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I finally managed to catch my fire ant queen laying eggs! The Ember Empress, the name given to my pet fire ant colony's queen has been an egg-laying machine these past few weeks, but it has proven quite challenging to catch her in the actual act of laying eggs. This week, however, I finally did! The process was stunning and magical to see! What a rare sight to witness! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #FireAnts #QueenAnt #PhoenixEmpire
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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Video Editors/DOP Heinrich Domingo, JM Grande, AntsCanada
Executive Producer RJ Garcia

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AntsCanada Před 8 měsíci
AC Family, I can't believe I FINALLY caught it on film after weeks of trying! But just a TIP: Keep on watching until the VERY end! ;) Hope you guys can remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL) if you enjoyed this week's video! Thanks so much, guys! Ant love forever!
Jess Jaramillo
Jess Jaramillo Před 21 hodinou
Jess Jaramillo
Jess Jaramillo Před 21 hodinou
Good job you won
Charysa Luoyi
Charysa Luoyi Před 20 dny
That was amaze
PxneApplxsxgar playz
PxneApplxsxgar playz Před měsícem
Wow congrats queen ant
Leon Fowler
Leon Fowler Před měsícem
Love vid
Lauden Collier
Lauden Collier Před 4 dny
How do ants feed the eggs/ pupi . That would be great to see up close!!.. much LOVE from Colorado..🤓😎🔥💯🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜
Eliz Před 4 dny
it's 5am and this is what I'm watching
Kristin Gallo
Kristin Gallo Před 5 dny
So they only need to mate 1 time to make all those other ants?
rexiel gellegan
rexiel gellegan Před 5 dny
well ant canada i cant pet ants i dont have textube and queen ant
Ameela cutiepie
Ameela cutiepie Před 5 dny
Why am i itching while watching this!?? Entophobia ENTOPHOBIA. *SCREAMS*BUT AM I STILL SUBBING IDK WHY I LIKE TOTURING MY SELF😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lullpy Před 8 dny
You should have used red light, might not have been the best though
Madilyn Forbes
Madilyn Forbes Před 11 dny
well one thing dat we lurned dat the queen fire ant dose wen birth is dat she has her stinger out.....And I love your new fire ants!
who dat who dat who dat boy
who dat who dat who dat boy Před 12 dny
Cool ant where you got them i whan to now now
Lana Eunice
Lana Eunice Před 12 dny
No one: Not even me: Queen ant giving birth: *I BURY MYSELF IN MY OWN KIDS*
Lolipopxx Před 13 dny
But like why are they ants so stingy like let me see her give birth god damn it 😂
kate c
kate c Před 14 dny
I always assumed they had multiple babies at once. How neat.
Aldian Ismail Hasan Eraldo
Aldian Ismail Hasan Eraldo Před 14 dny
I love it so much 😹
Emme Manzano
Emme Manzano Před 14 dny
Random ant: How much kids you have Ant father: it’s complicated
BrutalGamingChannel Před 15 dny
More like Ads Canada xD
Kripi shrestha
Kripi shrestha Před 15 dny
I love your commentary. Feels like watching a royal event 😍👑😍😁
Abigail Tincher
Abigail Tincher Před 15 dny
"With a brew pod that just keeps getting bigger" that ant do be thick doe
China One
China One Před 20 dny
Can you make a video of the eggs hatching maybe? I own love to see those baby ants!
Charysa Luoyi
Charysa Luoyi Před 20 dny
😢😢not tha fire nation...
Kiva Nolte
Kiva Nolte Před 21 dnem
Not my proudest fap
Jimmy Chai Chee wee
Jimmy Chai Chee wee Před 22 dny
I fell like I am looking at bees but I say to myself this is a ant queen
子犬ミニ Před 22 dny
Its funny when he say ostrich
NiniFinlay Před 22 dny
I literally dnt bother ants when I see thm in my home I know they’re there for certain food droppings or dead bugs and they leave they dnt look for extras or become a nuisance thts why I respect thm
Tabitha Tilton
Tabitha Tilton Před 23 dny
The way I caught my fire ant queen is that when I bought fire ant workers and no queen I let them go and then when it was time for the nuptial flight I caught thwm
Lindsay Huff
Lindsay Huff Před 23 dny
That the queen does actually have a stinger and it extends out before contractions and flexing her abdomen forward and laying her egg.
Kian Nathan M. Montaño
Kian Nathan M. Montaño Před 23 dny
Nobody: Mikey: "booyah"
Nisreen Rashad
Nisreen Rashad Před 24 dny
I-I killed an ant today.. I mean 1000000000 billion trillon ants for the past 14 years umm.. Yeh...
Bob Charlie
Bob Charlie Před 25 dny
Ant eggs are so tiny when they come out.
Deeeeeyn Před 25 dny
The Queen Ant was like "Cover the way my workers, this human is envading my privacy". HAHA
bog Is Pog
bog Is Pog Před 25 dny
When the pinned comment has less likes than a regular comment
Marissa Bordeaux
Marissa Bordeaux Před 25 dny
Antscanada:until I seen this me gets a ad me:oh
Helena Madison
Helena Madison Před 25 dny
i made a queen ant, in Roblox plane crazy
YohAnna AsakuraKyoyama
YohAnna AsakuraKyoyama Před 25 dny
It seems they all knew especially the queen that they have been filmed.
Tara Sarigumba
Tara Sarigumba Před 25 dny
Their stingers go out
Eva Seto
Eva Seto Před 26 dny
3 new fire ants For the AC Family :D
Michael Silva
Michael Silva Před 26 dny
If you don't like don't watch it, to me it's giving me a whole new perspective on ants,and it's cool as hell
Edith Asd
Edith Asd Před 26 dny
Omg you talk too much
Grace Dake
Grace Dake Před 26 dny
I know what you're doing with all your aunts you're going to make him take over the world
malik gumama
malik gumama Před 26 dny
Awwwwwww soo cute 🙂
Tan guo kang
Tan guo kang Před 26 dny
One of a ant just bite me idk why it hurts soooo bad do you know why did it bite me?
Naveen Basnet
Naveen Basnet Před 26 dny
Kellie Coker
Kellie Coker Před 26 dny
Ive always thought ants are awesome little creatures,I've also taught all 4 of my kids to respect and admire them and most importantly to never squish them! 🐜💜😊
Hang chu mi chi
Just Someone
Just Someone Před 26 dny
Wait the green is MEGA and her guards or something are so small how is she gonna get pregnant? She can kill them with her but haha
Angeline Huynh
Angeline Huynh Před 27 dny
*_You are a very, very good storyteller_*
RedFox 497
RedFox 497 Před 27 dny
1:14 this ant kinda *YEET*
jonah araneta
jonah araneta Před 27 dny
Ew but cool
VM Gau
VM Gau Před 27 dny
how is an ant become queen for the first time?
Coffee Bunz
Coffee Bunz Před 27 dny
when he saw the queen ant lay an egg, he acted like he was accepted to enter heaven HAHAHA
Scarlia Před 27 dny
Now, caught a ant carrying a dead ant 🐜 People interested in the comment section
Remelyn Ranay
Remelyn Ranay Před 27 dny
Make a video how ant eggs hatch
Maria Sanas
Maria Sanas Před 28 dny
AntsCanada-but AC famliy check out what i saw -KFC ad pops Up
baochau nguyenluu
baochau nguyenluu Před 28 dny
that when the queen lays eggs her stinger goes out
Blood Wolf
Blood Wolf Před 28 dny
I LOVE ANTS!🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜
Ferrigho Před 28 dny
Her workers is just the best, it knows that the queen needs a little bit of privacy lol
Shadow The weirdo
Shadow The weirdo Před 28 dny
Queen doing her thing Ant daughter:aw hellant not
「シStrawberry Milk」
「シStrawberry Milk」 Před 29 dny
the ants covered the queen laying eggs cuz it's privacy :v AntsCanada : ''hey move the flipping outer there-''
Lajada Mckinnon
Lajada Mckinnon Před 29 dny
Imagine I always kill every ant I see and now it seems that they just want peace 😱😓
Lejoyy Lisa
Lejoyy Lisa Před 29 dny
Y is it so big
Mr UpperDecker
Mr UpperDecker Před 29 dny
I want one but cant get one
Merry Pal
Merry Pal Před 29 dny
XXHYDRA16XXX Před měsícem
You should make a video how to get a queen ant and don’t heart them and easy
XXHYDRA16XXX Před měsícem
You should sell some ants I’m in to them
WxrthyWolf Před měsícem
The queen kinda looks like a bee >.
XXHYDRA16XXX Před měsícem
Poor guy
MiMicz Před měsícem
Stop peeking perv,😂
Sara Barnett
Sara Barnett Před měsícem
Claryssa Bianca
Claryssa Bianca Před měsícem
Now I’m curious. How does an ant become the queen? Genetics? But if the queen gave birth to every ant in the colony, then when will another queen ant be born? Or will it never be born from another queen ant? ....
Salome Gitari
Salome Gitari Před měsícem
The diary of 2020:worst year ever. But wait I got to see a queen ant lay an egg. Not so bad
negautrunks Před měsícem
That's awesome
Cheetah gaming and Vlogs /chuck here
Cheetah gaming and Vlogs /chuck here Před měsícem
How is a new Queen ant born
Amy Diane
Amy Diane Před měsícem
How do certain ants become larger or like earn their positions?? ... what makes a certain ants capable of being the queen? Are they just born larger than the others??
Myrasol Aguilar
Myrasol Aguilar Před měsícem
Him - pls do keep watching Me - sorry it is 12 am here
Len Sensei
Len Sensei Před měsícem
This guy make our childhood dreams real
Neo Deinla
Neo Deinla Před měsícem
It needs to lay eggs but you're not leaving and the lights are on, so they did something about it. burry her head
Von Vergel Omandac
Von Vergel Omandac Před měsícem
We have a lot of ants here lige fireants . And a lot of queen but we always killed them all because its always come to out house .message me on Facebook boss i will send picture of fire ants here in the Philippines .. @Vergel Von Omandac thats my facebook account.
garlic chang
garlic chang Před měsícem
Michael Petersen
Michael Petersen Před měsícem
That's a lot of eggs
flumsy clumsy
flumsy clumsy Před měsícem
How's the Phoenix Empire today?
Twipie rainbow8808
Twipie rainbow8808 Před měsícem
Never ever saw such knowledgeable channel before!!!
Jennet Montano
Jennet Montano Před měsícem
cookie_uWu meh
cookie_uWu meh Před měsícem
I think that my garden is full of queen ant because I haven't seen a normal ant until now like OMG
AIDAN GM Před měsícem
Antscanada, actually by what you said about the sizes of the fire ants, I ll correct you on that. The sizes of each fire ant worker caste is not based on food intake in its larval form. The nanitics are actually a type of minim worker that are part of the queen’s first generation of offspring. These primary minims are also known as nanites. Unlike the current fire ant minims the colony had now, these minims were as small if not slightly smaller than normal when the colony was small and lived a shorter lifespan than the current minims.
Meee-Lo Před měsícem
Omg i remember at school a queen ant was about to lay an egg on my hand XD
alex Před měsícem
Why my rice taste weird
Amador Nabua jr
Amador Nabua jr Před měsícem
6611jordyn Před měsícem
"Sorry, I can't come into work today; it's egg laying day for one of my queens. C'est la vie, amirite?"
Dev Shah
Dev Shah Před měsícem
And we thought this much brood was a population explosion....
Poke Mans
Poke Mans Před měsícem
U kinda are ant-man😂
ML I Před měsícem
she probobly feel embarrased of her laying an egg in front of a person *cause it looks like a poo*
Clvudii Před měsícem
That sounds legendary to find
Stella Stargazer
Stella Stargazer Před měsícem
This was fun to watch. Good luck with your ant family!
Emily Sutjiono
Emily Sutjiono Před měsícem
🧣 ❤️ 🤔🤳☺️😊😓🤔🤳☺️😁😜😉😂🤣🤳🏿
rgbgod Před měsícem
Please can you quarantine the queen maybe she want rest
Generic Name
Generic Name Před měsícem
Nice! Lol, I can't help but think in all those close-up shots that those Brood look like forbidden jellybeans...
gabe franca
gabe franca Před měsícem
Still remember the OG fire nation begins, good ol days
Rita Sarker
Rita Sarker Před měsícem
Hiding your body with your own babies🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carla Barcelos
Carla Barcelos Před měsícem
I wanna colony too but my mom is scared of roaches witch is annoying🙄🙄🙄🐜🐜🐜🥰😜💖
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Před měsícem
I love the names he gave that he gave to the colonies
Nethanel Purgatorio
Nethanel Purgatorio Před měsícem
I found some eggs laying around the ground.then i took care of them,warming them,being nice to them 5 months later..... I noticed they were just uncook rice
Nethanel Purgatorio
Nethanel Purgatorio Před měsícem
Me:i have two pets Friend:i have 4 pets Another friend:i have 6 pets AntsCanda:i have 5000 pets
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