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I have a new colony of critically endangered animals that have literally appeared out of nowhere! My pet Gooty sapphire tarantula (Poecilotheria metallica) mysteriously laid an egg sac a couple months ago in her terrarium, but to the best of my knowledge she hadn't mated. I was told it might be a 'phantom' egg sac, full of unfertilized eggs that she would eventually eat, but low and behold, the egg sac ended up hatching some 20-30 spiderlings! This birth event was special because the species is both critically endangered in the wild and reportedly communal!
In this episode, we meet our new colony of sapphire tarantulas, watch them feed, and discuss what we should do with them to help save them from extinction and possibly learn about keeping tarantulas in colonies. Hope you enjoy today's spider episode! PS - Stay tuned for the additional fire ant update at the end! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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Executive Producer RJ Garcia
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Special thanks to Tom Patterson ( for allowing us to use his photo of his sapphire tarantula colony.

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AntsCanada Před 6 měsíci
Greetings, everyone! I'm so excited to introduce this new precious colony to you guys! Do you like them? Don't forget to VOTE in the poll to help decide what to do with them! So, what should we call them? Taking name suggestions now! Ant/spider love forever!
Ezekiel Wendell
Ezekiel Wendell Před 13 dny
I want able to vote but keep all of them together if like to see what happens
pierre xyruz estolas
pierre xyruz estolas Před měsícem
i too am raising these amazing poecilotheria metallica. normally a clutch produced contains at least 70 to 90 pcs. from the egg sac, i keep it at mom's care for around 24 to 35 days, then i retrieve the clutch to be artificially incubated. at around 45 days, they will be eggs with legs, at 15 days, they will have there first molt, another 15 to 25 days they will have there 2nd molt, but be cautiuous as they still will not feed any feeders. another 15 to 25 days and they are good to go. from my years of experience, they will start to eat each other when left not fed for 10 days. talking about communal set up, they can be successfully kept at a certain size, mainly at around 2 inch diagonal legspan. during the communal set up, some will be left out since in most of my communal set up, there is an alpha 😁.
Elijah Backman
Elijah Backman Před měsícem
Jamie Dragneel
Jamie Dragneel Před 3 měsíci
I love AntsCanada now!
Angelica Antezana
Angelica Antezana Před 3 měsíci
Keep’em, study them, save them, breed them, love them! I’m late, but I would have named them either “Sapphire Moon” “Harvest Moon” Or yeah, “Blue Moon”. Fun Fact: Did you know that the “Harvest Moon” is a blue moon? I’d look up what harvesting season has to do with the blue moon. Keep at it! Looking forward to seeing much much more!
Sorbet xc
Sorbet xc Před 7 hodinami
So excited for an update!!!
shane hilton
shane hilton Před 10 hodinami
Do both keep some separate and the rest in a colony. Just because a colony of tarantulas is just bad ass.
ArcticWhatifs Před 12 hodinami
George Ang
George Ang Před 17 hodinami
Keep it and if there is too many sell some of the spoder
George Ang
George Ang Před 17 hodinami
Jake Elkheart
Jake Elkheart Před dnem
Has any new news been released about the colony? I can't find any :(
The Art Table
The Art Table Před dnem
We should keep them ALL think of all the new things we could learn about spiderlings
The Art Table
The Art Table Před dnem
the spider is sooo bootyful
yunweez Před 2 dny
Can we get an update my guy. Are they alive still or did you send em out to other breeders
TheBobfromfrance Před 2 dny
Maybe keep a few by themselves to avoid losing them in case of cannibalism and try your experiment
Bennett Stone
Bennett Stone Před 3 dny
just made thousands of dollars
UiopikYT NIE
UiopikYT NIE Před 3 dny
The third choice is good
Rick Laurence Rama
Rick Laurence Rama Před 3 dny
OMG! Blue color in nature is just soooooo rareeeeeeeeeeeeee, it's phenomenal to see an animal that is blue colored ❤❤❤
Funkyy Piece
Funkyy Piece Před 3 dny
The mother should be named the virgin mary
Kris Před 4 dny
Is there any update on how the spiders are going? what did you end up doing with them?
Changed Channel name
Changed Channel name Před 5 dny
Dont forget that these spiders have no father
Avar1c3 Před 5 dny
Name the colony the blues Then name her broodmama
Avar1c3 Před 5 dny
Ayuni Raduan
Ayuni Raduan Před 6 dny
Can you update on how the spidey doing now? They must have grown.
Munja i vatra
Munja i vatra Před 6 dny
And I like your videos ☺️
Munja i vatra
Munja i vatra Před 6 dny
IAM 11 and I want to be a ant ceeper to 😀😀😀😀
kobe verano
kobe verano Před 6 dny
Any updates
derpington derp
derpington derp Před 6 dny
Name:sapphire wave(if communal)
ML AesGaming
ML AesGaming Před 6 dny
I wonder what would happen if he accidentally left the enclosure open
Colton Otto
Colton Otto Před 7 dny
The second option pls 👌
Dhruv Datta
Dhruv Datta Před 7 dny
I used to live in gooty. AaaaaaAaaaàaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!
Just some Random spaghetti
Just some Random spaghetti Před 8 dny
The beast clan would be a great name
Daniel Floyd
Daniel Floyd Před 8 dny
well if i show this to my class every kid is gonna run to there house XD
- Před 8 dny
fire tribe
James Plumber
James Plumber Před 9 dny
Hi, I am a fellow Canadian tarantula keeper. These Ts are so beautiful. Is there any chance you would be willing to sell one or two of these slings?
Romer Gliocam
Romer Gliocam Před 9 dny
i think sapphire tarantulas does not need a mate
pokemonpros 101
pokemonpros 101 Před 9 dny
Please keep the colony of spiders
NinjaZombie4 Před 9 dny
Let’s name them the Amazing Arachnids
Andrew Givens
Andrew Givens Před 10 dny
Save the species the responsible choice is obvious. While yes I think it would be cool to have a communal colony I think that you should save as many as possible to help with the conservation efforts.
Druid Demri
Druid Demri Před 10 dny
Keep half of the sapphires for research, and find a way to help the species by giving the others to breeders. The name tho... Underverse? Or necromongers like in the riddick movie.
dat_man _is_cool
dat_man _is_cool Před 11 dny
Brat Cat33
Brat Cat33 Před 12 dny
Blue Angels.
Hailey Findlay
Hailey Findlay Před 12 dny
please update us on these spiders!!! i’m dying to see how they act communally and growing!!
Carter Harris (Student)
Carter Harris (Student) Před 14 dny
Sorry name of the colony
Carter Harris (Student)
Carter Harris (Student) Před 14 dny
I think you should learn the colony the sapphire kings
natalin neko
natalin neko Před 14 dny
Keep them!!!you are one of the best to take care of them
Luis Felipe
Luis Felipe Před 14 dny
Keep them
nekkoMaster Před 14 dny
2:25 Guy from Guri , in India *Chuckles, is it dangerous* 👉👈
Schtouf Sanchez
Schtouf Sanchez Před 16 dny
The net communauty
Dr. Rimi Biswas
Dr. Rimi Biswas Před 16 dny
Siyao :P
Siyao :P Před 16 dny
Can we call it armonía eterna? It means everlasting harmony in spanish ☺️
Nur Ainy
Nur Ainy Před 17 dny
Please Indonesian subtitle
Travis Paterson
Travis Paterson Před 18 dny
How the spiders going they look pretty cool
Galactic Gardevoir
Galactic Gardevoir Před 19 dny
I hate spiders but I really want an update on this 😂
Stephanie Parker
Stephanie Parker Před 19 dny
Keep them in a communal collany you could do so many things with this opportunity
Justin Harrell
Justin Harrell Před 19 dny
Pretty sure it's a felony to own any critically endangered species.
Josh Ven
Josh Ven Před 19 dny
I bet the P.Metallica you bought came from a communal setup. It might have been bred before and just stored the sperm until she fertilized her eggs when you got her.
Ricardo Rivera
Ricardo Rivera Před 20 dny
to risy
Winter Sherrod
Winter Sherrod Před 20 dny
I feel like communal keeping is just not worth the risk. Ants, I realize you got more than you originally bargained for but communal keeping in this instance would just be a vanity thing unless you are actually doing it for research (recording and publishing and researching other studies). If they are as precious as they are being made to be please don’t toy with their lives like that.
Kris Před 20 dny
Would love to see an update on these guys! :)
GrilledCobra Před 21 dnem
Probably won't see this... but I want one so bad!
julien langlois
julien langlois Před 21 dnem
It's parthenogenesis it accure in most case in femal reptiles or insect and arachnides when they are in a good environment and mostly in captivity... She clone herself!
Lee Smith
Lee Smith Před 21 dnem
I really want a video update on these babies 😭
kane209 Před 21 dnem
you may also divide them to several colonies with members having almost to the same size. though i don't know what the effect maybe
Bard Knoll
Bard Knoll Před 21 dnem
Keep them all!!!!!
ishanya kashyap
ishanya kashyap Před 21 dnem
They are not common in India too
Ishan Ghosh
Ishan Ghosh Před 21 dnem
Im from india , and I want to leave india after watching this video 😂
Tiny Paws#hamsters
Tiny Paws#hamsters Před 22 dny
I LOVE how fluffy their legs are
Tiny Paws#hamsters
Tiny Paws#hamsters Před 22 dny
And I am also subscribed I think I subscribed a year ago I have no idea
Tiny Paws#hamsters
Tiny Paws#hamsters Před 22 dny
The sapphire Webber’s that’s what you should call them
ally88350 Před 22 dny
Where do I vote
ally88350 Před 22 dny
Applause.... you have cured (for now), visual fear of spiders.... in person will never go away but ..... when I watch your show.... ants and spiders don't freak out
ally88350 Před 22 dny
If you do give them up... make sure that they go to someone that studies them professionally.... if you keep them .... the sapphire or gemstone colony..... I think you should keep them
YoRereversal Před 22 dny
DONT feed tarantulas right after they molt because there fangs could break.also don’t let them get to much space because they can get stressed
I know this information from this CSpostsr #exoticslair
Vincent Loveland
Vincent Loveland Před 22 dny
Pokey babies!! 🤗😊 Aww man that is awesome!! Congratulations! That's crazy the pet store owner somehow didnt know she had mated at some point. Maybe she was in a communal or something? Idk. Poecilotheria metallica females can def be a bit feisty haha. Either way. Enjoy them! It's amazing to see them grow!
Anouk Van Duin
Anouk Van Duin Před 22 dny
I just got an advertisement while watching this video on poison for ants, like this is a channel that keeps ants, so oof🤦‍♀️ smh
Cedric Lustares
Cedric Lustares Před 22 dny
Spidercanada lol
Josiah Nguyen
Josiah Nguyen Před 22 dny
Keep them together and learn about them
pro-self-offense Před 23 dny
To prevent cannabilism you need to keep them well fed.
Els Zee
Els Zee Před 23 dny
Hey AC, I've been a subscriber for years and rewatching this video you uploaded a few months ago. I'm honestly waiting for this, what happened to your P.Metallica colony? Just too curious about it. I hope you'll notice this 🥺
E K Před 20 dny
Yup still waiting
Giancarlo Baez-Lugo
Giancarlo Baez-Lugo Před 23 dny
HappyComfort Před 23 dny
“New France Sapphire Dominion “
HappyComfort Před 23 dny
Or “Canadian Sapphire Outpost”? 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🙂
HappyComfort Před 23 dny
If you do it half and half then if one project fails for any reason, you still have the other half alive.
Wxrrior OG
Wxrrior OG Před 23 dny
You should only keep a few if there are a lot you should give it to experts to breed them
Ryan Harmon
Ryan Harmon Před 24 dny
You should keep some individual and some as a colony. For sure
Erus Townsend
Erus Townsend Před 24 dny
My question is how did you get one from a pet store if it is critically endangered. That seems fucked in its own.
cajunstix Před 24 dny
I don't like this. I liked this, but I don't like this.
Dana Lewis
Dana Lewis Před 24 dny
Isaiah Palacio
Isaiah Palacio Před 24 dny
keeep in small container
Nick L
Nick L Před 24 dny
Learn about them and just keep them very well fed so they have no reason to eat eachother
Zinogre Winner
Zinogre Winner Před 24 dny
Jesus Spider
Raphael Sena
Raphael Sena Před 25 dny
The virgin gooty
terry cuyler
terry cuyler Před 25 dny
The idea for a colony is cool. But remember these spiderlings will get bigger and feeding them will become a bigger challenge. If it were me I'd sell/trade with a fellow pet keeper for feeders and equipment to set myself up a roach ranch or breed mice to feedd them pinky mice.
Cuan Brits
Cuan Brits Před 25 dny
I swear iv subned 4 times to this channel i hate when yt unsubs me from my channels😣
Keannu Brillante
Keannu Brillante Před 26 dny
Hi, any update on this??? 😂😂😂
Jackson Poole
Jackson Poole Před 26 dny
I never comment on CSposts videos but for scientific research of the spider you try raise them as a colony learn about them film it all could be the first person to find something about them but.. even if they do start eating each other you can seperate them and save them that way anyways
zlr photography
zlr photography Před 26 dny
I love how much you love these guys. Top quality care for an endangered species
Erik Angenete
Erik Angenete Před 26 dny
I think the name of it is: SPIDER TOPIA
Yen Tan
Yen Tan Před 26 dny
I got the fire ant like only ten
Mitchel Loughman
Mitchel Loughman Před 27 dny
Gotta love parthenogenesis
Maggie The pug
Maggie The pug Před 27 dny
i Say to keep them, for the knowledge and challenge
Spooky Cookie
Spooky Cookie Před 27 dny
Hey she can help you with Halloween stuff
Jason Shi
Jason Shi Před 27 dny
Keeeeep them don't you dare give them away I love this video!!!!!!!
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