FIRE ANTS REACT TO THEIR NEW ANT FARM | Their First Time Digging Tunnels

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My fire ants are getting their first ant farm! My 12 week old pet fire ant colony, named the Phoenix Empire, is so large now, it was finally time for them to move into a proper ant farm (an AC Ant Tower), where they could satisfy their natural urge to dig and create tunnels. I will miss seeing the queen fire ant, but inside I knew we were doing the right thing by giving them a better, more natural ant nest. Hope you enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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Executive Producer RJ Garcia

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AntsCanada Před 7 měsíci
Greetings, Ant Lovers! Thanks for watching this week's ant episode! Do you guys think we'll ever see the Queen again? I'll miss spotting our Ember Empress! Hope you guys remember to LIKE the video, SHARE it with your friends, and SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL for notifications and select ALL) to join the AC Family! Thanks so much! Love you, guys! Ant love forever!
Faze Fire
Faze Fire Před měsícem
AntsCanada love your vids
Valentine Pro2011
Valentine Pro2011 Před měsícem
Couldn’t you just put both connected to the thing like seriously you waisted cash
Moon The Dragon /Jc
Moon The Dragon /Jc Před měsícem
500th boi. Lol
Hayden Brendle-Weber
Hayden Brendle-Weber Před měsícem
I just wanted to say I was just wondering how much I love to see your mom I love her so I don’t want her I love you I will see her again soon love her and her love and support her and I will love her love love you love love and miss her and her family love her and love her her and I will love her and I will talk with her tomorrow love her love love her baby and her baby baby I will see her and I love her and I will love her and I hope she will see her and I love her and I will love her and I hope she will see her love her baby and her love you love love lher I hope she is doing her baby and I hope you love love and love love her and love her baby and her baby baby and her family love her love you love love and her love love you baby and I hope she will see her baby and love her baby baby and her love you love love and her baby and love her love you love love you and I hope she will see her love love her and her love love you baby and I hope she will see her baby and her love you baby baby love love and baby love love her and her baby love love her love love and love love you love
Ashley B
Ashley B Před 2 měsíci
I think the tower should be called "pillars of iferno
Sam David Rosell
Sam David Rosell Před dnem
Feanix tower
Jayven Bench
Jayven Bench Před dnem
Fire pales
Thunder shaun
Thunder shaun Před 4 dny
Name that tower anty tower..
Mr.Chicken Ramos
Mr.Chicken Ramos Před 4 dny
This is super late but i was gonna say Tower Of Hell
Alvin Torres
Alvin Torres Před 4 dny
im gonna cry
Dan Harv
Dan Harv Před 5 dny
Nice instrumental @ 8:37
Esp Před 7 dny
nice commentary
Dwyise Etan Toliao
Dwyise Etan Toliao Před 8 dny
Tower of ashes
Julia Angeron
Julia Angeron Před 8 dny
On the video where you first put in the fire forest during the picnic I saw one of the things that clean the place and stuff so there was already some living there.
joseph siva
joseph siva Před 8 dny
I want the queen to come back:(
-V- Unknow
-V- Unknow Před 9 dny
riley hemby
riley hemby Před 11 dny
u should name its ant heaven
XxKill KonkxX
XxKill KonkxX Před 12 dny
8:38 antscanada described Miami perfectly
Benny Lyibbnmjjm
Benny Lyibbnmjjm Před 12 dny
The Ants of Rural Royalty is what I will name it
Shourya Tejas
Shourya Tejas Před 15 dny
Ember tower
Naruto krew
Naruto krew Před 18 dny
I would think the name should be"Digger Dan tower"
Naruto krew
Naruto krew Před 18 dny
I meant "digger dawn tower"
Lili Walton
Lili Walton Před 19 dny
Ac question answer the young ants started to move to the new place
Qirat Butt
Qirat Butt Před 19 dny
U should name is The {fire tower}
Killerfuntime Gacha
Killerfuntime Gacha Před 19 dny
Embers nest
Zippa Sausage
Zippa Sausage Před 20 dny
Bach tower
Bhavani Dudella
Bhavani Dudella Před 21 dnem
Asilleve Před 22 dny
Ant Queen flip.. Me with my imagination Queen: alright lets move out my children *flip over* _1 mega ant next to her scream_ MegaAnt: MYYY QUEEN ARE YOU ALRIGHTT?? NOOOO!! 😂😂😂
Hon Le
Hon Le Před 22 dny
you should name the ant tower the fire ôf ants
ashima mehta
ashima mehta Před 22 dny
Ember Empress: when I was ur age I lived in the future an not in dirt tunnels
Amy's fun house
Amy's fun house Před 23 dny
Name it Zazeu
kingcobra 2013
kingcobra 2013 Před 24 dny
Why is no one talking about 9:06
Ernesto Pascua
Ernesto Pascua Před 24 dny
Name it tha land of dawn
cyber punk
cyber punk Před 24 dny
The fire wing tower!
Jc Giftson
Jc Giftson Před 25 dny
i think the ant city would be called antopia
Sarah Medina Ali
Sarah Medina Ali Před 25 dny
The ant Tower should be named:thenestoftenest
shimmi freshmen
shimmi freshmen Před 26 dny
Hmm call it empire fire nest
shimmi freshmen
shimmi freshmen Před 26 dny
Hey bro it's your animals you can still see them bro it's not like they are gonna die not tryna be mean
shimmi freshmen
shimmi freshmen Před 26 dny
So is big head(aint)is like the qeunn daughter or something.and also I wonder what happens if you push the empires eggs hmmmm
shimmi freshmen
shimmi freshmen Před 26 dny
I wanted to call the tower empire wipe
Rosebella Xue
Rosebella Xue Před 27 dny
Queen: lays eggs Worker:MS QUEEN THERE IS A NEW PLACE TO GO,! Queen: PLEASE WAIT I NEED TO F8NISHE LAYING THE EGG. 1 hour later same worker: MS QUEEN WHEN WILL YOU COME??. Queen: BE PAITENT 1 minute later.... Queen: IM COMING JEEZ
Ralynn Harris
Ralynn Harris Před 27 dny
I kill ants :)
Jenneane Calvert
Jenneane Calvert Před 27 dny
Ants fire town
Catalina Favila
Catalina Favila Před 27 dny
How about the under ground forest
Sofia Spangenberg
Sofia Spangenberg Před 27 dny
how do you find a queen like to start a colony?
Ayesha Smith
Ayesha Smith Před 28 dny
The return of godzilla
Alexis Marie Crooks
Alexis Marie Crooks Před 28 dny
To be honest I hate ants but I love watching these videos so much!!
Joana Joves
Joana Joves Před 28 dny
Nichole Ruud
Nichole Ruud Před 29 dny
Super roofer
unisheen Před 29 dny
This makes me whant to start a ant farm Looks like I’m saving up some money hahah :)
Awkward_girl 156
Awkward_girl 156 Před 29 dny
I think Phoenix Tower or something
Neil Manuel
Neil Manuel Před 29 dny
worker ants are the diggers
Spanish Omelette
Spanish Omelette Před 29 dny
Ok but... Ur voice is super relaxing lol
Renate Akuffo
Renate Akuffo Před 29 dny
Like a phoenix aura
Renate Akuffo
Renate Akuffo Před 29 dny
Please why I like and
AbcForCookies COOKIES
AbcForCookies COOKIES Před měsícem
For the next one can you make it kinda like a house?
Enderslayer906 Coates
Enderslayer906 Coates Před měsícem
I suggest "The Pyre" Fits doesn't it?
SN3EAKY Před měsícem
Tower of hell
Olivia Gillen
Olivia Gillen Před měsícem
Fire tower
Abdulrajeeb Salem
Abdulrajeeb Salem Před měsícem
Me:watching AC:behole the new ad apears
Wonder Secret
Wonder Secret Před měsícem
Hope im not to late but I probably am i was thinking fire tower or ash tunnels
Christine Rose Dela Torre
Christine Rose Dela Torre Před měsícem
Hi I’m an new subscriber
jayson malasa
jayson malasa Před měsícem
antscanada can you make theme there firs city?
Yasleen Cardoso
Yasleen Cardoso Před měsícem
Antz team
Panda Family
Panda Family Před měsícem
I'm glad they get to dig it is very important
Flamingo Pigeon
Flamingo Pigeon Před měsícem
AntsCanada: “all ants are now in the tower” Me: are you sure about that? (Look at 9:45 you can see ants inside the old digging grounds)
Allman2006 G
Allman2006 G Před měsícem
Flaming tunnels
Kakashiworks AtWendys
Kakashiworks AtWendys Před měsícem
I know im late but a cool name would be the caveren of the fire nation
Triskel Aleona
Triskel Aleona Před měsícem
Grayson Gumarus
Grayson Gumarus Před měsícem
Namr idea : City Of The Dig Home
Nurul Ikhlas
Nurul Ikhlas Před měsícem
Name it the hidden hills!!
Berna Flores
Berna Flores Před měsícem
Tower of beggining
Old Short Fat Asian Chau
Old Short Fat Asian Chau Před měsícem
You have such great, entertaining narrative!
Itz_MariGames Marigold
Itz_MariGames Marigold Před měsícem
How about “Tower of Fire”????
Itz_MariGames Marigold
Itz_MariGames Marigold Před měsícem
*Things get rlly interesting* *ad comes up again* FORK DIS D:
Itz_MariGames Marigold
Itz_MariGames Marigold Před měsícem
Me:oooooh that looks cool lemme watch it *watches* *ad comes up* Me:FORK DIS SUX D:
Itz_MariGames Marigold
Itz_MariGames Marigold Před měsícem
CreeperBoy Před měsícem
I feel bad for when I was 2-4 and I was smashing ants 😕
The Watcher
The Watcher Před měsícem
6:14 Freddy faz bear has entered the chat
Chlicia Poe
Chlicia Poe Před měsícem
The Tower of Ashes
Patrice Jillian Cabañero
Patrice Jillian Cabañero Před měsícem
I'll give it a name! Im sorry if my name is very bad but I would name it "The Fire's Home" for some reason. XD
Hei lam kingsley Tang
Hei lam kingsley Tang Před měsícem
I want to name it bug madness
Jourdan Horton
Jourdan Horton Před měsícem
Maybe I missed the video, but I have always wanted to help an ant colony thrive. As a child I had a small farm with no queen. WHERE can I get a queen to start my own ant nest?
Tia Ferrari
Tia Ferrari Před měsícem
Towserd for the new ant tower
Yesenia Gentry
Yesenia Gentry Před měsícem
Lonec tower
Judith Villescas
Judith Villescas Před měsícem
how about antopia
Julie Cooper
Julie Cooper Před měsícem
I say we name it the paths of fire!!!
Samantha Wehrmeister
Samantha Wehrmeister Před měsícem
"fires celender"
Briony dawson
Briony dawson Před měsícem
Hey I say you dont have to pic myean but call it to
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith Před měsícem
You should name the tower wings of ember flame tower
Kail. How!
Kail. How! Před měsícem
Tower name idea:Empire City
Keng Him
Keng Him Před měsícem
A. FOWLER Před měsícem
The ash emperor
A. FOWLER Před měsícem
Kasch Dustin Canios
Kasch Dustin Canios Před měsícem
name fire tower
Colton Rocky
Colton Rocky Před měsícem
The name death nugget
Angel Castillo
Angel Castillo Před měsícem
The fire tower
mun kig
mun kig Před měsícem
i like uor anst
Keegan Corey
Keegan Corey Před měsícem
What about the fire colom
Sathya Priya
Sathya Priya Před měsícem
U should name the ant tower kingdom of nature
Jennifer borden
Jennifer borden Před měsícem
Ember city like the movie/book. Also, I absolutely love the way you story tell what happens in your videos. The answer to your question is when the super light yellow ants start moving from the colony into the new territory.
Cyra Atienza
Cyra Atienza Před měsícem
oasiswaterboy Před měsícem
Mohammad Rafay
Mohammad Rafay Před měsícem
Antomatopia should be da name ✌🏻❤️
L I L L C Před měsícem
The town of flames
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