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Please help! I need your eyes to assist me in finding the queen ant of my massive fire ant colony, the Phoenix Empire. They're set to move into their large terrarium home very soon, but before that, I would love nothing more but to see the queen ant one more time. In past videos, subscribers have been able to spot the queen in an ant colony, despite me not being able to, so I hope someone can spot the queen this time! Happy ant watching, guys! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #FireAnts #QueenAnt #PhoenixEmpire
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AntsCanada Před 2 měsíci
Ok, guys! Although I wasn't able to find the queen (I hope one of you guys did!) I did manage to spot something pretty ground breaking/shocking if you know ants. Did any of you guys spot it?
Pug Boi
Pug Boi Před 25 dny
2:37 at the bottom
Rurul Sheikh
Rurul Sheikh Před měsícem
@Skii Lavega v
Kohama Miruhi
Kohama Miruhi Před 2 měsíci
I didn’t see any female alates without wings today. Can you help me with catching those sorts of ants?
Aiyana Breceda
Aiyana Breceda Před 2 měsíci
I think I did
Beefy Milliman
Beefy Milliman Před 2 měsíci
Ants Canada can you do an episode where you make a bigger enclosure for your Mexican Spider? Its tragic and abusive to see an animal in a container so small it cant move much.
yeet tube
yeet tube Před 14 hodinami
2:37 and 4:35 no wait 4:30 is the second time you can see the queen in the video
Ruby Monacar
Ruby Monacar Před 15 hodinami
Ant colony
Ruby Monacar
Ruby Monacar Před 15 hodinami
Super amazing
Casey Virata
Casey Virata Před 2 dny
#R i can’t see the queen ant
Casey Virata
Casey Virata Před 2 dny
#R e
Best Bros jo
Best Bros jo Před 3 dny
The Gamer
The Gamer Před 3 dny
Ants Canada:you can dose of I don’t find it offensive Everyone:Doses off
The Founder
The Founder Před 4 dny
To all: The Queen was not in the video, to all those who thought they saw her, those were all super majors. And for those who don’t know the size, The Queen is the biggest ant no matter what, Also The larger ants are Majors. The ones that got confused for the Queen were super majors, you know the bigger ones?
rexiel gellegan
rexiel gellegan Před 5 dny
well i think i spot one 1:27 time then the bottom not rlly at the botom little lower thats where i found the queen ant thank u
rexiel gellegan
rexiel gellegan Před 5 dny
i wish i could have gift if i have spot the queen cause im poor and i rlly love queen ant but i dont have one i dont even have a test tube
Minewayx Před 5 dny
I found her at 3:59. Look on the top right, you will see her head poking out. (her head was bigger than the major's and super major's heads)
David Karganilla
David Karganilla Před 7 dny
2:36 I wanna win this
MierenB Před 9 dny
on 2:10
kiven ants million
kiven ants million Před 14 dny
kiven ants million
kiven ants million Před 14 dny
I find
corgi fan :3
corgi fan :3 Před 15 dny
rest in peace to the fire nation its been 8 months * or 9 * since they passed
Jaden Matthias
Jaden Matthias Před 18 dny
10:19 top left
Esmeralda Bureros
Esmeralda Bureros Před 18 dny
I saw the queen at 2:25
Esmeralda Bureros
Esmeralda Bureros Před 18 dny
Lorenzo Morris
Lorenzo Morris Před 19 dny
8:3 or 7:59
Lorenzo Morris
Lorenzo Morris Před 19 dny
The Night wing predator
The Night wing predator Před 19 dny
Ants Canada: my ac tube macro camera Me: *MaCrO*
ericka prince
ericka prince Před 20 dny
5. 15
Legoboi609 Před 20 dny
3:59 right middle head poke out payed on 0.25 speed
Gabriel Kimball
Gabriel Kimball Před 21 dnem
chelsea curneal
chelsea curneal Před 22 dny
Samurai Blue
Samurai Blue Před 22 dny
2:28 there she is
Samurai Blue
Samurai Blue Před 22 dny
2:11 also really big fan and love you!
Dalis RATANA Před 23 dny
I think 3:48
Caleb Kyle Sorra
Caleb Kyle Sorra Před 24 dny
she's dead
LBOMB 747 Před 25 dny
2:11 found her lol
LBOMB 747 Před 25 dny
she popped out her head on the right side of the tube
LBOMB 747 Před 25 dny
jk 3:58
Silpadanai Aneksuwan
Silpadanai Aneksuwan Před 25 dny
I think I saw one 3:56 4:01 on the right
Raquel Masayes
Raquel Masayes Před 25 dny
I see it
Can Ay
Can Ay Před 26 dny
Which Fire ant sort are These ???
Hyma Reddy
Hyma Reddy Před 26 dny
7:34 to 7:38
Kat likez Gacha
Kat likez Gacha Před 27 dny
1:18 she lookin thicc 1:39 what a big gurl 2:11 ya just exposed yourself 2:24 whats that i see? 2:37 just marching with the gang 3:50 is that fatness or a baby?
Jarrel Asher Quejada
Jarrel Asher Quejada Před 27 dny
ggodgamer God
ggodgamer God Před 27 dny
Autumn Bonavita
Autumn Bonavita Před 28 dny
I seen the queen at 2:38
;_killing Twins_;
;_killing Twins_; Před 29 dny
I think the queen is not even there
wmuip2613 Před měsícem
Um there are people saying that it’s between 1:00 - 3:00 but that was BEFORE she was missing and they are saying how you can’t see her but it not true and I cloudn’t find her I tryed many times (sorry) :(
Stephen Asante
Stephen Asante Před měsícem
I saw her she was being spotted and guarded with many and with a large abdomen
eternal_psycho Před 28 dny
Stephen Asante timestamp?
kamella few
kamella few Před měsícem
I sold the queen😆
ALAN TAN Před měsícem
I watch this 30 times in a row but I did not see I will try to a hundred:/
Cody's Roblox Video's
Cody's Roblox Video's Před měsícem
9:36 The Queen is "Definitely" there.
Angelplayz! Před měsícem
2:36 lol if I did somehow accuracy get the time then ain't I lucky, I obviously couldn't have won cuz I was super late for this, but if I impossibly do I don't want the prize xD
Jiefan Huang
Jiefan Huang Před měsícem
Tina Shandy
Tina Shandy Před měsícem
Found her
Éire Mapper
Éire Mapper Před měsícem
this is very relaxing especially with tea :D
Ella Ralfe
Ella Ralfe Před měsícem
Form 2:37-2:38 that hopefully is where she is I’m just guessing
LightingGalaxyplayer Robloxayer
LightingGalaxyplayer Robloxayer Před měsícem
No wait I think 2:28 I hunk again😑
LightingGalaxyplayer Robloxayer
LightingGalaxyplayer Robloxayer Před měsícem
No wait 1:39 I think again
LightingGalaxyplayer Robloxayer
LightingGalaxyplayer Robloxayer Před měsícem
1:18i think
Motor home Dude
Motor home Dude Před měsícem
2:28 queen 👑 she has the 3 spots on her head
Mariana Vermaak
Mariana Vermaak Před měsícem
Molly the ticktocker
Molly the ticktocker Před měsícem
Janis Koncus
Janis Koncus Před měsícem
Its the Big won
Lance Morales
Lance Morales Před měsícem
Even tho we cant see the queen atleast try to see if there are still more ant eggs if you see if its subtracting the queen DIED if there are still lots of eggs then its alive
Debora Sirles
Debora Sirles Před měsícem
Hey if you come to my house you will be able to find a lot of ants here they are all everywhere so trust me they're everywhere and you can come and get themso just come and get them so you can get them because we kind of want to kill them because they're getting very annoying so a just try to come over and get these ants cuz I let you have them
Kade Kubitz
Kade Kubitz Před měsícem
BRO I FOUND HER AT 2:26 I win...
Ezra Wnuk
Ezra Wnuk Před měsícem
Corwin Paulson
Corwin Paulson Před měsícem
Corwin Paulson
Corwin Paulson Před měsícem
around 4:21-5:26
Alma Fuertes
Alma Fuertes Před měsícem
Sophialand!! Před měsícem
I don’t know I’m bad at this stuff and I don’t know what she looks like so I was looking for a big ant so I found one at 0:52
Sophialand!! Před měsícem
I rlly dk
Evangeline Rathbun
Evangeline Rathbun Před měsícem
"I need help seeing the queen" Me with glasses: *suprised pikachu face*
Paige's Minibeast Adventures
Paige's Minibeast Adventures Před měsícem
Omg I saw her!!! Btw I love your videos I'm kinda a big fan
Savlatjon Tulkunov
Savlatjon Tulkunov Před měsícem
The queen is right there how do you not see her
gaming with revelation
gaming with revelation Před měsícem
I'm in first place and I know what you pick tomorrow for your aunt's pick a titanium
gaming with revelation
gaming with revelation Před měsícem
I'm going to win
Gerret The Garter Snake
Gerret The Garter Snake Před měsícem
I think I spotted her around 8:15
Supreme Hunter
Supreme Hunter Před měsícem
5:10 one of the super major fell if no one saw
Lu Noc
Lu Noc Před měsícem
Yo today i look at the ground and i saw a queen ant running around and she been attacked by the workers did you guys know what is going on ?
Coding For Kids
Coding For Kids Před měsícem
2:25 There it is!
James Plays
James Plays Před měsícem
I think I saw the queen ant wiz around 8:40 to 8:60 she (or he if not yet queen) was larger and darker Edit I know I'm a bit late to this
Arely Loop
Arely Loop Před měsícem
Plot Twist: the queen was no where to be found he just wanted us to watch the full video( just a joke)
Pumpkin Před měsícem
Beginning: 00:00 Ending: 15:19 I hope I brightened your miserable life
Naomi Millin
Naomi Millin Před měsícem
Aylen Rollo
Aylen Rollo Před měsícem
Aylen Rollo
Aylen Rollo Před měsícem
Aylen Rollo
Aylen Rollo Před měsícem
Renton Thunder
Renton Thunder Před měsícem
The Empress is simply self isolating during the pandemic
Renton Thunder
Renton Thunder Před měsícem
I kinda want to see the ants eat a hotdog
Roblox noob to pro Lol
Roblox noob to pro Lol Před měsícem
I saw 5 super big ants and I can’t tell if one of them is the queen
Kayla ghostbusters gacha
Kayla ghostbusters gacha Před měsícem
1:18 there
Raeka Frances Apego
Raeka Frances Apego Před měsícem
Somewhere 7:50-8:10
Alexs World
Alexs World Před měsícem
4:16 I think
katloverKATZrBEST Před měsícem
at 4:15 I saw her head use 0.5 speed right cornerish 99.9 percent sure
katloverKATZrBEST Před měsícem
At 2:37 I saw her
Sibusiso Tshego
Sibusiso Tshego Před měsícem
tiana rpirini
tiana rpirini Před měsícem
3:57? I really don't know I got confused whether she just poked her head out or if it was just a super major...
Wesley Christensen
Wesley Christensen Před měsícem
I think it’s at 3:57 right side
Ka Zenner
Ka Zenner Před měsícem
I found it in 1:17 but something tells me I need to find her further in the video too 😂😢😂😢😂
irene xiong
irene xiong Před měsícem
3:05 i think there is part of the queens adomen
Ostebro 360
Ostebro 360 Před měsícem
It's 3:57
Santha Varghese
Santha Varghese Před měsícem
I spotted the queen it went right
Carlose Micguget
Carlose Micguget Před měsícem
Pillo Flores
Pillo Flores Před měsícem
dark queen
dark queen Před měsícem
Id say 3:12 to 3:17
Tabby&Tiger Před měsícem
2:12 boom right there lol
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