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My Fire Ants have sadly reached the end. I was sad to discover the greatest ant colony of my collection, the Fire Nation, which was my most successful thriving, and famous ant colony, had died. In this episode, we walk down memory lane, look at how I discovered their death, and go over why I believe they died, as well as how they taught us so much in the world of science. I will truly miss these ants. They were indeed the OGs and mascots of the channel. Ant love forever! #RIP #FireAnts #FireNation This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Video Editors/DOP Heinrich Domingo, JM Grande
Executive Producer RJ Garcia

Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in this video. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints: Also special thanks to Jordan of for the queen ant photograph used in this video.

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AntsCanada Před 9 měsíci
AC Family, I'm just in shock! 😭 It happened so suddenly and it all has been so hard to accept still. Though the Antiverse will continue on as normal, the Ant Room will not be the same without the OG Fire Nation. So what do you guys say we should do with the Selva de Fuego now?
la crying baby
la crying baby Před 2 dny
500th replies
chello17590 Před 10 dny
Shaurya banga
Shaurya banga Před 18 dny
at least they will rise like a phoinex from the ashes into an even graeter colony
cat cat
cat cat Před měsícem
Daniel Blackburn
Daniel Blackburn Před měsícem
@Richárd Ritz yeah
TOASTER MAN chill Před 6 hodinami
Omg no I just came to check on the fire nation boo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I ganna miss the fire nation r.i.p.
JB V Před 6 hodinami
Leozer The one
Leozer The one Před dnem
NAquiB Dan. Nureen Channel
NAquiB Dan. Nureen Channel Před dnem
Allen anthony a silloriquez
Allen anthony a silloriquez Před dnem
its okay to cry for your ants you spent all 4 years caring for them
Elsa Villas
Elsa Villas Před 2 dny
Rip. Ant
Jousef Rawas
Jousef Rawas Před 2 dny
The fire nation's queen would be proud that her colony was the star of a 3.8M subs channel
Zquaerria Allen
Zquaerria Allen Před 2 dny
Fire nation was the main colony of the channel and now since there gone..they will be missed. R I P Fire nation
Chance The Amazing
Chance The Amazing Před 2 dny
Andrea Brimhall
Andrea Brimhall Před 3 dny
New fire ants
Coffee Mug Gaming
Coffee Mug Gaming Před 3 dny
Ben Před 5 dny
Rip fire nation 🔥
Aiden Vargas
Aiden Vargas Před 7 dny
I love the fire in colony I’m crying right now
Ridge Sato
Ridge Sato Před 7 dny
Maybe the queen ant died
manuel monsalve
manuel monsalve Před 7 dny
I need the fire nation
melissanfaries Před 8 dny
This felt like thanos snapping
Red Sus
Red Sus Před 9 dny
Everything changed when the fire nation collapsed
MessiDa Pro
MessiDa Pro Před 10 dny
😭 their gonn be our family in our life😭😭
Lawson Newsome
Lawson Newsome Před 10 dny
I’m glad dem ants were killing Hillary
Davian Childress
Davian Childress Před 10 dny
Jalz jomel Mallorca
Jalz jomel Mallorca Před 11 dny
Men find new fire nation ant colony its co0L!!! Here from the philipines!!! 🥰❤️❤️❤️
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Před 11 dny
Havent been here in a while, this must have been truly saddening, rest in piece fire nation...
Gabriel Lasut
Gabriel Lasut Před 12 dny
so sad :(
Suspicious BreadStick
Suspicious BreadStick Před 13 dny
Michael Nice
Michael Nice Před 13 dny
Rest In Peace fire nation
Billy Parrish
Billy Parrish Před 13 dny
Dahr Mehdi
Dahr Mehdi Před 14 dny
ya things kiilllllllllll thing and if they don't evrything dies.
Dahr Mehdi
Dahr Mehdi Před 14 dny
WoW dude that was crazy epic O.O a few hrs later -_-
Mick Sellars
Mick Sellars Před 14 dny
Everyone give the fire nation a salute
Kristian Thaler
Kristian Thaler Před 14 dny
"MY CHILDREN ARE DEAD! here's a neat video of how it happened, enjoy!"
Stray Panda
Stray Panda Před 15 dny
I used to think that ants were nothing but a pest. You channel has opened my eyes and i am saddened. Rip
Vi Lam
Vi Lam Před 15 dny
Asxeth Official
Asxeth Official Před 15 dny
What if they escaped?????
Rapid Science
Rapid Science Před 15 dny
Plot twist:he just released them But really I'm sorry R. I. P
Alain Bouquet
Alain Bouquet Před 16 dny
Can an ant quuen give birth to a new quuen which will take over the colony? The original queen must have come from somwhere. So why do not most of her kids have a queen potential?
Rob King
Rob King Před 17 dny
how did the feral ants get in?
10k subs Challenge
10k subs Challenge Před 17 dny
Virgen Torres
Virgen Torres Před 17 dny
the goust ants army name is goust nation and the black ants will be the dark nation
Virgen Torres
Virgen Torres Před 17 dny
i have a vid idea lets make fire ants and the ants that killed the fire ants to get revenge and battle the vid title will be the war of the 3 armys
Virgen Torres
Virgen Torres Před 17 dny
noooo my fav element is fire i hate black and goust ants i love fire ants becuase they have my fav element
Shaurya banga
Shaurya banga Před 18 dny
it is disgusting that people dislike this
HelloItsBacon Před 18 dny
BravoRomeo YT
BravoRomeo YT Před 18 dny
Rest in Nature, Fire Nation. I hope the clan gets a whole boar for generations to come in Heaven's Nature.
Miyuki Decano
Miyuki Decano Před 19 dny
I guess your and sorry skating cuz they already know that there is
N Baut
N Baut Před 19 dny
Fun fact queen ants die of age and on other fun fact buy a queen
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Před 19 dny
This dude gets shocked to the core alot. Should get that blood pressure checked.
Rashwing Před 19 dny
Rest In Peace Fire Ants :( 1 like on This comment = 1 R.I.P For the Fire Ants
Павел Енев
Павел Енев Před 20 dny
First strong then a-bit weak
Павел Енев
Павел Енев Před 20 dny
The fire nation is like f'n sparta
oRadar Před 20 dny
Maybe the queen died. So the whole colony is dead
Ryker Dittmar
Ryker Dittmar Před 21 dnem
i sorry but it is about 3 years
pabriman pabriman
pabriman pabriman Před 21 dnem
Call the new fire ant colony the Phoenix nation.
pabriman pabriman
pabriman pabriman Před 21 dnem
We pray and honor the fire nation with our hearts.
pabriman pabriman
pabriman pabriman Před 21 dnem
Reuse the enclosure for another ant colony but not fire ants. Something new.
Kian Kian
Kian Kian Před 21 dnem
Add a new queen and name it the fire nation the second
Allistair parsons
Allistair parsons Před 22 dny
Honestly I'm now sadder than I was so gat 2.0 they would be so cool and I'm kinda sad I wasn't there when they were born
Locutus of quail
Locutus of quail Před 22 dny
I'm so sorry, Mikey. This is so tragic. Still, on the other hand, I can't help but imagine Her Majesty Queen Solis saying "Look, I've had tens of millions of children... I think I'm due for a rest now." Rest in peace, beloved Queen Solis and family.
SuperMarcelox e cia
SuperMarcelox e cia Před 22 dny
Why call selva del fuego if fire ants are from Brasil?
Kittyco animated
Kittyco animated Před 22 dny
It took me 9 MONTHS to find out they died?! I've been watching and was wondering what happened to them, but they didnt show up again,
Itz_ Ysa gaming gurl
Itz_ Ysa gaming gurl Před 22 dny
Peter Polley
Peter Polley Před 23 dny
more fire ants please
stacey Ojeda
stacey Ojeda Před 23 dny
Nooooooooooooooooooooooo why why man
Charles Pearce
Charles Pearce Před 23 dny
2020 just won't leave things alone, right AC family?!
Royale highlights
Royale highlights Před 23 dny
Plot twist: it was all about the views from ants video
ẞãd ẞøy
ẞãd ẞøy Před 23 dny
Well, I'm watching the vid while eating I puke on the table hahaha don't try it if you can't take it.
Ender Forge
Ender Forge Před 24 dny
C J Před 24 dny
and so the fire nation died. The start of the pheonix empire
C J Před 24 dny
lets dump the leaves of the selva de fuego into the wild
Alexis Franklin
Alexis Franklin Před 24 dny
They didn't die I found them in front of my house trying to get in and then I took care of the myself like you did and honor of your Queen
The swipitmy gamer army roblox group channel
The swipitmy gamer army roblox group channel Před dnem
KaraTheMage Před 25 dny
So how much longer till you keep bullet ants?
HorrorPills Před 25 dny
Pritika Raj
Pritika Raj Před 26 dny
Ur colony was so huge how😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺
Blizzard Milk
Blizzard Milk Před 26 dny
Don Lee
Don Lee Před 26 dny
Noooooo 😭😭😭😭 R.I.P fire nation let's make a grave for each ant that died 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😢😢😢
Jed mcC j
Jed mcC j Před 26 dny
Calling them the fire nation was a bad idea.
Eatinsomtin Před 26 dny
Everything was going well, until the fire nation attacked
Radin Zaeem
Radin Zaeem Před 26 dny
they only had 1 queen?
EveryDay Před 26 dny
Orange Man did it.
Caroline D
Caroline D Před 27 dny
Crying too. This is so sad.
Yinghuo Tan
Yinghuo Tan Před 27 dny
When the fire nation lives Do a face reveal! If not.... I will watch all the video and pretend that the fire nations does not die u-u
astrogames Před 27 dny
R.I.P. the most epic nation ever
FireFazeYT BOI
FireFazeYT BOI Před 27 dny
Hoang An Nguyen
Hoang An Nguyen Před 27 dny
This video: Exist Fire nation jokes: Its free real estatee
Jennifer Gu
Jennifer Gu Před 28 dny
I thout the fire nation was the pheonix Empire for a sec till Iherd My Og AnT cOlLeNy
The mysterious_Oof Master!
The mysterious_Oof Master! Před 28 dny
I'm so sorry for you I hope I can help if you want try the titans thanks and don't be sad
B.V. Moeller
B.V. Moeller Před 28 dny
Rip fire nation
B.V. Moeller
B.V. Moeller Před 28 dny
Make a new fire Nation and call it the Phoenix nation
Silvia Contreras
Silvia Contreras Před 28 dny
F in the comments the f is for fire ant
Yohan Federizo
Yohan Federizo Před 28 dny
I know what happend they got in war
AARON YIN KIAN WEI Moe Před 29 dny
I want a new video on the golden empire
Rainbows_ Rose's
Rainbows_ Rose's Před 29 dny
R.i.p 😭
Tiny Paws#hamsters
Tiny Paws#hamsters Před 29 dny
But... please don’t end your channel
Tiny Paws#hamsters
Tiny Paws#hamsters Před 29 dny
And I think I am now subscribed for a couple of years now
Tiny Paws#hamsters
Tiny Paws#hamsters Před 29 dny
Nooo i loves the fire nation!
Lerith Před 29 dny
what a shitty year 2020 is....
Martin Guila
Martin Guila Před 29 dny
Just replace the ant queen and rename Fire nation into New Fire nation. Condolence. Fire nation.😭😢😭😢
Tan guo kang
Tan guo kang Před 29 dny
Do the fire ants again...😢😢😢😢😢
Wulan Puspita Sari
Wulan Puspita Sari Před 29 dny
Dragon Tube
Dragon Tube Před 29 dny
Why the fire ant
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