The Fox UwU
Aurora The Fox UwU Před 21 dnem
I wonder if a glove would work against the Sting I know that he didn't get stung but in future reference maybe he should use a glove that is thick enough
GavinDoesStuff ಠ_ಠ
GavinDoesStuff ಠ_ಠ Před 21 dnem
OH NO! YOUR GONNA DIE! YOUR’E CRAZY!! bee movie reference he’s not gonna die
Arthur Povey
Arthur Povey Před 21 dnem
Why does he call them animals?you would think as an ant keeper,he would know they're insects.
Le chercheur Breton
Le chercheur Breton Před 21 dnem
Pour les français j’ai lancé une chaîne yt sur les fourmis , crabe vampire ext , elle s’appelle « le chercheur en herbe «
Sheng Wu
Sheng Wu Před 22 dny
if he has an ant on his hand then the ant will walk around his palm curious on where she is, then she proceeds to sting it after a while because his hand most likely started to sweat.. Last time I had an ant on me hand it tried to stung meh so I accidently squashed it. O>o FUUUture: ibowdowntou
Paul Emica
Paul Emica Před 24 dny
I think you have to make a epic enclosour for your big brain bullet asian ants 😍
The Real N1kki
The Real N1kki Před 24 dny
id love to watch more of how this colony works !
KING ENDERMAN 909 Před 24 dny
You must make a war zone to the ants wage war ants
KING ENDERMAN 909 Před 24 dny
Hey antscanada i got something to say how about you make the ants wage war to a different ant
Cupcake Carmen
Cupcake Carmen Před 26 dny
a gamergate is worker ant but is the only worker ant that is allowed to lay eggs
Connar Comstock
Connar Comstock Před 26 dny
"Uh, so coulpe of questions, why are you so oily, warm, and high? I've got like, work to do, over *there*-" *moves hand* "-Yes, over *there* I need to do ant stuff there's like an entire roach to butcher"
roy magracia
roy magracia Před 27 dny
Make more videos of asian bullet ants
JD HD Před 27 dny
A dominant worker ant that takes the role of laying eggs
First And Last
First And Last Před 27 dny
You think one Coyote Peterson was enough, now you have him
King-Of-Light Před 27 dny
Would have been cool to see the queen go on his finger
brendo Rob
brendo Rob Před 28 dny
brendo Rob
brendo Rob Před 28 dny
5:07 ant sex, this. Is just ant sex
sarai Hollonquest
sarai Hollonquest Před 29 dny
They are going to biteee
Suheil yusufali
Suheil yusufali Před 29 dny
Cyotie Peterson got nothing on ants canada
ライトニング Před 29 dny
whats the music that starts at 0:57?
Bubblixa UwU
Bubblixa UwU Před měsícem
Thishurts badd these ants luve in my garden my mom just killed 1
Merleen Turner
Merleen Turner Před měsícem
John Roberts
John Roberts Před měsícem
The ant: henlo world
TheCitizenReporterMainChannel Submybackup
TheCitizenReporterMainChannel Submybackup Před měsícem
What do you mean by scalded the roach
firstaid _
firstaid _ Před měsícem
One yesterday I saw a queen ant but my phone was dead and My mom would definitely not me to rule over a ant colony
Subzero Před měsícem
Eva’s life
Eva’s life Před měsícem
The people that disliked don’t even appreciate his effort on letting the ants bite him
BlackPugs_Gaming Před měsícem
i spent 15 minutes of my life to see this man you guys should watch coyote instead he gets right to the point
hi hello
hi hello Před měsícem
I think they will not attacked
Aaron Choi
Aaron Choi Před měsícem
I am your father The bullet ant: :0
Paul Rispress II
Paul Rispress II Před měsícem
7:19 what do think will happen? then gets stung 12 times
Agnes Landry
Agnes Landry Před měsícem
Awe 😍 It's Bullet Ant Love Forever! 😎
Willum Před měsícem
gamergate: a dominant egg laying worker ant
Jiefan Huang
Jiefan Huang Před měsícem
Aurora The Fox UwU
Aurora The Fox UwU Před měsícem
While the ant was climbing on his hand I looked up what the ants stings feel like and it said IT FEELS LIKE WALKING ON FLAMING CHARCOAL WITH A 3-IN NAIL EMBEDDED IN YOUR HEEL I'm terrified for this guy
Addabananza !
Addabananza ! Před měsícem
Haden Crews
Haden Crews Před měsícem
You did it to feel something
Kizzle Zoro
Kizzle Zoro Před měsícem
Soy boy
Emin Musaiev
Emin Musaiev Před měsícem
*skips to **14:30** immediately, not surprised there was no sting*
Shuji Wakahisa
Shuji Wakahisa Před měsícem
Ants Canada... wow
Captain Chicky
Captain Chicky Před měsícem
4:42 and 1:03 please notice the mites. I hope you take protective measures to help your ants!
Joshua Chandler
Joshua Chandler Před měsícem
Definitely did not see it turning out the way it did... I thought for sure 100% that you're getting it but I guess they don't want to bite the hand that feed them 😅🤣..
phoenix123 dragon797
phoenix123 dragon797 Před měsícem
What are you doing
Zachary Moss
Zachary Moss Před měsícem
This gave me confidence to not have certain expectations about anything. I finally got out of my habit of doubting every decision I made. Thank you AC!
Gerard Magahis
Gerard Magahis Před měsícem
Yeah i already did it
Megan Buckland
Megan Buckland Před měsícem
B Rose
B Rose Před měsícem
it wont sting him
Avy Před měsícem
It won't sting but it bites
Bruh Yes
Bruh Yes Před měsícem
Imagine the cockroach just feel like getting shot by a... I did'nt really count them
Connor Rawson
Connor Rawson Před měsícem
Art & Les
Art & Les Před měsícem
One bullet ant to colony: i told you.. AntGod exist
nicolas 56
nicolas 56 Před měsícem
the asian bullet ant doesnt want to sting you because you are a good people
kyler aspera
kyler aspera Před měsícem
a bullet ant is much painful than a bullet so dont touch it if you do it you can die. pls dont touch bullet ant .pls dont touch bullet ant
Avy Před měsícem
Bullet is more painful than bullet ant's bite
シRyder Před měsícem
Really why did you do this edit: I did not expect that 😅
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Před měsícem
If you don't watch these videos in 1080p or higher you are doing it wrong
David Walker
David Walker Před měsícem
I hope you don’t get hurt
Youtube_SFNMike Před měsícem
The ants the brung me to your channel was the Asian marauders ants and I really liked them if there’s a chance can u bring them back
mitchcraft Před měsícem
Yes I am late to the party but here is my thoughts on what could happen. I think the adding of food could backfire because now the ants are both in attack mode and defend mode. Attack mode to take down their prey and defend mode to make sure that either some other form of attack does not occur on themselves from possibly a larger ant force resulting in them becoming part of the prey also. They are also on defence from thieves that could wait for them to do all the work taking the prey down and then stealing it afterwards. However a much larger defensive stance could be made for the likes of a final level boss sized hand coming to try and pick them up during this attack on much required nutritional food to feed and grow their family. What will happen? Let's hit the play button and resume where I left off @7:32 and see what will happen. Pausing again @9:37 and so far the presumed outcome seems to be playing out. There is however some signs of intrigue from 1 or 2 ants he chose further from the prey so my theory could be correct? Let's hit the play button once again and see if he picks up on this and tries again later after the prey is out of the picture and defensive instincts have calmed down. (Wow I couldn't have paused and predicted at a better time than I did) Paused @11:45 .YESSS!!!!! So so cool i predicted it all perfectly but that's not what I like the most. It's that when she was calm enough to be intrigued by your hand you were both now calm and both out of defensive modes to the point 1 giant sentient being with 1 tiny sentient being were both exploring new sensations and even with the massive size difference there was initial fear on both sides where 1 could instantly kill the other but she could also cause excruciating pain yet all that was put aside by both parties te experience a moment that both will not forget and especially on the ants part come away from being on something that towers her in size but now knows has no intention of harm. A wonderful moment!
signor topo
signor topo Před měsícem
The will sting the duck out of u (I was wrong)
maria bayo
maria bayo Před měsícem
Hes the second ant man
maria bayo
maria bayo Před měsícem
his dead 3 stings from bullet ant dead
Joe Mamma
Joe Mamma Před měsícem
Clickbait as usual...
madlifereal Games
madlifereal Games Před měsícem
Playerlumber GT
Playerlumber GT Před měsícem
Imagine picking up the gamargade
Renton Thunder
Renton Thunder Před měsícem
I kinda want to see the ants eat a hot dog
JiG248 Před měsícem
Stay Wild! AC Family!
ray Shi
ray Shi Před měsícem
The bullet ants you have speak Tagalog, but the bullet ants in south america speak spanish. They could not be co neighbors, but they could be related species.
Faeri Soul
Faeri Soul Před měsícem
I think the ants will mostly ignore you accept maybe a few curious ones.
Faeri Soul
Faeri Soul Před měsícem
turns out you just made a chill friend
Joshua Bujak
Joshua Bujak Před měsícem
I like this channel but there's just something about this video that screamed click me
Jahya Mack
Jahya Mack Před měsícem
So I touched a bullet ant today and I found out that my finger doesn’t react to bullet and stings. ( that or Australian Bullet Ants don’t work properly )
Sharkcoss Nightwinger
Sharkcoss Nightwinger Před měsícem
Warden-Sisyphus Před měsícem
Lol... Gamergate... x'D
Anorkhil Před měsícem
John Rhett Laureles
John Rhett Laureles Před měsícem
This all game and fun untill Someone shot you but its not an bullet ant.
I was forced to make this chanel
I was forced to make this chanel Před měsícem
Who do you think you are, coyote Peterson? Lol good vid
Okuyasu is that you u almost erased the ants by your za hando
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Před měsícem
Antscanada is slowly turning into brave wilderness.
dash 303Cool
dash 303Cool Před měsícem
Antscanada:"this asia bullet ant not sting" The asia bullet ant:"what the hell where i am are???"
Vertirun 27
Vertirun 27 Před měsícem
Long story short they are your typical asian guy
MemesThatFly ToTheGround
MemesThatFly ToTheGround Před měsícem
Hold on, we just watched ants do the fruk fruk
Copper the Dragon
Copper the Dragon Před měsícem
Maybe the ants will be a little aggresive, but other than that they will be peaceful. Edit: I was partially right!
Gamer moible
Gamer moible Před měsícem
aggressive may help overcome your hand ;)
Gamer moible
Gamer moible Před měsícem
They will craw on your hand and get famillier
ShaggyStonedGamer Před měsícem
Why does your voice sound 10000000 times different in this than the vlogs channel? Like I have a $1000 mic and a $2500 camera, and the quality isn't THAT different. Not complaining, just when I went to the vlog channel to check it out I was like woah.... same guy?
Erin Butler
Erin Butler Před měsícem
Sting your hand
Tackit Nation
Tackit Nation Před měsícem
"Dont try this at home!" What if i try in nature?
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Před měsícem
Did you use clean tongs during test? If you used the tongs that were used to handle the roach then the smell of the roach could have caused them to react to the tongs.....(just a maybe)
Anikka Rihanna Cruz
Anikka Rihanna Cruz Před měsícem
Ignoreded ????
Mine a fish
Mine a fish Před měsícem
check 4:42 there looks like there are blood suking mites
Danni Hernandez
Danni Hernandez Před měsícem
Ant Canada:got stung by a fire ants Coyote peterson:hold my non toxic beer
Amar Yadav
Amar Yadav Před měsícem
I have them at my home and they are wild and they are used to my family so they don't bite but they are harmless I think cause it does not hurts that much and I am getting used to it
DEAD END C137 Před měsícem
Me: should I play with my dog today? Ants Canada: BULLET ANT
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