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To kick off the new year and new decade of 2020, due to popular request, this video is a complete ant and pet room tour which contains a plethora of ant colonies, other insects, tarantulas, reptiles, amphibians, birds, terrariums, fish, and more! I even cover some pets that you may not know about yet, as I've never yet shared them on the channel, as well as update you on ant colonies and/or pets that have sadly passed away. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #Ants #Animals #Pets

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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Video Editors/DOP Heinrich Domingo, JM Grande
Executive Producer RJ Garcia

Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in this video. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints: www.alexanderwild.com

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AntsCanada Před 9 měsíci
Happy New Year & New Decade, AC Family! OK, guys this video is a full sweep of all my ant kingdoms, beasts, and miniature worlds. Hope you guys enjoy the video. If you did I'd appreciate it a lot if you could hit LIKE, SHARE the video, and SUBSCRIBE (hit BELL and hit ALL). So let me know your full pet lists!
VIJAY SHUKLA Před 11 hodinami
I have seen but talk about it
VIJAY SHUKLA Před 11 hodinami
I am your biggest fan I have watched lots of shows and had lots of posters
VIJAY SHUKLA Před 11 hodinami
Happy new year
VIJAY SHUKLA Před 11 hodinami
Can you give me a animal
Jess Jaramillo
Jess Jaramillo Před 2 dny
I don’t have pets though but I Guess thanks for it!
Real Random Content
Real Random Content Před dnem
Who's your favorite pet?? mine is the Bobbleheads
Real Random Content
Real Random Content Před dnem
Rest in Peace Fire Nation.
SummerOpal Před dnem
I was in a car accident and landed in a fire ant colony while unconscious, had over 150 bites and still have scars. Your channel however has made me an ant lover :)
Preston Ford
Preston Ford Před 2 dny
Phenix empire for ever
Mr SpinachGames
Mr SpinachGames Před 2 dny
I had a dog
Maliani Bawitlung
Maliani Bawitlung Před 3 dny
6:25 YES!!!
Mckmaster08 Před 3 dny
He starts the vid saying a whole new page, us now: can we go back to 2019
Brendan Smeltzer
Brendan Smeltzer Před 4 dny
Here's a good show idea One faithful day in the antiverse the fire nation broke out of their tank and is now reeking havoc on the entirety of the antiverse.all the other kingdoms and races formed a alliance of thousands apon thousands of animals to stop the evil fire nation.the battle for the antiverse has truly begun. Cue show intro
bro hamster ar 2
bro hamster ar 2 Před 4 dny
Name her chiken
Hope Bryant
Hope Bryant Před 5 dny
Me and your chicken have the same name 👀
IchibaraYT Před 6 dny
Me when I start to watch ants canada. Settings: 1080p uhd
Mjakobster YT
Mjakobster YT Před 6 dny
This new page is like pandora's box
Brian Evans
Brian Evans Před 6 dny
Brother, I absolutely love how passionate you are with all animals and biology, like myself. I've just discovered your channel and have been binge watching all day. Subscribe icon smashed. Thank you for these AMAZING videos.
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake Před 8 dny
AntsaCanada and ExoticLairs are, or should be great friends 🐜
Kitten Gaming
Kitten Gaming Před 8 dny
Me; *watches this in oct* AntsCanada: 2020 Is a new slate! Me: you poor soul
Lana Quinlan
Lana Quinlan Před 8 dny
ants Canada be like: 2020 gonna be a great year! me: yeah about that...
miguel Rey
miguel Rey Před 9 dny
I think the red bugs are clover mites
Wandering Souls
Wandering Souls Před 9 dny
You have many bugs
Christopher Yacoub
Christopher Yacoub Před 10 dny
You should set up live cams that we would have access to so we can see them like you do
Krystal Bauer
Krystal Bauer Před 11 dny
Exotics lair: wow nice T Antscanada: thanks Exotics lair: gimme that T Antscanada: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh no Exotics lair: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Antscanada: cause she’s mine that’s why Exotics lair:😑
tonytheoneandonly Před 12 dny
So does this mean that you did end up (accidentally bus still) successfully creating a vivarium with multiple ant colonies now that the free roam ants and the weaver ants seem to be living mutualistically?
Antland RON _
Antland RON _ Před 12 dny
5:02 so many queen ants
kiven ants million
kiven ants million Před 13 dny
Love nature
Alice NAG
Alice NAG Před 13 dny
Luv rickarrd
Luv rickarrd Před 14 dny
Little did he know😢😢😭 R.I.P fire nation 🙏🏻🙏🏻🔥
cornish lass
cornish lass Před 15 dny
Try I can't wait for golden empire
Ray Chen
Ray Chen Před 16 dny
I do have a pair of araipama gigas which turns 4 years old now..Length roughly 6 ft and big eater...I need to feed them every alternate day with 4 to 5 pomfret fish as their meal. I do love this kind of fish as during the night, their scale will change colour..My species does change their scale to Ruby red...
you should get some velvet ants
Emma Nikula
Emma Nikula Před 16 dny
The golden empire! 😭
Sawyer Draxten
Sawyer Draxten Před 22 dny
2020 is definitely a new year with covid
Quotes1996 Před 23 dny
Never in my life I thought I would be into this 😂😂 yoooo shout out ac family
Joelle Grr
Joelle Grr Před 23 dny
How does he have space for all these creatures
nicola liebenberg
nicola liebenberg Před 23 dny
Will you show a update on the bobble heads
Tiny Paws#hamsters
Tiny Paws#hamsters Před 23 dny
What if you started a peacock spider family
Amputee Adventures
Amputee Adventures Před 23 dny
will you own a bullet ant colony???
Avy Před 20 dny
vincent pro
vincent pro Před 24 dny
well its covid 19
Ttrr Yttrr
Ttrr Yttrr Před 24 dny
Rip azalea
Turtle Gator
Turtle Gator Před 25 dny
Name the fireleg Australia. Jk. Also that kritter keeper is way too small for it. A five gallon is antique
R McW Před 26 dny
african dwarf frog
Kevin Před 26 dny
3:48 idk why but I just gas that and thought of komunga
Sherie Před 27 dny
Serengeti Gunawan
Serengeti Gunawan Před 28 dny
Chicken1,turtle3,pigeons2,many fish,frogs2,3or4 and arachnids
Paulo Dela Cruz
Paulo Dela Cruz Před 28 dny
I have my dog panda with her puppies destiny and courage and my fishes 2 goldfish and 5 koi
Fish On Land
Fish On Land Před 28 dny
The beginning of 2020 was so cheerful, reminiscing about it is so sad Little did the AC family know that many of the pets would be gone in the coming months...
Bella's Pack
Bella's Pack Před 28 dny
AC: so grab some popcorn.. Me: proceeds to ask mother for popcorn Spoiler alert: she said no so I grabbed my secret raisns
it's me Aurora
it's me Aurora Před 29 dny
Rip Fire Nation 😔
CsNo Před 29 dny
He should make a GAINT enclosure and put all his animals in there like a forest
Gîøvåññîšūpër Fîgô
Gîøvåññîšūpër Fîgô Před 29 dny
Your macaw?
GachaDemon Před 29 dny
Btw 2020 SUCKSS
Ants canada: happy new year 2020:hahaha fire nation gets ded,war scare,karens,corona virus "hmm whats next"
Denice R
Denice R Před 29 dny
fireleg tarantula:sigh*why dosnt anybody notice me:c SO THATS HOW ITS GONNA GO PPL U LIKE THE ANT BUT DONT KNOW ABOUT ME?!?! sigh*
Kay Hong Ng
Kay Hong Ng Před 29 dny
3 goldfish,one cat and camponotus
Cael Anderson
Cael Anderson Před 29 dny
Got a pesticide ad while watching...
Katie Roberts
Katie Roberts Před měsícem
If you only knew the torture this year would be
Alicia Kay
Alicia Kay Před měsícem
You’re the best! I love you 😭 your voice helps me fall asleep at night lol
Peter van Duinen
Peter van Duinen Před měsícem
You should name one of your spiders Aragog (from Harry Potter)
Crys Rose
Crys Rose Před měsícem
Late to the party... We've gotta zoo too! Can't imagine a home without a list of animals. Right now we've got 4 birds, 2 dogs, fresh and salt fish, a tortoise and 2 small lizards.
Paul Lau
Paul Lau Před měsícem
Someone tell me y the tarantula babies in the water?
Victoria Yvonne Smith
Victoria Yvonne Smith Před měsícem
I personally have a rescue leopard gecko female named Willow and a senior rescue tabby female named Melody (in my pic). I hope to keep ants one day when we have substantially more money coming in.
BronzePhantom Gaming
BronzePhantom Gaming Před měsícem
Love this! I’ve always wanted an ant farm, but for now I stick with my aquascapes
Deven440 Před měsícem
I'm getting an axolotl pretty soon I'm gonna try to spoil it lol
John Christopher Faildon
John Christopher Faildon Před měsícem
I have 1. Two lovebirds 2. 7 Fishes 3. Three dogs
Piggy-Bubba2020 Před měsícem
Epicgamer 21
Epicgamer 21 Před měsícem
This is the worst new page
Marekiusz Kaszanka
Marekiusz Kaszanka Před měsícem
I have 2 crested geckos called chester and lexi
Daniel Před měsícem
I have 2 cats, 2 axolotls, 3 hamsters and 6 fish tanks and I can barely keep up with my daily maintenance I wish I had helpers!
chancho huligancho
chancho huligancho Před měsícem
Antscanada "I am afraid that the free roam ants are lost." Viewer " hmph." Antscanada "They have moved into the palace of mounds!" Viewer " . . . . ." Antscanada "The palace of mounds is invaded by the Tombrobbers!" Viewer "Poor Terminators!" Antscanada "hey, let us move the soil for Vortecia! . . . Free roam ants are in Vortecia!" Viewer " *Sense of happiness* Oh good!"
CreeperWosTaken Před měsícem
R.I.P. Fire Nation.
Widdershinnz Před měsícem
You must go through so much windex man! 😆
M G Před měsícem
Starts with “fresh new decade”, releases emotional video months later
Bestofallderp Před měsícem
Bruh this dude gots a PHROG
Beth Conklin
Beth Conklin Před měsícem
Hello AntsCanada! I love your videos SO MUCH! :D
FireFuzion // JD
FireFuzion // JD Před měsícem
He literally has a exotic zoo in a house
AJ E Před měsícem
It took him 8 month to buy a Betta that he had promised
Gabi Fri
Gabi Fri Před měsícem
4:55 The fire nation May rest In Peace 🙏
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great Před měsícem
3 dogs. Owned by my whole family 1 hedgehog. Owned by my older brother and. And some egg laying chickens. In our backyard
Hssg Ha
Hssg Ha Před měsícem
Rip fire nation
Iron wolf
Iron wolf Před měsícem
I love your content please do Australian sugar ants. There supermajors grow to just under an inch
Death order Smith
Death order Smith Před měsícem
Green bottle blues are gorgeous , used to own one 15 years ago.
Cohen vanB
Cohen vanB Před měsícem
I just have a few New Zealand 🇳🇿 praying mantises as my pets.
Fun Sjin Liha
Fun Sjin Liha Před měsícem
The orange like red animal is an orange isopod
fun time no crime
fun time no crime Před měsícem
Hi make a huge chamber for a Europa fire ants colony where there are like butter flyers, and other insects also if you can add some big animals like rats and stuff
I’ve got nothing to write but this
I’ve got nothing to write but this Před měsícem
2020 was really gonna be a fresh page
Severe FLIPPER Před měsícem
Call the her azula
Enoch Kim
Enoch Kim Před měsícem
Franky Costa
Franky Costa Před měsícem
I have a vinegaroon, matis, dog, afican cichiald, pleco,babbo shrimp, and hillstream loaches.
Matthew Rhodie
Matthew Rhodie Před měsícem
LittleWolf 11
LittleWolf 11 Před měsícem
Bye bye 2019, hello hell
no stop it
no stop it Před měsícem
Aaaaye i have an african grey
Jay F
Jay F Před měsícem
Get more termites
Kenjie Ronatay
Kenjie Ronatay Před měsícem
Subscribed after seeing the GBB 🥰🥰🥰
chancho huligancho
chancho huligancho Před měsícem
HOPE looked very cute
Tyler Tomlinson
Tyler Tomlinson Před měsícem
This as a good channel and I well watch this for another year.
Steven Avina
Steven Avina Před měsícem
Fire goddess
spoopy copper broadsword
spoopy copper broadsword Před měsícem
sad that the fire nation is dead
Boris Cranktion
Boris Cranktion Před měsícem
The Mexican fire leg should be called calabaza it’s Spanish for pumpkin
ZIGGI 776 Před měsícem
Titan Před měsícem
RIP fire nation 😭😭😭😭
Skyro Seal mon
Skyro Seal mon Před měsícem
Love the channel 🙂and can you breed bees?
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