How to Raise an Ant Colony 101 | The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Pet Ants

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This is a full tutorial video on how to raise an ant colony from start to finish. Hope it helps you raise your own ant colony successfully. Ant keeping is a fun, educational, and rewarding hobby that inspires a love for nature, responsibility, and conservation. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in our videos. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints: #ants #antfarms #tutorial
Topics Covered:
2:12 - Getting Started in Ant Keeping
2:18 - What is a Good Beginner Ant Species?
3:17 - Ways to Get a Queen Ant
4:19 - Catching a Queen Ant During Nuptial Flight
5:38 - Test Tube Setup & Care
7:13 - How long until you get eggs/workers?
8:56 - Ant Diet
11:32 - Ant Farms
11:42 - The Dangers of Gelfarms
13:15 - Ant Barriers
13:42 - Ant Maintenance & Routine
14:44 - Ant Hibernation (for temperate ants)
15:29 - Why Keep Pet Ants?
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AntsCanada Před 2 měsíci
Greetings, Ant Lovers/AC Family! Due to so many requests for tips on actual ant keeping, I decided that while I'm busy working on our Phoenix Empire's terrarium, I'd finally release this complete ant tutorial video to help you guys start your own epic ant colonies, so we can raise ants together! Anyone out there catch any queen ants this year? What ant species are you raising? Let us know!
Dark Star
Dark Star Před 8 dny
Your videos are amazing and fascinating but what iv learned most is how terrifyingly prolific they are. When i moved into my place 2 years ago i had a 4 month war with ants. Even now they constantly try to re-enter my house and i have ant powder along every wall in my house that i cant vacuum or they will come back. They were living under the slab in the centre of my house which is where my kitchen is. I love seeing your videos but as a species in general i hate ants as much as roaches as the like to invade my house. Earth worms i feel happy to see. They show me my soil is healthy and my plants will be prolific. I raise koi and they have serious problems in the wild but under my care they are not a problem so i dont hate your ants for the record. Both of our pets are a problem in the wild. I think you have a very cool hobby and you are ripped dude and you look cool. Yet your voice seems to be from a softer gentler body. Both traits i wish i had.
Dark Star
Dark Star Před 8 dny
instagram Vidéo
instagram Vidéo Před 21 dnem
It is🌹 impossible 🌹that you🌹 did not see🌹 this Ä ẅöṃäń ệńďṩ ḧệŕ ŀïḟệ ïń ḟŕöńẗ öḟ ḧệŕ🌹 ċḧïŀďŕệń Ḅệŀöẅ ẗḧệṿïďệö öń 🌹ṃÿċḧäńń🍁pbwbwjJqjJ
instagram Vidéo
instagram Vidéo Před 21 dnem
It is🌹 impossible 🌹that you🌹 did not see🌹 this Ä ẅöṃäń ệńďṩ ḧệŕ ŀïḟệ ïń ḟŕöńẗ öḟ ḧệŕ🌹 ċḧïŀďŕệń Ḅệŀöẅ ẗḧệṿïďệö öń 🌹ṃÿċḧäńń🍁pjJJJsjsjjw
Mark Angelo Flores
Mark Angelo Flores Před 28 dny
Kant I buy in Philippines
Ismady Saidi
Ismady Saidi Před dnem
Im not kidding, but as im watching this vid... A fire ant queen just passed by my desk.. and yes, it is now officially the first ant queen ive ever had! Wish me luck AC Family!
Ahmed Humeida
Ahmed Humeida Před 2 hodinami
Good luck with your colony
Lunatic Ranger
Lunatic Ranger Před 2 dny
Really helpful video thanks Ants Canada you correct my many mistakes.
Liam Hunt
Liam Hunt Před 2 dny
I grow up I want to be in a keeper
Linyuzhon Gaming
Linyuzhon Gaming Před 2 dny
I only found fire ants outside my house
kim talucod
kim talucod Před 3 dny
thank this is exactly what i need im setting upa ten gallon terrarium cuz my aquarium just broke and its just have been fixed and i want to set up a ant farm
Edbert camilo Inesin
Edbert camilo Inesin Před 4 dny
Hi mikey can I feed my ant's a earthworm
Mr.SponsoredPlague Před 7 dny
I have regular ants outside my house am i able to create a colony with regular ants?
Ismady Saidi
Ismady Saidi Před 8 dny
Trying so hard convincing my brain that i dont need Ant as a pets... besides my Tarantulas and multiple cats ..Still trying.. helpp ? D:
Ants N Hamsters
Ants N Hamsters Před 9 dny
I’m in North Carolina and I have a pogonomyrmex barbatus queen and I wanna brood boost‼️
Kian santi Almalvez
Kian santi Almalvez Před 11 dny
why is it bad to have a gel ant farm cuz I’m planning to get one
Ahms Deniel P. Herrera
Ahms Deniel P. Herrera Před 11 dny
I just got my 1st workers!!!
Ej Funchica
Ej Funchica Před 12 dny
Nuptial Flight answer: During the flight, virgin queens mate with males and then land to start a new colony,or in the case of ant, continue the succession of an existing the ant colony
Red Cheeks
Red Cheeks Před 12 dny
There is one thing i would like to say to poeple who start a ant farm, and that is do your research b4 you order or find a queen!!!,it takes about 10 min to readup about where a spiecies comes from what it eats what it needs,take into account that alot of ants do take a winter break so the queen can regenerate and her brood is slowed cos the rest of the colonie is in rest aswell,else you colonie might grow to fast and out grow there habitat, need alot more food,and yeah you can kill a colonie bij not giving them there winter rest !!!!!!!!!!!!or making them expand to fast and not having enough space or food can actually cause a war in the colonie it self between different queens!!
Red Cheeks
Red Cheeks Před 12 dny
Hi !,Yess Finally after 22 years my 2nd lasius colonie !!! was in the mail today[a Q plus about10 workers and a bundle of brood there so tiny i can hardly c the eggs :D,the nanis are so tiny about 3x as small as the workers i once caught as a kid, the queen looks like a normal formica fusca worker exc her head is a bit smaller,placed the testtube without cotton lid in the tiny formicarium,they where like not moving much at all,kinda worried i dropped a drop of sugar water at the end of the tube and trew in a cooked peanut and a fruit fly,the nani workers got a sign and 2 workers seem to have got the ok to go explore they where running around they seemed happy,one found the fuitfly and instantly ran back to show it to the queen the other seemed to have taken a small bite from the peanut with it took back,after 1 hour; 4 workers got the okay to explore one is actually barricading the entrance to the testtube with dirt ,super excited to c what kind of progress they will make today and the comming days[will prob post something about it ],and as always great vid!
GcubePlayer 8
GcubePlayer 8 Před 15 dny
I have killed so much because they try to eat my food
TheHeadcrab Před 15 dny
The Nuptial flight is a super important phase in the life cycle of a Queen Ant. It’s the period of time that the Queen leaves the nest and mates with males in order to found a new Colony or in some cases to continue an already existing one. Keep calm and Ant on!
Beast 19 gaming
Beast 19 gaming Před 15 dny
The products are very costly in ants
Reptile Care
Reptile Care Před 20 dny
I think it’s interesting to see new behaviors in North American ants, where I live in northern Ontario I watched a colony of ants start tending to a sun flower in a sun flower patch I planted near by, I saw them making little rooms drinking sap or what ever comes from the stem of a sun flower, aswell it seemed to improve the plants growth rate as it was the only flower to successfully bloom but not seed, after blooming the ants kept one room for taking the liquid from them stem and then collecting pollen(I think among other tasks), and I have never seen this behavior again, sadly before being able to document what I’ve seen we got hit with a few frosts and they went into hibernation, however I’m going to try and plant sun flowers in the same location and see if they repeat this behaviour or if they were taking advantage of how this sunflower grew, aswell as another behavior change I’ve noticed is the presence of 2 or more queens, aswell as two environmental changes I think might play a part aswell, over the last couple years it’s been significantly hotter during the summer and the arrival of an ant species I’ve never seen until a few years ago, I’m not sure what it is but it’s very small and is clearish brown in colour, and seem to either have a massive nest or just hundreds of nests around in the sandy soil
KrazyBrothers Gaming
KrazyBrothers Gaming Před 21 dnem
Hey ants canada does a DIY Test tube work?
Aliyana Mason
Aliyana Mason Před 24 dny
can i dig dirt and put them in that
Sushma Sushma
Sushma Sushma Před 25 dny
Sir I am your biggest fan I am watching your channel since one year and decide to keep ants but this season I don not get any queen so can you me or send me the queen
Og Kush
Og Kush Před 25 dny
Has anyone just scooped up ants from there nest and put them in a jar or bucket
Ogochukwu Kelvin
Ogochukwu Kelvin Před 26 dny
Wow, how to keep ant hmmm
Ogochukwu Kelvin
Ogochukwu Kelvin Před 26 dny
Wow, how to keep ant hmmm
Letty Hanson
Letty Hanson Před 26 dny
How do i know when its 100 ants?
Raumschiff Ente
Raumschiff Ente Před 26 dny
can i keep them outside or just cool
ThatDudeInConer Před 26 dny
How often should i check my queen and her ants?
blustery-apple Před 25 dny
@ThatDudeInConer don't get the light on all the time just when you're going in
Snehal Akolkar
Snehal Akolkar Před 25 dny
@ThatDudeInConer Don't move her too much.Just see that she is not dead.
ThatDudeInConer Před 25 dny
Snehal Akolkar wouldn’t that get the queen nervous?
Snehal Akolkar
Snehal Akolkar Před 25 dny
You should check on them every 2-3 days.
blustery-apple Před 25 dny
I suggest having a nice Size Shed with lighting
Irish Thresher
Irish Thresher Před 27 dny
Mold killed 40 out of 50 sugar ants :(
Muhtadi shareef
Muhtadi shareef Před 27 dny
Still here
zina the blue wolf
zina the blue wolf Před 27 dny
In my place there is a lot fire ants
Jeongmin kim
Jeongmin kim Před 28 dny
antscanada is a million-er
Kate Dodds
Kate Dodds Před 28 dny
please help !! what do you do if there is mould in the test tube? How do you help without stressing the queen out?
Samasaurus123 Před 27 dny
Don’t worry: some mould on the cotton of the test rude happens naturally. The ants usually manage to get the water so you shouldn’t be too worried. If it’s really bad, just connect another test tube setup and the Queen will move when she feels like it’s the right time. Good luck! :)
Dagger 1
Dagger 1 Před 28 dny
How often would you feed your ants because I am planing to get a queen and start a colony but I don’t know how often I would have to feed them
blustery-apple Před 25 dny
I suggest daily try not to overfeed them and make sure the queen gets food
Ardrew Roque Juria
Ardrew Roque Juria Před 28 dny
I dont have money but i want to have a pet ants
Gustavo de Araujo
Gustavo de Araujo Před 29 dny
I have a question. I live in Brazil, and I want to grow a leaf cutter colony but I don't know if I can keep then in the tubes. Could someone answer me please?
Samasaurus123 Před 27 dny
If you’ve never had ants as pets before, maybe don’t start with them as it can get very complicated because if their mushroom gardens and big bioactive setups. Maybe go with a more chill species for now. Otherwise, there’s a video on AntsCanada’s channel talking about them in detail so you can just go and watch that
christopher lobato
christopher lobato Před 29 dny
I really like little black sugar ants.
Mark Rinehart
Mark Rinehart Před měsícem
I'm a truck driver what's a good colony for constant vibration
Stopmotion God1
Stopmotion God1 Před měsícem
if i didn’t already have bearded dragons my mom would never let me get feeder bugs
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor Před měsícem
I found a qeen and and it had wings
Julian’s Stop motion
Julian’s Stop motion Před měsícem
What if you don’t have a cold place for the ants in the winter.
Ryan Almojuela
Ryan Almojuela Před měsícem
I got my first queen ant to day at the backyard
Jiefan Huang
Jiefan Huang Před měsícem
Dustin Bishop
Dustin Bishop Před měsícem
Hey I don’t have anybody with ants yet in my area what do I do if I am really anxious and really want a queen and don’t want to catch on
ItsYT Před měsícem
You really need S.invicta
Sreeja.J Před měsícem
00:17 - 00:19 please tell me which ants are they??
Jhon Mheayeer Estares
Jhon Mheayeer Estares Před měsícem
12:14 and why am i here.
Kongol's Ants
Kongol's Ants Před měsícem
Oh, I so want to keep solenopsis geminata ( but in my country noone sell it(
Men i want kit so bad
Allen Ychiro K. Makalintal
Allen Ychiro K. Makalintal Před měsícem
Dis feels like proffesor oak explaining how to catch pokemon
Allen Ychiro K. Makalintal
Allen Ychiro K. Makalintal Před měsícem
Dis iss lvl 1 of world domination.. making colonies jkjk
You Eng
You Eng Před měsícem
I have see a nest on the wall Nia my house which is a nance hive yeah I found it and the Ant is really like a little bit redder than your ants
Martin Busono
Martin Busono Před měsícem
Antscanda i started my own ant colony but i only put a male ant and an ant with wings i think she got fetelized by him but i am not shore if the queen got fertelized i put a tiny amount of sand and when the male died i guessed the queen buryed him
DingoDango Před měsícem
Brodie Richardson
Brodie Richardson Před měsícem
A nupital flight is when male and female alates go to found colonies of there own.
Hugh Neutron
Hugh Neutron Před měsícem
2:35 so if I buy ants from another country aliens will come to earth and kill some trees, thanks.
Василий Бассарский
Василий Бассарский Před měsícem
I understand, why AC recomend to keep local ants, but when it comes to the northern countries... 90% of ants from my region require hybernation for like... 6 month. First, it isn't easy to provide such conditions for your colony, bc the temperature they really need is somewhat about 4-5 °, so it tooks like a part of your fridge, and you have no chans by just placing them on the balcony. More over, I bet, every keeper willing to watch his colony as much as he can, and not only for the half of the year. Besides, I think that pretty much tropical or Australian species won't survive Russian winter and die out in case if your colony will ran from formicarium. Thinking abut that facts, local ants could be an issue for warm countries, but not for north.
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone Před měsícem
I don't need to find queens. I have an ant colony right on my doorstep that periodically gives me queens
D. Muhammad
D. Muhammad Před měsícem
So I ran across this channel on CSposts and after watching the floating avatar terrarium video, am very interested in at some point starting my own colony! My question is for an experienced ant farmer. Would an ant farm/ cage surrounded by Venus fly traps outside the cage be a good idea since I hear Venus fly traps eat ants? I was think about doing this to naturally “police” the ants so to speak, so they would not roam around my house...Thank you!
RBBR Před měsícem
why does the music in an ant keeping tutorial hit so hard
Eli Hancock
Eli Hancock Před měsícem
love your videos, but some of the stuff you sell is way overpriced
Guts Před měsícem
i thought my ant will turn into aquarium
Ethan Benoit
Ethan Benoit Před měsícem
I’ve caught three queen ants and they never lay eggs. One of them I caught was matings. But they never lay😭
Ahmed Humeida
Ahmed Humeida Před 2 hodinami
Keep waiting Ethan. You need the right temperature. After you get a warm temp wait more and hopefully your queens wil, lay their first eggs
mxleya Před měsícem
Ahhhhhh! Help how do i get ants to get out of my room. Im not scared of ants because of your videos but this thing in my room is scary they're everywhere i dont even have sweets in my room, they're just under my bed and im terrified and theres this ant looking with a wing idk what it is, is it their queen? There are like so many of them what do i do. Should i keep it as pets? Im terrified and its red, orangy color? Hehe i dont know nothing about ants how do u keep them? Im amazed
RyansFakeName Před měsícem
I've always wondered: what about overpopulation? What if your colony gets too big?
LOLGAMIN playin Před měsícem
Ohhh... I want to get a abt farm but I don't have the money to buy it
Brlph duu
Brlph duu Před měsícem
Can I use the portal as a starting farm?
Polly Lewis
Polly Lewis Před měsícem
While watching this I got an ad for ant killer the ad people thought if this girl is watching ant videos she wants to kill them. I have two pet ant colonys.
Grace Pena
Grace Pena Před měsícem
the option 1 i mostly do it but they just die i did it 20 times and option 2 i can doit but they alsow died to
Liam Lewis Diesca
Liam Lewis Diesca Před měsícem
R u on canada?
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Před měsícem
So what would happen if you introduced two colonies of ants of the same species into an enclosure? They are the same species just different queens I assume they would be ok right? Or would I need multiple terrariums to keep multiple colonies of the same species
MumPlusOne Carter
MumPlusOne Carter Před měsícem
dear AC family where I live it takes about five months for the eggs to hatch, is it ok to feed the queen some sugar water in this time (I feel bad not doing so). I keep australian sugar ants by the way.
Jacob 880
Jacob 880 Před měsícem
I can not find a ant queen
levi powell
levi powell Před měsícem
"Start with whatever ants live around you" *me only seeing fire ants* ah yes, so it is agni kai
Shadowraptor07 Před měsícem
If I'm waiting for over 100 workers, I have a long wait ahead of me. I have Myrmecia Forficata
Rohan Swarts
Rohan Swarts Před měsícem
I like this channel Everyone using difficult words
Daisuke YAMAKAWA Před měsícem
Did anyone relize this person is mikey bustos my fav comedian singer
MAD Před měsícem
Ive been following you on my previous account since almost 2 years and I still find this video awesome! So I sub with this one too since google made things all linked together haha! Keep up the great work
Andr ew
Andr ew Před měsícem
I know this bug is not really that special but I have a pet rustic sphinx moth named phonex and I don't know what to feed him even tho imma be letting him go soon
LP Strummer
LP Strummer Před měsícem
LP Strummer
LP Strummer Před měsícem
omg thanks ants Cannada
Danielle Anne Nicole Rubo
Danielle Anne Nicole Rubo Před měsícem
I want to keep a ant colony beacus ther are some small colony that thont make it so when I cacsh a 👑 ant I wait till when ther workers are like 100+ so I can let them go to the wild
Brandon Caldera
Brandon Caldera Před měsícem
3:36 what kinds of ants are those?
Ahmed Humeida
Ahmed Humeida Před 2 hodinami
Those are fire ants
Ma. Leizl Gaboy
Ma. Leizl Gaboy Před měsícem
Thanks antscanada but i have a question. What ant species queen did i get, its full black and its workers have a brownish black head and abdomen and have reddish brown thorax?
Forest Ledvina
Forest Ledvina Před měsícem
Hi I always end up catching a bunch of queen ants but then all the test tubes start to get moldy and when I try to switch test tubes but then they just end up dying I need help please
Forest Ledvina
Forest Ledvina Před měsícem
Dane Rhyanne R. Mirabel yes I put a non heating lamp directly on the test tube and coverd the other test tube with some tin foil. They didn’t move.
Ijikari Terufumi
Ijikari Terufumi Před měsícem
I also made this mistake one time, I find it effective if you put a flashlight directly to them as ants get uncomfortable to light, don't place them on direct sunlight
GRAYRAPTOR13 ! Před měsícem
Possibly getting an ant colony so I’m watching this
Gernald Studios
Gernald Studios Před měsícem
I accidentally killed a queen ant thinking it was a regular bug.
ERIK PASQUALE 4A-2020 Před měsícem
Just don’t kill ants as the wild ants in my house can clean up lizard crap
Im a tree
Im a tree Před měsícem
Now that i know all this ama keep a spider
Red Master
Red Master Před měsícem
I have a question, the first time I started an ant colony I just grabbed a bunch from my backyard into a glass bottle with soil and some chicken flesh to feed them, then they started to grow up within a week... Pretty sure I didn't grab a queen, they were just workers or scouts I guess.
Red Master
Red Master Před měsícem
I forgot the question but it speaks for itself, how did it happen?
Pye Gaming
Pye Gaming Před 2 měsíci
I really want ants all because of this epic channel
Ryan Barber
Ryan Barber Před 2 měsíci
Canbi please get a lot for free
Seth Lahmann
Seth Lahmann Před 2 měsíci
hey ants canada i have been begging for you to get the gem wasp let me tell you what it is like first the gem wasp looks for a roach then if it gets one i will sting it twice one in the head and one in stomach then it will bite the the thing on the roachs head thos string things i know what they are i just dont know how to spell it but like i was saying it will drag the roach to its burrow and lay 2 eggs 2mm wide then the eggs will hatch feasting on the roach
Prince Andrew Perez
Prince Andrew Perez Před 2 měsíci
11 red ant queens died ;-;
Angsty T O A S T
Angsty T O A S T Před 2 měsíci
me : im only watching this to learn,not to get an ant colony minutes later me : MOM,CANIGETANANTCOLONY!!!!!!
Chanthy Tuon
Chanthy Tuon Před 2 měsíci
I wish I have pet ant but I afraid that my parents won't let me and I'm actually a 11 years old kid
Jacob Bauer
Jacob Bauer Před 2 měsíci
A nuptial flight is where the ants go up in the air and reproduce.
Fran Steyn
Fran Steyn Před 2 měsíci
a bit to late
Fran Steyn
Fran Steyn Před 2 měsíci
Answer to the AC question: Okay, nuptial flight is when male and female alates gather together, ready to fly into the sky to mate, after the mating process the males die and the queens drop to the ground, suddenly bothered by light, the queens dig a claustral cell. She begins her colony, and it grows into, well, a colony lol. I did this a bit late sorry for that
Evil Grimace
Evil Grimace Před 2 měsíci
i’ve gotten an alate stuck in my ear while biking and had to get it out with a q-tip. the ant died but that’s what it gets when it in invades my personal space!!!
Some Random Demon
Some Random Demon Před 2 měsíci
i dislike the 200 people that disliked this video
ritz diezmo
ritz diezmo Před 2 měsíci
The one who dislikes this is just Scared of ants
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