Moving my FIRE ANTS into their AVATAR FLOATING MOUNTAINS Paludarium

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My massive colony of fire ants (Phoenix Empire) are moving into their new Avatar-themed floating mountains paludarium, called the Ember Islands. I need to plan the emigration properly so to make it as sooth as possible for the ants and the queen. What I observed during the move was incredible and an experience I'll never forget. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #FireAnts #FloatingMountains #AntFarm
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Executive Producer RJ Garcia
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AntsCanada Před měsícem
AC Family, this great event totally blew my mind! Which ant farm do you think the Queen will emerge from? *Correction: I incorrectly mention "Mt. Zeus" twice in this video. I meant Mt. Jupiter! Oops! My head must still be stuck in the Rhino Beetle Games.
instagram Vidéo
instagram Vidéo Před 21 dnem
It is🌹 impossible that you🌹 did not see🌹 this Ä ẅöṃäń ệńďṩ ḧệŕ ŀïḟệ ïń ḟŕöńẗ öḟ ḧệŕ🌹 ċḧïŀďŕệń Ḅệŀöẅ ẗḧệṿïďệö öń 🌹ṃÿċḧäńń🍁pjBwjqnqnks
Aomanexus 913155
Aomanexus 913155 Před měsícem
Cylic Falls
Ariel Wachendorfer
Ariel Wachendorfer Před měsícem
Those mountains remind me of your beetles...😢😔
Samantha Goltry
Samantha Goltry Před měsícem
those were so cool to watch.
Zeus Rudland
Zeus Rudland Před měsícem
I'm named zues
Shumin Wang
Shumin Wang Před hodinou
Our Greatgrand parents said they lived in a tube look at you living a mansion NOW GET BACK TO WORK
Eighth Charmer
Eighth Charmer Před 14 hodinami
You should name it ANGEL FALLS!!! 💕 or FIJI FALLS
Thoralmir Před 15 hodinami
Fire Fountain Falls. Nice little AtLA reference there.
Sarah P
Sarah P Před 19 hodinami
Ashed fall?
pls get me to 1000 subs
pls get me to 1000 subs Před 23 hodinami
Here's ant-man
Nate Carr
Nate Carr Před dnem
Him in 30 years: Okay guys the Phoenix Empire is now at 7 billion ants and we need another forest for them! Luckily I bought one yesterday on the AntsCanada website. (This was just a joke I can't predict the future) 🤣
Umanga badal
Umanga badal Před dnem
I think the god created world the same way put us there and watched us as we explore every where
Ms. Vee
Ms. Vee Před dnem
Oouuuu you can call it Ant-lantis
The God
The God Před dnem
How does he make the ember islands float? Is it roots Holding Them up and together?
OselTV Před dnem
I’ve grown on the Phoenix empire
LoganPlayZ Před dnem
i think it should be neptune waterfall
Paintedmystic Před dnem
Sorry sowt
Paintedmystic Před dnem
Antscanda can you watch inuysha and please sort out me pleasessss
K S Před 2 dny
Shot in 4K uploads at 1080p
Awesome BannanaPeel
Awesome BannanaPeel Před 2 dny
WE should call the waterfall "Fire's Bane" it makes sense because you're moving the FIRE ants to that area.
Fox_fireYT Před 3 dny
No mount hades??
Burn Rubber
Burn Rubber Před 3 dny
Comment on this or nothing will happen and like
Haidenews Před 4 dny
I think i see the queen at 2:42 to the right
Allison Williams
Allison Williams Před 5 dny
I would never in a million years keep ants however I am watching this because there is nothing like watching some do what they love.
Petroleum jelly.. I find it effective
Redrinox Před 5 dny
this is cool stuff!
sword master gamer
sword master gamer Před 5 dny
how is it Floating
sword master gamer
sword master gamer Před 5 dny
Lori Morris
Lori Morris Před 5 dny
The waterfalls name is Neptune falls
Anthony Rosas
Anthony Rosas Před 5 dny
12:30 1 ant got out 😂
Sebas RoguezSchu
Sebas RoguezSchu Před 5 dny
I think u should name it: The End
scratchcardz Před 5 dny
Call the waterfall posidons piss
Chosen_One Před 5 dny
1:29 what are those super small bugs walking on the queens back
Jowelle BTW
Jowelle BTW Před 6 dny
I say we name the waterfall "The Falls of ants" or the Land of ants???
Jowelle BTW
Jowelle BTW Před 6 dny
imagine XD Getting eat by your own pet while sleeping XD XD
•Arkanaut •
•Arkanaut • Před 6 dny
what about Naiad Falls? the naiads where nymps of springs and streams and they're directly ruled by poseidon or neptune
Nikichi Tsuchida
Nikichi Tsuchida Před 6 dny
I think we should name the fall “River of tears” or “River of seas”
Alvin and the chipmunks Cultist
Alvin and the chipmunks Cultist Před 4 dny
@Nikichi Tsuchida I think the guy who said Neptune’s tears was better, but nice try!
Nikichi Tsuchida
Nikichi Tsuchida Před 5 dny
@sword master gamer wow thank you
sword master gamer
sword master gamer Před 5 dny
FuryandS0rr0w Před 6 dny
12:29 there is always one that thinks YOLO and zooms out before anyone realises
Nightmare Před 6 dny
This guys my favourite CSpostsr for a good reason I just LLLOOOVVVEEE his voice
Day_Old_ Milk
Day_Old_ Milk Před 6 dny
I like the use of the gods Roman forms and now greek.
Ricky Archuleta III
Ricky Archuleta III Před 6 dny
My favorite mountain is definitely venus (mars and ceres are definitely my 2nd and 3rd favorites) Venus in my opinion looks the best and has the best name (I even made it my pfp)
Perpetual Monday
Perpetual Monday Před 6 dny
Falls of fire
Mikey bustos is the legend! Nice video man
The Trashiest Trash
The Trashiest Trash Před 7 dny
Bro.... The tears of neptune's bitches
TiNy ChEwb4ccA
TiNy ChEwb4ccA Před 7 dny
I say we name the waterfall S T E V E !
Janice Mercier Mercier
Janice Mercier Mercier Před 7 dny
The floating artistic rocks all have cool faces and silhouettes
Janice Mercier Mercier
Janice Mercier Mercier Před 7 dny
LilAura Před 7 dny
Name the waterfall “Blue flow” because Neptune is blue and water flows
jdxblueman Před 7 dny
I like Greek more but they are basically the same
Matty Vends
Matty Vends Před 8 dny
I can assure you it would be nothing lile housing 100s of Velociraptors. Get a grip man you have ants easily killed by bug spray which you should do asap
emeka umeh
emeka umeh Před 8 dny
you should have named the biggest mounting mt Olympus
Infernalisk Stokes-Underwood
Infernalisk Stokes-Underwood Před 8 dny
How about neptune's falls?
whazit tooya
whazit tooya Před 8 dny
Watching after a couple year break, now I gotta go back and figure out if something happened to fire nation
星川ひかりCh. Před 8 dny
Where's Earth? XD And is Elon Musk watching this? This is how you get to the red planet~
Elizabeth Greenhill
Elizabeth Greenhill Před 8 dny
One or two ecsaped
Martina O'Reilly
Martina O'Reilly Před 8 dny
Call the waterfall ashes fountain
Cori Coolwhip
Cori Coolwhip Před 9 dny
This is so incredibly entertaining and I don’t know why. It took me a second to sit up on the couch, stop eating my soup, and think “I’m watching an ant colony”. It’s just so well put-together and you can tell a lot of work has been put into everything.
Ender Pearl
Ender Pearl Před 9 dny
I feel like we are playing a game of Risk...
Xeb Před 10 dny
You guys should put the music you use in the description, there are so many songs Ive heard before but cant recognize:(
Let's Play xp
Let's Play xp Před 10 dny
the smallest mountain shouldve been called pluto
uplift enroll
uplift enroll Před 10 dny
the god water
uplift enroll
uplift enroll Před 10 dny
Matteau Queen
Matteau Queen Před 10 dny
Maxen Nguyen
Maxen Nguyen Před 10 dny
Angel's tears
Renat Halauko
Renat Halauko Před 10 dny
holy water fall
Lizzy Holland
Lizzy Holland Před 12 dny
I love ants
Lizzy Holland
Lizzy Holland Před 12 dny
Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez Před 12 dny
Neptune's clear Liquids
monica prasad
monica prasad Před 12 dny
the fire water
AstralDragoon Před 12 dny
Do the colonies ever reach a point where their numbers have to be culled due to the limited space?
Tuhoang Lu
Tuhoang Lu Před 12 dny
I think ashes of ember tears
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great Před 13 dny
17:35 where's antlon musk jk terrible pun i know
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great Před 13 dny
9:06 just like in real life jk I saw what you did there
Red Cheeks
Red Cheeks Před 13 dny
Looks like skyrim for ants :D
Ivin Henz
Ivin Henz Před 13 dny
I know I’m super late and this won’t count but a good name for the waterfall is The Fire Falls.
jonlamontagne Před 13 dny
10:31 Kid Cudi - Day and Night!
kooler186 Před 14 dny
waterfall should be called Grand Rapids Michigan
Md JIS Před 14 dny
The waterfall name will be golden falls
Liawlol Gaming
Liawlol Gaming Před 14 dny
When will the fire ant lay a new queen
Jesse Thornock
Jesse Thornock Před 14 dny
AC: there’s approx 400,000 ants in this setup Also AC: boy oh boy do I have a good feeling about spotting the one specific queen ant in this colony
Abhiram Suresh
Abhiram Suresh Před 14 dny
phoenix of the waterfall
manjusha muthukutiparambil
manjusha muthukutiparambil Před 14 dny
Well, it will be a better name when you name your channel "ANT COLONY"
john urbano
john urbano Před 14 dny
Neptunes flaming river. because fire and water
Coco Roney
Coco Roney Před 14 dny
Or maybe you can take all of your ant homes into one big home for all of the ants I bet it will look really pretty
Vincent Lu
Vincent Lu Před 14 dny
Dam thats so cool you added fish in there that just makes it 10 times better plus keeps them on their toes
Andrew Li
Andrew Li Před 15 dny
I think Neptune's wrath
10The_Doctor10 Před 15 dny
Too bad they didn't Mt. Uranus.
Thē Çrèâtor
Thē Çrèâtor Před 15 dny
when your cat is named Juno :p
lilSUPAFLYwill Před 16 dny
The great aqueduct ?
Xavior Aleman
Xavior Aleman Před 16 dny
Name the waterfall gravity falls
Koutrou Před 16 dny
New sub😂
DHARSHITH S GN2092 Před 16 dny
one ant escaped
DragonChara - Dragon Studio's
DragonChara - Dragon Studio's Před 16 dny
My the waterfalls "The falls Of Neptune"
RandomWolf 13
RandomWolf 13 Před 16 dny
Ok this is cool
tehboiz Před 17 dny
What if we name the mt. Neptune waterfall The sacred Olympus falls or the Olympus falls
Michelle De Ruyscher
Michelle De Ruyscher Před 17 dny
We should name the water fall jeff
Cheyenne Lynn
Cheyenne Lynn Před 17 dny
Neptune's falls
Gerto's adventures
Gerto's adventures Před 17 dny
this guy sure loves his roman goddess
JustCameronBeingLazy Před 17 dny
I would’ve named it flame falls or flint falls if I came earlier 🙁
Part time human
Part time human Před 18 dny
I say we call the water fall : water of gods
Mr banana Arroyo
Mr banana Arroyo Před 18 dny
As Phoenix rises from ashes it is reborned like the pjeonix
Ash’s World
Ash’s World Před 19 dny
I think we should name the waterfall AC falls.
William Rex
William Rex Před 19 dny
What if the queen falls
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