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We did it! We created an Avatar-themed Floating Mountains paludarium for our fire ants (the Phoenix Empire). There are some really incredible features to the paludarium which make it one of the greatest ant kingdoms we've ever created on this channel, and we did it together with the AC Family (viewers of this channel). Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
Special thanks to terrarium engineer Ryan Jett for his amazing work with creating the floating mountains!
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Directed/Written/Filmed/Video Edited by AntsCanada
Executive Producer RJ Garcia
Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in our videos. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints:
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Hit *‘LIKE’* to *VOTE* on a name for our new Avatar-themed Floating Mountains Paludarium options below (feel free to vote for more than 1 option & leave your reasons why):
AJ is Bacon
AJ is Bacon Před dnem
HAITEX Před měsícem
Cactuz Hero yyyyy
Cactuz Hero
Cactuz Hero Před měsícem
These ants are awesome
Crocodileofdoom Před měsícem
@AntsCanada In spanish would be PALACIO DEL FÉNIX
Foxxith Před měsícem
Yeah the ember island
Jeurichsphere Před 19 hodinami
Wait...... all avatar refences (Fire nation=antcolony=country in avatar)NOW AVATAR ISLANDS
Thunder shaun
Thunder shaun Před dnem
Can you make a face reveal??
pratik1213 Před 2 dny
adding led lights under the rocks would have made it more dramatic
Coffee Mug Gaming
Coffee Mug Gaming Před 3 dny
Jackson Newark
Jackson Newark Před 6 dny
I thought Avatar Last Airbender but nope. This might be better
Elizabeth Greenhill
Elizabeth Greenhill Před 7 dny
You and serpa design should do a build together
nam's adventure
nam's adventure Před 7 dny
It was so beautiful I have goosebumps seeing it. PS: Maybe I’m just weird.
Mikail Před 8 dny
stopped watching like a year ago glad i came back
Scratchin’ Away
Scratchin’ Away Před 8 dny
mannn for how theatrical and cool and amazing you do everything ill be honest-im a little disappointed you couldnt find a way to do the glow in the dark stuff, and gave up cuz the things your ordered didnt work. wouldve been super easy still as they make ALOT of fake aquarium plants that can be pulled apart and then painted glow in the dark or are already glow in the dark!
uplift enroll
uplift enroll Před 9 dny
antuvers of the floating islands because the movie I did not see it that's why I can`t wait for the ant to see what had happen to their tateriem
old gaming wack
old gaming wack Před 10 dny
Yea your ants may have numbers but I have raid 😈☣
Diego Verdaguero
Diego Verdaguero Před 11 dny
Elara Nova
Elara Nova Před 12 dny
Can you put in both the plants and the glow in the dark plants?
Memoria Před 12 dny
i voted Pandora because of how exotic it seems, like "Pandarians" in World of Warcraft. you never know whats in a Pandoras box, and in this one, theyres fire ants
Jason Georgeson
Jason Georgeson Před 16 dny
Now suddenly I want to start an ant farm
Death by Fish Tanks
Death by Fish Tanks Před 17 dny
The land, the rivers, the skies- there is nowhere our Empress cannot conquer! Hail the Ember Empress! Hail the Phoenix Empire!!!
Lofi Slicek1 Mello
Lofi Slicek1 Mello Před 18 dny
Mikey i did not know you like ants😂😂
Noah Plays
Noah Plays Před 19 dny
Do you mean like avatar the last air bender avatar
Felipe Augusto
Felipe Augusto Před 19 dny
the scientific name of this plant is Pilea microphylla, i don't know the common name in english but in brazilian portuguese is brilhantina.
Tabatha Jolly
Tabatha Jolly Před 20 dny
Do pandora it’s the only one that sounds cool
Chad Cain
Chad Cain Před 22 dny
I love ants
Nope Před 23 dny
Bet a red eyed crocodile skink would love it in there!
Candy_Sunshine Před 24 dny
Can we have a update on your termites If you still have them
Skye Před 24 dny
This is incredible! Also I just want to thank you for helping me start to loose my fear of bugs over time :)
Anthony Lara
Anthony Lara Před 25 dny
How to on this set up pleaseeeeeeeeee I wanna do something similar
Eben Olcott
Eben Olcott Před 25 dny
How did you get enough unobtanium to make this?
John Paul Chanco
John Paul Chanco Před 25 dny
Call it the Pandora!
Tinytooth -
Tinytooth - Před 26 dny
"And so AC family, I think you know what coming up next" *AD* Hmmm
Sean Před 26 dny
damn I love entomology.
Robin Park
Robin Park Před 26 dny
The paludarium looks amazing! I was curious how the floating rocks would be set up (bc i wasn't sure how strong the root system would be) but the whole thing works! And the mist & rain setup is just👍👍👍wow😍 gorgeous! Can't wait to see the ants (and other creatures) move in!🐜🐜🐜
Marshal .G123
Marshal .G123 Před 26 dny
Great new habitat man my favorite part is the fog as like you said it makes it look like it's floating
Madison Hartley
Madison Hartley Před 27 dny
Every time I watch a video from this channel my mom or sister are always like “what are you watching?” And when I tell them about it they just stare at me like 👁👄👁➖👄➖👁👄👁
Elijah Monserrat
Elijah Monserrat Před 27 dny
Amy Mmmggchc
Amy Mmmggchc Před 27 dny
I love ants how thanks to you I now have I respect for them
Joey Sires
Joey Sires Před 27 dny
Is it too late to become part of the ac senate
Colton Krewson
Colton Krewson Před 28 dny
CrtyxBloxys & Cola Bloxy
CrtyxBloxys & Cola Bloxy Před 28 dny
Good I like ant fire
ann tran
ann tran Před 28 dny
It’s hideous
wolf bane
wolf bane Před 28 dny
Now all that's missing is a little Marine soldiers trying to take the ants land
GODZILLA_THEKING20's channel Před 28 dny
Ants r so cute {\_/} ( • -•) >🐜
AceWind Před 28 dny
AntsCanada: behol- Ad: allow me to introduce myself
Ant’s Amazing
Ant’s Amazing Před 28 dny
I’ve been watching your videos for years
The Living Ghost
The Living Ghost Před 29 dny
You truly are a creator of worlds...
Red Před 29 dny
AC: "Behold" :) CSposts: *look at this ad about the harmful 5G phone radiation* Me: bruh
.* Pumpkin Paws *.
.* Pumpkin Paws *. Před 28 dny
I got an ad for shampoo. WHYYYYY
Your-E Před 29 dny
Watching this made me wonder how much more AntsCanada’s electricity and water bill is compared to ours ANSJCJDKAK
Crazyxchill Před 29 dny
I miss fire nation... they were one of my favorites
Muhammad D
Muhammad D Před 29 dny
Been a while since a vid on other colonies/termites...
Viraj Da Hellboy
Viraj Da Hellboy Před měsícem
The best creative way to do this... keep it up buddy...
Gabe Itch
Gabe Itch Před měsícem
This is crazy. Could you do a video about decorating a terrarium to make it feel more alive? And how to get inspiration for unique ideas? Obviously not this level but you know, something more simple.
Mewt0 Před měsícem
The blue glow in the dark plant should still go in not the other ones
Aj Phetsany
Aj Phetsany Před měsícem
i’m so happy i kept up with this series and the project is finally happening
kazm mohammed
kazm mohammed Před měsícem
For the first time in my life, I enjoyed watching such a closed ecosystem befitting fire ants, the design of the aquarium, as well as arranging everything to look similar to the planet Pandora, which made me enjoy so much that a great smile appeared on my face, but I wish I had made a mist in the middle of the basin so that it would spread everywhere. But not with a great focus in one place. If you understand what I mean, which my opinion agrees with me, let me put Lake for my comment .. Other than that, he continued to dazzle and cheer us with such distinct videos.
Tj Marco 好き Rushia
Tj Marco 好き Rushia Před měsícem
I kept saying amazing throughout the entire video lol
Diego Perez
Diego Perez Před měsícem
The name should be pANTdora
random sh*t
random sh*t Před měsícem
Hey how about you call it rocko falls
Supernova Proxima
Supernova Proxima Před měsícem
Your choice of music and editing is amazing.
Day Dream
Day Dream Před měsícem
Awww he likes Nature! ^w^
Hasdrubal Sosa Marquez
Hasdrubal Sosa Marquez Před měsícem
You have the voice of a narrator...ASMR... Never show your face
Jiefan Huang
Jiefan Huang Před měsícem
Arlene Rillo
Arlene Rillo Před měsícem
Leaves from the vine falling so slow...
Arlene Rillo
Arlene Rillo Před měsícem
Arlene Rillo
Arlene Rillo Před měsícem
Aw shoot wrong one
Kaedynbeawesome Před měsícem
Me thinking the theme is avatar the last airbender
Tyler L
Tyler L Před měsícem
Moss would look good around the rocks for plants to keep the small scale
michael cassagne
michael cassagne Před měsícem
use glow paint also a glow in the dark painting of Pandora at night on the backside on the tank...
Epix Před měsícem
this man made me interested in something very unexpected
Tong Enlet
Tong Enlet Před měsícem
You should make a queen ant statue and then put it in the aquarium of a remembrance of the Fire Nation
Tong Enlet
Tong Enlet Před měsícem
You will be missed fire ant Nation you're the greatest Nation we ever met Maybe even the best R.I.P queen ant and a fire nation
Railey Ramos
Railey Ramos Před měsícem
Filipino ka po ba po?
Kånäshī ネコsâñ
Kånäshī ネコsâñ Před měsícem
Ants are good
nonya bizness
nonya bizness Před měsícem
It's funny how the last fire ant colony was named after Avatar (fire nation), and now the phoenix empire is living in an Avatar diorama. Lol I know it's different Avatars but still, it makes me chuckle. I can't wait to see what water creatures we add ☺️
TheKarmappl3 Před měsícem
The Queen might fall off into the water. Finger cross she don't.
Thin blade Gamer
Thin blade Gamer Před měsícem
The mystic isles
Shagun Mehla #Girl bindass
Shagun Mehla #Girl bindass Před měsícem
I knew that your fans send a picture from Avatar first I didn't see the movie now I did and you also said Avatar I am the god of knowledge and time hahaha and you also said Avatar I am the smartest you are the lowest I am the smartest you are the dumbest
Animal Official
Animal Official Před měsícem
Wait Fire Nation is dead???
N Friesen
N Friesen Před měsícem
Anticular Measles
Anticular Measles Před měsícem
wow i feel like im watching endgame without watching any other Marvel movie i didnt know they died out
Anticular Measles
Anticular Measles Před měsícem
AntsCanada: It's the thing we've all been waiting for! Me: *Hasn't watched a single one of his videos since months ago.*
Dingbat Před měsícem
Is it just me or does ants canada sound a tiny bit like Mickey mouse Btw I love ur vids 😋
MOZzde Před měsícem
Can’t wait for avatar 2
Noah Gulley
Noah Gulley Před měsícem
What if you strategically hid the glow in the dark elements of the tank behind all the normal foliage, so when the lights are on they aren’t noticeable but when the lights are out they stick out much more
Katie Chiaravalloti
Katie Chiaravalloti Před měsícem
The fire nation is gone :(
bakugo hates you
bakugo hates you Před měsícem
seriously this is how he deals with the poll system going away he only lets adults or privileged kids vote about what they want what about the community is what this channel runs on.
Egerit Před měsícem
That's not true and if u actually have watched for a while u know that this is a very good channel
Oof me yt
Oof me yt Před měsícem
Ken H.
Ken H. Před měsícem
what a genius... goodluck sir... all the best to the phoenix empire...
KingPwnzer Před měsícem
You could solve the plants issue by getting a couple-several small bonsai trees. Just make sure you get one that's not going to outgrow the paludarium. I'm not sure how maintenance on them goes however. Just thought it was an obvious solution to the plants vs size issue, as a bonsai would be like a large tree if the stones are mountains.
Riosgaming Ph
Riosgaming Ph Před měsícem
Elise Před měsícem
because they are easier for the ants to climb.
Dominiq Brown
Dominiq Brown Před měsícem
Ember islands for sure
Willmemova Před měsícem
Victor Hanson
Victor Hanson Před měsícem
Wow!!!! This is so amazing! One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen honestly. You are talented at making this habitats
ASADragon Před měsícem
Was the elephant image in the upper right portion of the tank intentional?
Rosalie Paclibar
Rosalie Paclibar Před měsícem
Filipino ka ako din
Jay Black
Jay Black Před měsícem
is there a problem using bio-luminescent fungi?
Bug Battle Land
Bug Battle Land Před měsícem
I would love for you to give me one of your old Tank with all the equipment that you don’t use any more
Corwin Paulson
Corwin Paulson Před měsícem
Alice NAG
Alice NAG Před měsícem
9:25 These plant we call "brilhantina" here in Brazil - Pilea microphilla.
kelcey wood
kelcey wood Před 13 dny
I want you to know, I had this paused and was specifically scrolling down to see if someone had identified the plant. Thank you!
Konrad's world
Konrad's world Před měsícem
One of the ads here was so perfectly timed. It was like this: Antscanada: so guys I think you know what's coming next (ad turns on)
Niloo Wonka
Niloo Wonka Před měsícem
I bet you feel like a god!
Ian Zane Gutierrez
Ian Zane Gutierrez Před měsícem
The fire nation's queen is older than me
Ish Vids
Ish Vids Před měsícem
By far one of the coolest thing I’ve seen on CSposts
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