I Gave My Fire Ants a Monitor Lizard

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My pet fire ants are savages! Watch my massive fire ant colony, the Fire Nation, devour this savannah monitor lizard. What they do with the corpse is jaw-dropping!
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Noah Kleppolsen
Noah Kleppolsen Před 17 dny
i am now addicted to pokemon and danganronpa
i am now addicted to pokemon and danganronpa Před 26 dny
They ate the dragon of the weet
QuantumHQ Před 27 dny
Please read this! You should leave the lizard there until it's bones! That would be a sick decoration! The dragon of the fire colony!!
anime fan 101
anime fan 101 Před měsícem
Aren't you Mikey bustos?....
The Vader Of Darth
The Vader Of Darth Před měsícem
Try giving the Fire Nation a snake
AKRYL1K Před 15 hodinami
Ants are S Tier confirmed
Erik Le Roux
Erik Le Roux Před dnem
Imagin it was only parelized
Niomi Glover
Niomi Glover Před dnem
You have a very soothing voice. Idk why But it's nice☺️
Marcus Johansson
Marcus Johansson Před dnem
The voice-over sounds like an AI trying to emulate a human speaking in a documentary. The rythm.. is VERY...un-EVEN....
Alexandra Maria
Alexandra Maria Před 2 dny
damn it i miss the fire nation
† Adre Chan †
† Adre Chan † Před 2 dny
I used to collect various small animal's skull (like birds, or dead wild turtles) I found out the best way to clean the bones was... let the ants eat the flesh. The skulls were clean as a mirror and I fed some ants
Keith's mother Clark
Keith's mother Clark Před 2 dny
Karen Swanegan
Karen Swanegan Před 2 dny
Trioner Expeliozias
Trioner Expeliozias Před 2 dny
I can't tell If that was grossly cool or grossly terrifying
Trioner Expeliozias
Trioner Expeliozias Před 2 dny
Ants terrify me for some reason so now I want to die
Syreetha Goldman
Syreetha Goldman Před 3 dny
Coffee Mug Gaming
Coffee Mug Gaming Před 3 dny
Melvon Taiwan Vlogs
Melvon Taiwan Vlogs Před 4 dny
Too crowded
BôbaTeä Před 4 dny
If I lose a limb... then I'll send it to you 😂
Gacha club fan The fan of Gacha club
Gacha club fan The fan of Gacha club Před 4 dny
Is there 10k fire ants?
Narcossiss Před 4 dny
my wife wanted to grow some grass in our back yard, and i told her it was not a good idea, there's a big colony of fire ants that live back there...she ignored me and started spreading the seeds all over the yard...(shaking my head) i take her outside the next day to show her the error...Every ant hill had all the grass seed she spread, Encircled around each hole
The unreal Lion
The unreal Lion Před 5 dny
I think it will take then 2 or 3 days
MurdaScene C.F.N4Lツ
MurdaScene C.F.N4Lツ Před 6 dny
My guy literally records ants eating up close tell me who has better camera quality than that
Cayla Pavlik
Cayla Pavlik Před 6 dny
Who here likes lizards
The fire nation is a stupid name
Kent achilles Alvarez
Kent achilles Alvarez Před 7 dny
Colder then cool
Kent achilles Alvarez
Kent achilles Alvarez Před 7 dny
17 days
Nortalian Před 7 dny
Antscanada final video: I offer my corpse to wild ants to eat - time lapse!
Sony Syahputra
Sony Syahputra Před 7 dny
Slashy Bashy
Slashy Bashy Před 7 dny
Friend: hey dude my daughter died you coming to her funeral? Ac: only if I can have the body
MegaGuavaGardevoir Před 7 dny
I thought the title said ‘I gave my fire ants a monitor’ 🤗
Aiden Vargas
Aiden Vargas Před 7 dny
I love the fire nation the lizard died in about to do that
Mr B
Mr B Před 7 dny
You are a grade A asshole. A total waste of oxygen!
Joy Boy
Joy Boy Před 7 dny
RIP Hello
Maisie Cox
Maisie Cox Před 8 dny
Ur cruel and ho ould u like it if I killed u u wouldn’t so stop doing this
Auren Rodriguez
Auren Rodriguez Před 8 dny
1 hole day
Kenny Nguyen
Kenny Nguyen Před 8 dny
Kenny Nguyen
Kenny Nguyen Před 8 dny
Ah yes my morning asmr
K Jan
K Jan Před 8 dny
Maureen Ruble
Maureen Ruble Před 8 dny
antscanada is like chubbyemu and cayote peterson merged
Jerry Howerton
Jerry Howerton Před 8 dny
God will hate you go to hell!!!
Bentley's Bubble
Bentley's Bubble Před 8 dny
5 days
Renan Righi
Renan Righi Před 8 dny
I I am from south America
Republicrat Democran
Republicrat Democran Před 8 dny
You my good sir,ara special kind of awesome.
Erin Hays
Erin Hays Před 9 dny
4 days
Dalton Hurst
Dalton Hurst Před 9 dny
Is this the science i can donate my body to? Asking for a friend.
Cool Channel456
Cool Channel456 Před 9 dny
1 month 👍🏻🤞🏾
Matthew Gibbons
Matthew Gibbons Před 9 dny
17 days
Carl Galloway
Carl Galloway Před 9 dny
Namaride Před 9 dny
Both, but slightly more gross than normal. Only because i do was eating.
SpeedrunnerG55 Před 9 dny
3 days
william flores
william flores Před 9 dny
I had this in my class and it could take 5 days
Nithila Venthan
Nithila Venthan Před 9 dny
this video made me hungry
Gustava V
Gustava V Před 10 dny
The narrator is so specific and so enthusiastic
Superior Raiders
Superior Raiders Před 10 dny
Me: that thing is so weird. Read more
mo mo
mo mo Před 11 dny
When I saw this I thought the lizard was alive good thing it isn't.
Anonymous Playz
Anonymous Playz Před 11 dny
Who's Watching in quarantine? | | | 👇
Devil studios 2
Devil studios 2 Před 11 dny
I wanna own a whole colony of ants but i live in an apartment 😢
Billy Caudill
Billy Caudill Před 11 dny
U is dumb
Jamison Gaming
Jamison Gaming Před 11 dny
When u realize what the circle of life rlly ment
Jacob Andrews
Jacob Andrews Před 11 dny
7days and 22hours
_TheBeardieGuy _
_TheBeardieGuy _ Před 11 dny
Just look at my name and think why I kinda feel sad right now
Antoine SEEX
Antoine SEEX Před 11 dny
It was very cool
Tobias Lyden
Tobias Lyden Před 11 dny
I was eating while watching lol
abiyel tristan
abiyel tristan Před 11 dny
O god why i click it
3brezzy Před 11 dny
It better be dead
Dlnay Před 12 dny
Monitor Lizard? More like, FOOD lizard! Haha im so funny Edit: also rip lizard
Marcus Alcantara-Madrid
Marcus Alcantara-Madrid Před 12 dny
SuperGamez Před 12 dny
3 days
Louizza kei m sta Ines :3
Louizza kei m sta Ines :3 Před 12 dny
The fire ants: yo guys look we found more food All the fire ants : do yall wanna eat it Also all the fire ants : YEAHHH IT LOOKS DELICIOUS BUT will it kill us? Me eating my lunch: ohhhhhhh god it looks disgusting and cool at the same timeeeeèee
Xeno _
Xeno _ Před 12 dny
As a reptile owner this is sad, but as a nature enthusiast this is cool to watch.
SkzStay Před 12 dny
2 days? #AC
Alejandro Rojas
Alejandro Rojas Před 12 dny
Ant: queen five of our workers died Queen:eh I will just lay more eggs
Peptobepto Před 12 dny
imagine if this guys nehbors threw a baseball and it went thru his window and broke the enclosure...
Sean Hayward Jr
Sean Hayward Jr Před 12 dny
Sean Hayward Jr
Sean Hayward Jr Před 12 dny
Sean Hayward Jr
Sean Hayward Jr Před 12 dny
Lava Stingray
Lava Stingray Před 12 dny
Everything changed when the Fire Ant Nation attacked 😅
Black Gobbo Gaming
Black Gobbo Gaming Před 12 dny
You are playing with fire
Mario C
Mario C Před 13 dny
When I die I don't want to be buried or cremated. I want to be fed to the ants!!
Paul Werndli
Paul Werndli Před 13 dny
Emil Liik
Emil Liik Před 13 dny
5 days
KangaTroopa YT
KangaTroopa YT Před 13 dny
AC: I wonder what will happen if i give the fire ants a dead lizard? Fire Ants: A blessing from the lord!
Jorandel Bonds
Jorandel Bonds Před 14 dny
r.i.p lizard 2019-2019
War Ghost squad
War Ghost squad Před 14 dny
imagine being eattin alive by fire ants that would be a rough death
I have a idea on what you should feed them. . . Yourself!! Or a foot or hand!!
I think you're a irritating douche!! But thats just my opinion!!
Sweaty Vex
Sweaty Vex Před 14 dny
2 days
Displayzz Před 14 dny
I thought the lizard was gonna be alive. Thank god it isn’t
Kym sutherland
Kym sutherland Před 14 dny
CJ Hoppy
CJ Hoppy Před 14 dny
You are a Moster cinda evil and the por animals Hampster the animals
Noah Bertrim
Noah Bertrim Před 14 dny
Feed them a cow tongue
Gg Ken
Gg Ken Před 15 dny
Feed it snake 🐍
Winter Forest z
Winter Forest z Před 15 dny
3 or 4 days
Rusty Mills
Rusty Mills Před 16 dny
John Marston
John Marston Před 16 dny
1 and half year to eatall
Bunny Fluff Dabu
Bunny Fluff Dabu Před 16 dny
“I hope you’re not eating right now” .-. I wish I were an ant in captivity of Ants Canada, that looks like it would be yummy....
At1 Lazy
At1 Lazy Před 14 dny
animals with bark or scales are not very good, believe me i already ate armadillos
Country boy Plays games
Country boy Plays games Před 16 dny
So sad a savannah monitor passed but when one life ends it feeds thousands
Joseph Turner
Joseph Turner Před 16 dny
10 years later- “guys today I’ll be feeding my fire ants a human corpse, my friend at the pet story said he had a dead body so of course I accepted it.”
Ethan Johnston Yigit
Ethan Johnston Yigit Před 16 dny
1 day
spirituality and herbologist healer
spirituality and herbologist healer Před 17 dny
Both wow amazing creatures
Mariah Padgett
Mariah Padgett Před 17 dny
i got to 1:30 before i realized that this video is a year old
Freeway Mafia
Freeway Mafia Před 17 dny
You made sure the lizard was an organ donor right?
Paige S
Paige S Před 17 dny
This guy hope you guys are not eating right now Me spits out all my food
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