Fire Ants Take on a Swarm of Maggots | WARNING: Extremely Gross Footage (Halloween Special Pt. 1)

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Fire Ants vs. Maggots: What happens when a swarm of seething maggots take over a turkey carcass that a colony of fire ants (The Fire Nation) have been working on? Well, this is truly one of the grossest videos I've ever had to film on this channel, and as a scoleciphobe (fear of worms), there were points of screaming! But in the end, it made for a very interesting and educational video about one of the most important processes of nature. Hope you enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #FireAnts #Maggots #Halloween
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This is by far the GROSSEST video ever made for this channel, but in weird way it ended with enlightenment! AC Family, if you enjoyed this video hope you can remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE (hit the bell for Notifications Squad). I'd truly appreciate it! So about the Dark Knights... 😭🐜
Theodore Lee
Theodore Lee Před 5 dny
You can say that again
zero valon
zero valon Před 6 dny
My repulsion for maggots comes from a dead gopher and garbage can. I'm sure everyone can fill in the rest. Because the maggots sure did. 🤯😱
William Johnson
William Johnson Před 23 dny
Thank you for facing your fears just for us. That sacrifice is not lost on us. Stay strong and live long ACU
Martin Borces
Martin Borces Před 29 dny
im new on this channel but i love it!! why!!??
Josiah Wilkins
Josiah Wilkins Před měsícem
{Iroh's Soldier boy} yep
Robert Chew
Robert Chew Před 2 hodinami
I hate flys!!!!!!!!! Kill flys!!!
Sam David Rosell
Sam David Rosell Před 2 hodinami
Clean the turkey head and throw it
Wolfpack Potato
Wolfpack Potato Před 11 hodinami
I think im gonna throw u-
Patrick O'connor
Patrick O'connor Před 13 hodinami
Marcel Mapa
Marcel Mapa Před dnem
I do fishing for sport and those maggots are very Very good bait for smaller fish. But I myself have a huge fear of spiders. So I guess we are all the same in this way
Infinite Lex
Infinite Lex Před 2 dny
Okello Akuei
Okello Akuei Před 2 dny
Leave it the ants will eat the eggs
Nona Selasa
Nona Selasa Před 2 dny
I was looking for "enchilada recipes" and this was one of the search results. Now I can never ever eat enchiladas without some disgusting images in my head. RIP enchilada
dat brando voku nohom
dat brando voku nohom Před 2 dny
If you somehow make a mantis ant hybrid they will devour the maggots
Kill them ants
Claribel Centeno
Claribel Centeno Před 4 dny
Antscanada:aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Me:are you a girl
Claribel Centeno
Claribel Centeno Před 4 dny
Antscanata:gross ewww Me:*vomit*
Ciphix StudiosYT
Ciphix StudiosYT Před 4 dny
Get a gas mask
Blooberri Před 4 dny
Congratulations on your Streamy nomination! I realize this is an older video, but I’m a fairly new subscriber and am slowly watching your archive of videos. I really love your channel. I can tell you really have a passion for ants and really have a very educational channel. I also really enjoy your narration. I think you are very pleasant to listen to speak, which adds so much to the enjoyment of the videos as well. I have learned so much since watching your videos! Keep up the great work. I look forward to watching them all.
namenot taken
namenot taken Před 5 dny
I don’t think I’m going to get meat again
Justin Bai
Justin Bai Před 5 dny
I have arachnophobia
George Ruffrage
George Ruffrage Před 6 dny
This guys pretty annoying
Kara Carpenter
Kara Carpenter Před 6 dny
Sylvia Scott-James
Sylvia Scott-James Před 6 dny
Let the ants kill the fly
Sylvia Scott-James
Sylvia Scott-James Před 6 dny
Let the ant kill the flg
Mew Yasss
Mew Yasss Před 6 dny
thanks for giving everyone nightmares
Iron PUPPET Před 6 dny
I hate caterpillars and I hate butterflies.. Long story short: they should have asked before coming in
user Vid
user Vid Před 6 dny
Normal people: ant worker Me: ant *SLAVE* Edit : thanks for 0 Like
Icytaze Před 7 dny
I’m literally watching this while eating.not gonna lie but when I watch these videos I get uncomfortable
Kaoutar Spalburg
Kaoutar Spalburg Před 7 dny
STX lucas
STX lucas Před 7 dny
Aizada Roessler
Aizada Roessler Před 7 dny
Excuse me everyone, just give me a minute, I need to throw up...
Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson Před 7 dny
this is cool but gross
Steven Sosa
Steven Sosa Před 8 dny
I would have gave it to the roaches ants and all
Alan Luke
Alan Luke Před 8 dny
Blàck&whitè Gaming
Blàck&whitè Gaming Před 8 dny
I want to join but i don't have money hehe
Let's Play
Let's Play Před 8 dny
he makes the video so interesting
The man behind the darkness
The man behind the darkness Před 8 dny
In the past I have a maggots under in my bed and it was disguting
AFLAC Duck Před 10 dny
How is there no mold
Ahzaya Mackie
Ahzaya Mackie Před 10 dny
I hate worm's and maggots
Reuben Tan
Reuben Tan Před 10 dny
Owen is here
Owen is here Před 11 dny
Not only is this guy a master at making science fun, he's an expert at philosophy and outtros.
lol3 best
lol3 best Před 11 dny
Konor's vlog channel
Konor's vlog channel Před 12 dny
yeah descusting
Ãri Çhan is the best
Ãri Çhan is the best Před 13 dny
Me:Eating while watching this Me:Ok
Tamaki Morgan
Tamaki Morgan Před 13 dny
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen Před 14 dny
Imagine the turkey head being your head
Mcjibbin Před 14 dny
Ads can suck my *******
nurin zainal
nurin zainal Před 14 dny
i was fine watching the video at the first few mins until he show the worms
moster siyomay
moster siyomay Před 14 dny
r. i. p fire kingdom
flagellaman400 1
flagellaman400 1 Před 14 dny
Baby Před 14 dny
This made me very itchy
Shelby Flores
Shelby Flores Před 14 dny
Anybody else feel ants on them or feeling uncomfortable while watching this video?
Ron Hobyak
Ron Hobyak Před 15 dny
Joshy B
Joshy B Před 15 dny
Wow that’s cool
trammel johnson
trammel johnson Před 15 dny
Leave it
Enrique Xochtitlan Vuqal
Enrique Xochtitlan Vuqal Před 15 dny
Hmm, let’s watch a video! *sees maggots in a hole* *realizes i have trypophobia* REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
mohammed ali 47
mohammed ali 47 Před 15 dny
wtf man eww
Aj Bewley
Aj Bewley Před 16 dny
2:03 “my condom”
Mark Sanders
Mark Sanders Před 16 dny
Rise of the maggots of fuego (rated R)
Roblox gaming
Roblox gaming Před 16 dny
Omg-gags-this-gags-is-gag-so-gag-GROSS-gag-I’M SO GROSSED OUT-gags-
Roblox gaming
Roblox gaming Před 16 dny
Kristall Před 16 dny
Fun fact: You are only born with two fears. Falling and loud sounds. The rest are learned.
Angel Kitsune FNAF Aftons
Angel Kitsune FNAF Aftons Před 17 dny
When you screamed at 11:03 it sounded like a camel O.o also the maggots are disgusting
Mateo Combs
Mateo Combs Před 18 dny
leave it
smellycat catsmelly
smellycat catsmelly Před 18 dny
Maggots are really the grossest creature on the planet,al least ants are cool
Caleb Balbuena-Hernandez
Caleb Balbuena-Hernandez Před 18 dny
climax *happens* Add * aNn I Oop
Sangsang Jang
Sangsang Jang Před 19 dny
Jon Bassett
Jon Bassett Před 19 dny
Cute it out
Joan Pacal
Joan Pacal Před 19 dny
get the turky out
Shaurya banga
Shaurya banga Před 19 dny
I was eating an apple when i watched this Ill leave the rest to you
OLIVER YAP Před 19 dny
Get a bunch of more delicious meals to distract the fire ants and take the turkey out gather as much ants as possible to reunite with the colony and the ones that remain will be replaced with baby ants from the queen
FailedComedian Před 20 dny
People actually have an instinctual fear of snakes and spiders. You can show pictures of almost any animal to a newborn baby without getting a reaction, but newborns really don't like it when you show them pictures of snakes and spiders.
Jada Wolfe
Jada Wolfe Před 20 dny
Mmmmmm Turkey jerky😋🤤
k*don* Před 21 dnem
This makes me itchy
blastoise the turtle
blastoise the turtle Před 21 dnem
What about putting candles in your place that would probably keep the place smelling good for a couple days
Widgo Před 21 dnem
12:14 - 12:19
Kenneth Jiang
Kenneth Jiang Před 23 dny
I am proud
Samson Sikham
Samson Sikham Před 23 dny
I said take it off for a little bit and then check and see if there’s any freight fly eggs in it
dezz nutz
dezz nutz Před 24 dny
This guy is a wuss.
[beet step] Yeet
[beet step] Yeet Před 24 dny
U stupid
Virago Před 24 dny
Try to remove the head
Janik Před 25 dny
I've got NIN's "Hurt" in my head as I watch this
Daniel Wicken
Daniel Wicken Před 25 dny
oh no!!! a fly!!!
Knowledge Před 25 dny
It seems maggots aren't as tasty as roaches!
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez Před 25 dny
I love insects and hate maggots and flies and stuff
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez Před 25 dny
I love spiders and ants
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez Před 25 dny
Next time evacuate the ants and grab a flamethrower and let the maggots burn
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez Před 25 dny
I knew this was gonna be gross
SgtEaZeyE55 official
SgtEaZeyE55 official Před 25 dny
How do you prevent the ants from escaping ?
Mikel Andre Asignar
Mikel Andre Asignar Před 26 dny
fire nation vs maggots battle for the turkey head
Angelina Rodriguez
Angelina Rodriguez Před 26 dny
I think I’m gonna have phobia after this ugh blegh
Tenrai EXE
Tenrai EXE Před 26 dny
Worsening Biological Mistake in History/America's Shortage of Women / Advanced Kidnapping and Cover ups / Illicit Underground Inbreeding / Illegal World Wide human slave trafficking network and gateway in America. A world power within the United States has lost total self control through suicide by his own technology and has been operating rogue Satellites with high powered electromagnetic energy specific into inflicting moderate and major damages to the human brain.
The Green Environment
The Green Environment Před 26 dny
Mikey Bustos 😊☺️
Skull Man
Skull Man Před 26 dny
The first time i heard empathy for a maggot, this channel lol👌
ha ah
ha ah Před 26 dny
i was eating arroz con leche and saw the larva life cycle
Schnizzyfizz Před 26 dny
Anyone else eating whilst watching this?
Anuradha Joshi
Anuradha Joshi Před 26 dny
The small one larva, with dots on its face, is a drosophila (fruit fly) larva! Also, I was eating while watching this... guess I have a strong stomach 😅
Dylan Lizard man
Dylan Lizard man Před 26 dny
I fear no Worm, but those things...they scare me.
Ricardo Cardona
Ricardo Cardona Před 27 dny
Usually we find magots in rotten food, so I think that's the main reason for the repulsion.
Dandave Pasag
Dandave Pasag Před 27 dny
IN 1:57
Dandave Pasag
Dandave Pasag Před 27 dny
Dandave Pasag
Dandave Pasag Před 27 dny
Fire Ants vs. Giant Spiders
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