FIRE ANTS KILL THEIR FIRST LIVE PREY | Surprising Predatory Reaction

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My growing fire ant colony (the Phoenix Empire) is so big and hungry now, I felt they were ready to take their next step at becoming true fire ants, and engage in their first killing for food. Initially, when the colony was composed of just nanitics (first gen fire ants) the workers were frail and fearful of anything large and moving. But now, the colony is composed of a much more powerful worker force capable of being the predators nature has designed them to be. Watch what the fire ants do to the prey item I place into their outworld, how it fights back, and how it ultimately benefited the colony. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #FireAnts #PhoenixEmpire

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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Co-writer Heinrich Domingo
Video Editors/DOP Heinrich Domingo, JM Grande
Executive Producer RJ Garcia

Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in this video. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints:

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AntsCanada Před 7 měsíci
Greetings, Ant Lovers! This video gets a bit intense! What other things should we try feeding these savage fire ants? Let me know! Also pls remember to hit LIKE, SHARE this video with your friends, and if you haven't yet do SUBSCRIBE (and hit the BELL for notifications squad) to join the AC Family! Thanks so much for supporting the ants, everyone! Love you so much! Ant love forever!
Mimi & You
Mimi & You Před 5 dny
Tien Phan
Tien Phan Před 9 dny
Yeah stay strong
Talicia Ferdinand
Talicia Ferdinand Před 28 dny
izzie and bazzy gaming
izzie and bazzy gaming Před 28 dny
AntsCanada I like eating ants Joke
Bemboy Leo
Bemboy Leo Před měsícem
#ant love forever
yazan Před 6 hodinami
The ants go marching four by four Hoorah! Hoorah! They slaughter worm just for fun. Hoorah! Hoorah!!
Karen Swanegan
Karen Swanegan Před 17 hodinami
OMG I ants Canada
Joel Pitman
Joel Pitman Před dnem
A new home will help them ;and I love ore video and I am going to be like for ants
Firebraker Thunder
Firebraker Thunder Před 2 dny
now the moment weve al bee- ad
Arya07 Před 2 dny
Nan Dougherty
Nan Dougherty Před 2 dny
We care for his ants after all watching his videos gets him money to take care of his ants
Mimi & You
Mimi & You Před 5 dny
ok noice ^-^
Patience Jerahuni
Patience Jerahuni Před 6 dny
R.I.P fire nation😭😭😭
DenseCroissant Před 7 dny
I didn't think seeing ants celebrating was something I wanted until now.
BlenderHumen Před 7 dny
Idk why giving them live prey is wrong, but ants gotta eat. Why not stimulate natural situations too?
The Founder
The Founder Před 8 dny
Me: *Looks at Cotten in the new nest* Cotten: *Pink* Me: *Few months earlier* Also me: *Sees video on an Antscanada about water turning pink* Also also me: *Eyes open wide* Water: Water go brrrrrr
Minewayx Před 8 dny
poor nanatics
Lilian Lopez
Lilian Lopez Před 10 dny
I felt like I was watching a gang fight. My boy said, "we need backup".
The ANTagonist
The ANTagonist Před 13 dny
Are we all gonna ignore that random ant outside the set up at 2:41 on the left
Hamish_124 Před 14 dny
I think live food is better for the ants
The nature lover
The nature lover Před 15 dny
What I like about your channel is that you don’t feed cute things and you usually feed thins dead
Go20 Naruto
Go20 Naruto Před 16 dny
Ants canada is it true that they can recruit other creatures like cockroach
Cady's Game Review
Cady's Game Review Před 16 dny
Cady's Game Review
Cady's Game Review Před 16 dny
aesthetic sister
aesthetic sister Před 16 dny
Elijah Gabriel Teoツ
Elijah Gabriel Teoツ Před 17 dny
i like the earthworm was like GET OFF ME!
Kevyn Gasparotto
Kevyn Gasparotto Před 17 dny
Wu Tim
Wu Tim Před 19 dny
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Music's Před 19 dny
Your ants are from canada
Innes Před 20 dny
a mymrica fire ant
Ali fortnite Pro101
Ali fortnite Pro101 Před 20 dny
At the abandoned tube put a new and bigger environment
Bepe H. Achumi
Bepe H. Achumi Před 21 dnem
Omgg.. How can you guys watch this!??😭😭 I'm still at 1:05 and it's gonna be literally impossible to watch for 15 minutes. Are y'all really that brave?? 😭
war never changes 25 nuclear fallout
war never changes 25 nuclear fallout Před 21 dnem
I do, I think they do need a bigger one but I do think that you should get rid of the old one and let them take their course let the decaying Aunt peasants let them take those to take her and then replace it and then take birth to with a nether little place where they can hide at the incubator room making giant incubator room which they can just wear the queen would sit that with a queen
MrJade Stknds
MrJade Stknds Před 21 dnem
How could u tell what is the face of an earth worm or tail
Captin Kurgan
Captin Kurgan Před 21 dnem
At around 7:20 he says the Phoenix Empire. They are not the Phoenix Empire...
Brianna Hurst
Brianna Hurst Před 22 dny
When I look at how much likes ant Canada has and then I look under mine I’m like,”How does someone get more then the actual CSpostsr? Everyone but a few likes to like the CSpostsrs comment.”
Gustavo Guzman
Gustavo Guzman Před 22 dny
This was smart way not to go against what you believe
Flight playz
Flight playz Před 23 dny
Sabariah Kabul
Sabariah Kabul Před 23 dny
YoRereversal Před 23 dny
2:41 we have an escapee !! How did he get out though?
Akbarboss The elite
Akbarboss The elite Před 25 dny
Ok I’m new what is that giant ant with them
Romeen Karimi
Romeen Karimi Před 25 dny
imagine the worm still having felling in its tail
{Sakura&Nøva} :3
{Sakura&Nøva} :3 Před 26 dny
poor lil thing it has feelings!
best fries
best fries Před 26 dny
AntsCanada you should play pocket ants its fun I play it a lot
Tashana Salmon
Tashana Salmon Před 26 dny
Bee and caterpillar
Vinny Voila
Vinny Voila Před 26 dny
iono why CSposts recommended me this channel but I like it a lot. thanks for the vids dude
Annabell Evans
Annabell Evans Před 26 dny
Whar happened to the fire nation?
Mi Xiao
Mi Xiao Před 27 dny
Open area house
OfficialAaliyaGaming YT
OfficialAaliyaGaming YT Před 27 dny
I have seen this alot in my house I have a little farm area and my fire ants r pretty good at killing roaches the roaches r scared of the ants and its funny to watch and thats good because I hate roaches good for me
koko loko
koko loko Před 28 dny
this is solenopsis invicta?
Mauritz17 Před 28 dny
More Killing Videos more fights i Love it. Insects have noch Brain only nerve Buindles in thair Complete Bodys and Little vor mor in the Heads they cant thinking the only run in instinkts
Free Wifi
Free Wifi Před 28 dny
ant party and party
Eli Ruizlope
Eli Ruizlope Před 28 dny
Alina Lin
Alina Lin Před 28 dny
CrystalKittyX Před 29 dny
I saw the ants where getting outside of the enclosure, near the old test tube
Tan guo kang
Tan guo kang Před 29 dny
I just saw a fire ant OUTSIDE
•Wolfie •
•Wolfie • Před 29 dny
ALEXIS CAI Před 29 dny
Worm: hel- Fire ant queen: GET HIM! ants: *BITE BITE BITE BITE BITE KILLLLLLL* worm: I hate my life :c
Naveen Basnet
Naveen Basnet Před měsícem
What are those white stuff?
Alicia Kay
Alicia Kay Před měsícem
You’re the best!!
Kelvin Lung
Kelvin Lung Před měsícem
Minecarft boss will be like :
Scarlia Před měsícem
Mabye a playground?
Jude C
Jude C Před měsícem
This channel is fun to watch
lim hui sing
lim hui sing Před měsícem
One day they will kill a full worm ☺️
Gaming Boy
Gaming Boy Před měsícem
I love the ants celebrating and how you take care of them
baochau nguyenluu
baochau nguyenluu Před měsícem
do a living spider so we can see what they do to a predator
That_one_simp 5
That_one_simp 5 Před měsícem
Welcome to another episode on random quarantine shows
Crystal Wu
Crystal Wu Před měsícem
“Now the moment we have all been wai-“ *download simply piano now!*
•Belle Tang•
•Belle Tang• Před měsícem
When he said earthworm I was like: EaRtHwOrM sAlLyYyYyY
Blood Wolf
Blood Wolf Před měsícem
I wish next u feed them a Wolf spider
Keng Him
Keng Him Před měsícem
Larger outworld
Abigail KIM-SOO
Abigail KIM-SOO Před měsícem
Uh its like you are cruel Imagine that you are the worm
Don Koh
Don Koh Před měsícem
I thought I saw an escape ant
Cle0t Před měsícem
*wait what why is this in my recommendation*
Nashawn&Jowell Nicholson
Nashawn&Jowell Nicholson Před měsícem
How did you colect all those ants and how did you get the queen?
A-a-ron-ie Youtube
A-a-ron-ie Youtube Před měsícem
he got the queen when it was fertilized, you find it his other videos, then she bore the first gen, the other ants your talking about.
H Max
H Max Před měsícem
Instead of taking care of a fire ant colony (which sting and many people destroy in their back yards) try growing a colony of non-stinging ants. That way you are not actually creating a Frankenstein. There are species commonly called crazy ants. Grow a colony of those.
A-a-ron-ie Youtube
A-a-ron-ie Youtube Před měsícem
he does have two colonies of those ants. Just look up on his channel page, Golden Empire and Dark Knights, (thats the nicknames he gave them,)
R Daczka
R Daczka Před měsícem
AC: i want the ants to be murderers innocent ant: I dont want to be a murderer!!!
pro-self-offense Před měsícem
Lyka Noval
Lyka Noval Před měsícem
I think the worm poo
Jona Anz
Jona Anz Před měsícem
At 9:10, did the ant, to the left of the main scene, sometimes blurs out, try to sting a rock?
Edriss Santos
Edriss Santos Před měsícem
i also liked ants when i was grade 3 but my mom wouldn't let me ;w;
Sherry Billings
Sherry Billings Před měsícem
Poor worm :(
Ethan Kennedy
Ethan Kennedy Před měsícem
I would like to see them eat a wasp
Ana De castro
Ana De castro Před měsícem
Roger Zhou
Roger Zhou Před měsícem
This was awesome but the earth worms where disgusting.
Dark Night
Dark Night Před měsícem
Aku suka semut
Red Před měsícem
Yinli B
Yinli B Před měsícem
You just shode me
MITRA GHOBADI Před měsícem
He just said check out where the dead ant bodies are buried
sistakia33 Před měsícem
Came back to watch this to remember how the mighty empire had such a humble beginning! 😍
Larry Laurenzi
Larry Laurenzi Před měsícem
Can you have your fire ants fight Driver Ants? Just 20 or so soldiers would be interesting to watch without too many ants being hurt. Battle is also a huge part of ant instinct. That ant party will be epic after their battle victory over such a fierce rival.
Umm Talha
Umm Talha Před měsícem
How come I've seen videos of ants carrying whole lizards and tarantulas back to their nest but in your videos they dissect it and then bring it back???
Li Barry
Li Barry Před měsícem
cool movie and I love you so much
MichAz Gacha
MichAz Gacha Před měsícem
Fire ants sting me sometimes and my sis told me to squish them but seeing ur fire ant colony grow looked like fire ants were just protecting theirselves from humans so I thought i wanted to give them a chance to live 😊
Alejandro Před měsícem
The left home needs to be a food storage where they Store left over food and other food that they don't need
Rema Baker
Rema Baker Před měsícem
I choose the over world
James Faulkner
James Faulkner Před měsícem
You have not lived with fire ants they will kill you look death in southen usa
James Faulkner
James Faulkner Před měsícem
Are you crazy?
Alma Fuertes
Alma Fuertes Před měsícem
3:26 I found the queen
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great Před měsícem
Remember before the were terrified of moving prey
Xxcolleen playzxX
Xxcolleen playzxX Před měsícem
I like it how the fire ants are like allert i found food!
Albert Ert
Albert Ert Před měsícem
Todays Progress: Earthworm killed +250 Food (from Worm) New Emote (from Worm) Nest Upgraded
Henry McKaskle
Henry McKaskle Před měsícem
Dude this guy made ants amazing
Default Spirit
Default Spirit Před měsícem
Love this video💕💕
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