FIRE ANTS vs. COCKROACHES | Is this ethical?

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Fire ants vs. Cockroaches: This week, I decided to construct a self-feeding system that allowed a colony of young cockroaches to safely survive and breed, while also providing my pet fire ant colony (the Phoenix Empire) with a perpetuating food source. Come check out the Shelfordella Temple Grounds, the newest addition to the Phoenix Empire's ant farm setup, The City of Ashes, and watch what happens when I put this new self-feeding system to work. In the end, I ask you to vote on whether or not Shelfordella should remain a permanent installment to the City of Ashes. Hope you enjoy this week's episode. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #FireAnts #Cockroaches
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AntsCanada Před 5 měsíci
Greetings, ant lovers! Thanks so much for watching! So what do you think of this new feeding system? Yay or nay? Let me know your thoughts, cause I'm pretty half-half on it atm. Also, hope you can remember to give the video a THUMBS UP, SHARE it with your friends, and SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL and select ALL for Notifications Squad) if you enjoyed today's episode. It was super hard to film, make, and witness! Hope you enjoyed this week's episode. Ant love forever!
Evansepiticeye Před 6 dny
joseph siva
joseph siva Před 8 dny
Name them "the roaches"
Faith Defender
Faith Defender Před měsícem
I mean they are food for ants. They've been given a good life.
Charlie Knight
Charlie Knight Před 2 měsíci
Roach City
Ashley Yong
Ashley Yong Před 4 měsíci
@MaleOrderBride How rude he is trying his best and you just came and insulted him *Hmph*
Roger Rice
Roger Rice Před hodinou
Roach lives don't matter kill them all as horrible as possible make them pay 😁
Roger Rice
Roger Rice Před hodinou
You need to toucher more roaches please 🙏
Joyce chakchhuak
Joyce chakchhuak Před 3 hodinami
I have a pet ant too but it is black ant
Boystan Toytle
Boystan Toytle Před 12 hodinami
It’s ethical
will Green
will Green Před dnem
La cucaracha city
Diane Maddison
Diane Maddison Před 2 dny
Andrew Rodmell
Andrew Rodmell Před 2 dny
Roche kingdom
ashima mehta
ashima mehta Před 2 dny
lets call the roaches satans offering
Alexander Zhurkevich
Alexander Zhurkevich Před 2 dny
Name: Detroit
Camden Manning
Camden Manning Před 4 dny
This is actually sad
Tibaa Před 4 dny
The system is balanced keep it
Tibaa Před 4 dny
It's all fun and games until he has a family reunion and one of the kids think the ants and roaches are action figures
Luke Delwiche
Luke Delwiche Před 4 dny
Luke Delwiche
Luke Delwiche Před 4 dny
Luke Delwiche
Luke Delwiche Před 4 dny
Ricky Tyson
Ricky Tyson Před 5 dny
I was gonna subscribe till he asked; is this ethical?....its nature
Evansepiticeye Před 6 dny
I love this idea
diz0973ify Před 6 dny
Let the ants ; kill em all
Uzo Design
Uzo Design Před 6 dny
Wow! Who collects Ants?
Uzo Design
Uzo Design Před 6 dny
Lol, the commentary on this was top notch. Shelfordella materalis.
Emjay Da Kidd
Emjay Da Kidd Před 7 dny
Roachville!!!! Lol
Killer Android
Killer Android Před 7 dny
Tbh I would hide in one of the carcasses. Sure it’s smelly, but it’s better than having lunch. WITH the fire ants.
Eyes Wide Open
Eyes Wide Open Před 7 dny
joseph siva
joseph siva Před 8 dny
Also pls play roblox cause there is a ant simulator
joseph siva
joseph siva Před 8 dny
I hate cockroaches
Nightmare Před 8 dny
AntsCanada: there’s quite a lot of them, so I’ll just place them in. AntsCanada: and now I will carefully shake them off *Extreme and brutally fast shaking and smashing the egg carton into the wall several times*
Adrian Galindo
Adrian Galindo Před 9 dny
"if you like cockroaches like me..." Didn't know that was a thing
Steven Sosa
Steven Sosa Před 9 dny
Ya but make the roach house bigger so you can feed the tarantulas and also make it timed. Love the video by the way
Jay Cee
Jay Cee Před 9 dny
“Watching them walk over past meals like this intimidates me greatly” *me holding a bucket of water* Intimidate huh? edit: I don’t mean this in any negative or harmful way, I think his little ant colony is pretty freaking cool
TheCasualJackass Před 10 dny
Seems ethical enough to me. You'll still probably need to feed the roaches and make sure there's enough to feed the ants.
Dennin Anderson
Dennin Anderson Před 10 dny
No it’s just unfair
Dennin Anderson
Dennin Anderson Před 10 dny
Oh sure a “natural thing it isn’t natural normally there’s only at most 5 ants vs 1 roach you’re just a prick
Dennin Anderson
Dennin Anderson Před 10 dny
Nay it’s just sad to watch a hunter hunt something that didn’t have prey able to defend its cruel just nay man
War Ghost squad
War Ghost squad Před 10 dny
like what gordan Ramsay says RAW!
Kim Collins
Kim Collins Před 10 dny
Not sure if the baby roaches are capable of breeding. May need some adults
French Lo Mein
French Lo Mein Před 11 dny
This setup is fair and ethical
Quacy Sampson
Quacy Sampson Před 11 dny
I never thought I'd see the day when i truly feel the enthusiasm of an ant lover lol.
rose d
rose d Před 11 dny
This is a pretty nice set up.
Patrick Quinn
Patrick Quinn Před 11 dny
Being Ethical is a stupid question. It's bad ass. Brutal but still functional. Just don't leave it open 24/7
Patrick Quinn
Patrick Quinn Před 11 dny
Just plug it up after a little while and then open again later
David Vazquez Gomez
David Vazquez Gomez Před 11 dny
3:20 Mmh. If I were an insect and must hide from an ant colony? I wouldn't hide but just be like this in my mind: *All teammates are down! You're the only one standing!* Me: Time to reap-elle all the fire away.
dat_man _is_cool
dat_man _is_cool Před 12 dny
*im fast as fu-*
John Coffey
John Coffey Před 12 dny
Ants have 7,000 neurons in their brains, compared to 86 billion for humans. I can’t imagine cockroaches being much better.
Deuante Kelly
Deuante Kelly Před 12 dny
Is it ethical if I stomp on a roach
Isaac Moreno
Isaac Moreno Před 13 dny
The land of desert
Michael Tischuk
Michael Tischuk Před 13 dny
I step on roaches all the time, I have no bad feelings about the ethics of this exercise.
Von Hellsing
Von Hellsing Před 14 dny
7:30 play the Benny Hill theme in the background, I dare you not to laugh, as the roach runs away.
cristy alvarez
cristy alvarez Před 14 dny
asdfghjkl;' 4554 ';lkjhgfdsasAasdfghjkl;' 4
Rex Dash
Rex Dash Před 15 dny
Waiting for part 2 like "Fire Ants vs. Cockroaches 2: Roaches Revolution"
Jameson Prior
Jameson Prior Před 15 dny
Okay but... Promised Neverland?
danny donaldson
danny donaldson Před 15 dny
Caca haven ??
penut Před 15 dny
cockroach empire
Insert Unique
Insert Unique Před 15 dny
Ethics don't apply to the enemy.
Boboy Blesoch
Boboy Blesoch Před 15 dny
Its ethical
TonyL Playz
TonyL Playz Před 16 dny
A roach bloody massacre:) The ants against them :)))))))))))))))
trammel johnson
trammel johnson Před 16 dny
👍🏾great hypothesis
Ramzo Calrissian
Ramzo Calrissian Před 17 dny
I vote keep going, what happens!?!?!
Sopounerit Sa
Sopounerit Sa Před 17 dny
7::30 the roach was like Naww let me call my homie lol and I thought that roaches can stick any way
clarisa jimenez
clarisa jimenez Před 17 dny
I feel like need a tool that
clarisa jimenez
clarisa jimenez Před 17 dny
Oh god he got sting I will not do that
Ajax Ashford
Ajax Ashford Před 18 dny
It works. Your God now. Lol
Zoe Chin
Zoe Chin Před 18 dny
Cockroach heaven
No Body
No Body Před 19 dny
This reminds me of the Time Machine book.
B H Před 19 dny
Update please
Crystal Allison
Crystal Allison Před 19 dny
I can't stand it but I can't stop watching it!
SkilledNoob456 Před 19 dny
Cockroaches: get half of their colony killed by ants AntsCanada at the end of the vid: Perfectly balanced, as all things should be
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson Před 20 dny
Why does he keep fire ants out of all ant species?
riley hemby
riley hemby Před 20 dny
roach paridise
The Dragon Bloom
The Dragon Bloom Před 20 dny
Nature is a perfect system. All death leads to more life and all life must eventually die. Attaching emotion to anything is where humanity goes wrong and upsets the system.
シWolfシ Před 20 dny
The shelfordella city
410 Dmack
410 Dmack Před 20 dny
So what happens when the ants start building upward to reach those holes ( if he doesn't catch it in time) 🤔
Zαηε Před 20 dny
What if taruntula vs Hell's kitchen?
Zαηε Před 20 dny
Wow this become darker ._.
Abis Vlogs
Abis Vlogs Před 20 dny
I say there name should be crawly colony
Anime God
Anime God Před 20 dny
Try to drop 1 fire ant in cockroach colony
Faiz Gabriel Alfarisi
Faiz Gabriel Alfarisi Před 20 dny
the temple dwellers
Aang An
Aang An Před 21 dnem
Why so much drama?
Shaggy Greybear
Shaggy Greybear Před 22 dny
Insects. Morality and ethics don't have anything to do with it at all
E C Před 22 dny
How dare you endear me to cockroachesD: How am I supposed to kill them next time i see one??
Among You
Among You Před 22 dny
This is so sad #RipRoaches
Sherwood Dudley
Sherwood Dudley Před 22 dny
This is just nature being conducted. It all works
Darth Fader
Darth Fader Před 22 dny
You forget that Roaches are not smart at all.....
Isaiah Jevon
Isaiah Jevon Před 23 dny
I love this so much when I grow up ima do this
Isaiah Jevon
Isaiah Jevon Před 23 dny
City of Canada
Rival_Lucid Před 23 dny
anyones skin crawling while watching?
Fizazle Bedazzled
Fizazle Bedazzled Před 23 dny
Aaaah thank you ! Now I know what to get if I ever get a roach infestation loooool I freaken hate roaches
J Sizzle2
J Sizzle2 Před 24 dny
The only issue i see is that once the roaches land in ‘Hells Kitchen’ there is no escape. In nature, the roaches may not be trapped like that and have an actual chance to escape being killed
DaniLikesMilk Před 24 dny
5:33 even though I hate cockroaches, they look so cute when they're in the temple! Look at it!
Shreyadita Shekar
Shreyadita Shekar Před 25 dny
Corachroch fire
Chloe Loo
Chloe Loo Před 25 dny
It doesn't just get intense... It gets disgustingly cool
Kenny Washington
Kenny Washington Před 25 dny
Wilhem Walt Xander Egoy
Wilhem Walt Xander Egoy Před 25 dny
The Coromits Temple
Duzfluz Před 25 dny
I don't like roaches but I kinda feel bad for them
Andres Andres
Andres Andres Před 26 dny
Of course this Is ethical
Joshua Garay
Joshua Garay Před 26 dny
So whatever happened to this set up? Did they all get eaten ?!
Rafael Pineda
Rafael Pineda Před 26 dny
Roch army
Project 101
Project 101 Před 27 dny
Unlimited food source. Hell ya
Fact Checker Channel
Fact Checker Channel Před 27 dny
This aunt farmer has waaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much time on his hands.
Ayla Playz Roblox
Ayla Playz Roblox Před 27 dny
I always fed my ants sugar they like it :3 (black ant)
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