DEATH SPRITES: Creating a Frog Haven & Ant Hell

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The Death Sprites (painted toads) have arrived and they're ready to annihilate some ants! This team of toads has been commissioned to exterminate a problematic population of mite-infected ants, hopelessly doomed members of the Golden Empire (yellow crazy #ants). The majority of the Golden Empire is thankfully recuperating from the mites in quarantine, the mite-infected Golden Empire ants left behind in the Hacienda Del Dorado must be killed off, so that the #mites that parasitize them do not move on to infect all the other ants and critters in our Ant Room, hence, the addition of our new Death Sprites!
But the events that happened, following the introduction of the Death Sprites, and the added complication and need to introduce a second Death Sprite team, were nothing less than epic, suspenseful, full of problem-solving, crises, perseverance, and indeed cuteness overload. By the end of it all, I was left in utter breathlessness at the miraculous splendor of nature. This has got to be one of my absolute favourite (and longest) episodes on this channel, so sit back and enjoy how I created a haven for Death Sprites and a hell for zombie, mite-infected ants. Oh yeah, and AC Family, you guys will love the major event happening at the end! #frogs
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AC Family, it's been a crazy two weeks! Hope you enjoyed this nearly 1 hr episode and don't forget to watch the bonus episode after this linked in the info cards (top right of the video or here at this link: ) and also please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and hit the BELL if you haven't already! Join the growing global AC Family, and let's invade 2019 strong together like a powerful and unstoppable ant colony! Ant love forever!
Danté T. Edwards
Danté T. Edwards Před 4 dny
You had me at Bob Ross!!! Sir, you're an amazing storyteller and creator. Thank you for the journey!
Draconic Wier
Draconic Wier Před měsícem
You forgot bob ross xD
LavaDiablo Před měsícem
Here would have been another good name for the death sprites, painted death sprites.
Bob Před měsícem
We all no that ain’t moss I just need to know the strain
Nicula Mugur
Nicula Mugur Před 2 měsíci
You can use Mexican Dwarf Crayfish
ErebosGR Před 7 hodinami
Death Sprite: "Omae wa mou shindeiru."
Red154 Před 14 hodinami
its so sad that they have to be hunted by toads :(
WrathingLock✔️ Před 2 dny
Heaven not Haven
Lisa haters triggers
Lisa haters triggers Před 3 dny
Ant Canada:sees zombies ant Ant Canada:go to grave
Connor Barkington
Connor Barkington Před 5 dny
Your secret secondary god-level talent is storytelling.
renzocast Před 6 dny
I love how you play God lol
Sam Před 7 dny
Blue Waffle
Jude's Crew
Jude's Crew Před 7 dny
soo are you just gonna keep the gecko in there
Da Pumking Boi
Da Pumking Boi Před 7 dny
Hellequin Maskharat
Hellequin Maskharat Před 8 dny
Duuuuude... your silicone usage...
DHARSHITH S GN2092 Před 9 dny
everone pls clappppp
Cheeto Toes
Cheeto Toes Před 10 dny
I’ve never been worried about ants lives until this video
Red Cheeks
Red Cheeks Před 12 dny
Bob Ross just wants to smash ants :D
Elealeh Blue
Elealeh Blue Před 12 dny
Ah, yes, I have been ANTicipating this for quite some time. I'm really ready for some ANTswers XD
Elealeh Blue
Elealeh Blue Před 12 dny
"And, hmm." **Ant jumps further and faster than i knew ants could jump** "What an interesting rock." Not gonna lie, that scene scared me more than it should've.
Rekha boyalapallli
Rekha boyalapallli Před 12 dny
My trap jaw ants had been eaten because my young causon kept a toad in the terrerium
Sebi Bergamini
Sebi Bergamini Před 13 dny
Who else got itchy during this video
Hailey Findlay
Hailey Findlay Před 14 dny
i’ll cry if u kick the frogs out after the mites are gone:(
The killing joke
The killing joke Před 14 dny
Bob Ross made this entire thing worth watching
Michael Hicks
Michael Hicks Před 14 dny
Actually miss the length the videos were.
brittany Bradford
brittany Bradford Před 15 dny
I needed this
Teddy Kim
Teddy Kim Před 16 dny
Imagine he's going on vacation. And he hires you as a pet-sitter. Best to LEAVE!!!
Katniss the Ultima
Katniss the Ultima Před 16 dny
I know this was a year ago but could you please put the katniss plant in there.
Firefox gameing
Firefox gameing Před 16 dny
Omg he made a trump reference. And I'm watching in 2020! Edit: I want painted toads now. 😂
Mr.lemonade Juice
Mr.lemonade Juice Před 16 dny
Lol “what an interesting rock” we all know what happens next😂😭
Trying To Get 500 Subscribers With No Videos
Trying To Get 500 Subscribers With No Videos Před 17 dny
Let’s be honest... he could’ve just threw everything out & replaced everything if he was gonna do this. This is not about ants anymore... it’s about building a frog/toad habitat.
Carl John Quilo
Carl John Quilo Před 18 dny
eyyy filipino family galing ng mga langgam mo pre
Amanda Licorne
Amanda Licorne Před 18 dny
I love your videos. Both the fact that I learn quite a bit about the creatures you keep and I love hearing the endearing way you talk about them! These are creatures hardly anyone thinks about and it's just so lovely hearing you talk about how much you love them!
Casey King
Casey King Před 18 dny
The fact that this guy stayed up multiple nights to watch ants and toads is concerning. I do applaud his dedication though.
korbin john
korbin john Před 19 dny
someone needs to keep tabs on this guy's whereabouts at all times bruh .
Slip4e0 Před 19 dny
My GF: “Your not getting a toad, you’ve already bought ants” Me: “Do you want to get married or not” 😀
Diana Lumactud
Diana Lumactud Před 20 dny
NatGeo is shakinnnggggg
Bronx Ferguson
Bronx Ferguson Před 21 dnem
He is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer fricking will!
DJS Squibbs
DJS Squibbs Před 21 dnem
lol, awesome jajaja hahaha
Jp Sarce
Jp Sarce Před 22 dny
Did he just said that he is from Ph?
Saleha Jubir
Saleha Jubir Před 23 dny
I love bob ross
Xx AMFJ xX Před 23 dny
Long and drawn out unnecessarily
StormwolfPlayz 5
StormwolfPlayz 5 Před 24 dny
Idiots: "he named some of tthe frogs after teenage mutant ninja turtles!" Non-idiots: "he named the frogs after famous painters, because they are paint frogs. Duh."
StormwolfPlayz 5
StormwolfPlayz 5 Před 24 dny
My dude giving his frogs some weed
khalifa kinte
khalifa kinte Před 24 dny
Did this guy say he dont use his shower much ? or am i tripping?
Nathan Tran
Nathan Tran Před 24 dny
Name one Bob Ross
Cheffoisky Před 24 dny
I've been watching your videos and I just found out you're from the Philippines. All this time I thought you're in Canada.
Alex Nolaan
Alex Nolaan Před 25 dny
Why does he keep saying “don’t get any ideas, it’s just moss?” What ideas would I be getting about moss?
Jamedawg00 Před 25 dny
cool video... but like... 20 minutes of content because you used the wrong silicone?... come on... not very interesting..
MAXY WAXY199 Před 25 dny
I love these vids because it sounds like a podcast, especially with his calm voice
Mason Riggleman
Mason Riggleman Před 25 dny
what are you saying its just moss.hmmmm
Turtle man
Turtle man Před 26 dny
It would be better if you had a water narcissus daffodil
Turtle man
Turtle man Před 26 dny
You made a joke I cracked the joke and you toadaly nailed it
DameN RostiS
DameN RostiS Před 26 dny
Wow you aint need no oriANTation to do this.
Dinosaur Steak
Dinosaur Steak Před 26 dny
Okay, so I am re-watching this after a long time and nobody is going to see this but it just occurred to me, "why didn't he just stop feeding the ants?" I assume there is a good reason, but I am curious
Abhay Singh Chandel
Abhay Singh Chandel Před 27 dny
I feel bad for the survivors in da aquarium, that's like a apocalypse
Pineapples_ Cant_Draw
Pineapples_ Cant_Draw Před 27 dny
*I love the way he says Hacienda Del Dorado so much-*
Jake Zhang
Jake Zhang Před 27 dny
Not even Mother Nature can make something this beautiful, and I mean it.
AudioJunky Před 27 dny
If the tupperware was polypropylene that explains why silicone wouldn't stick - that stuff is pretty resistant to adhesives. I think some kind of solvent is added that attacks the surface to glue to PP.
ChaosDraguss Před 27 dny
Leo went straight to continue his ninja training, while Mikey just goofed off.
jago juice
jago juice Před 28 dny
i love this video so relaxing to watch
Greg Spolar
Greg Spolar Před 28 dny
Long live Bob Ross.
nathaniel gawa
nathaniel gawa Před 28 dny
Dang all this hard work definetly subcrided.
Ren Wat
Ren Wat Před 28 dny
Damn th8s guy is a good builder
Yost G
Yost G Před 28 dny
Your Beatles better be named John, Ringo , George and Paul
Yost G
Yost G Před 28 dny
This is how you creat a narrative have a problem and Obstacles to over come then when all hope is lost you over come said obstacle and fill the ending with cute toads and add a cliff hanger with Beatles ....million views
Pro StarPlayer
Pro StarPlayer Před 28 dny
Is he Donald trump?? 35:54
_Ghostman822 _
_Ghostman822 _ Před 29 dny
dude you gave it away in the title
R Bato
R Bato Před měsícem
I can’t believe this channel has been here for all these years, and I am just now finding it. Lol. It’s gonna take me 11 years to catch up. Lol. I Love this channel so much! Thank you, AC!
exo hq
exo hq Před měsícem
best one hour spent in my life
steve taylor
steve taylor Před měsícem
"I name you Bob Ross" lol yassss
A G Před měsícem
Hades gave me some serious Karma Akabane vibes .
Fnaf Games
Fnaf Games Před měsícem
What does he mean by don’t get any ideas
Shadow The Lion
Shadow The Lion Před měsícem
Bro I wanted to watch an episode Its been 3 hours
String Před měsícem
this = yes
String Před měsícem
I used to watch this when I was little and now I get to see this masterpiece again
Liani Gaming
Liani Gaming Před měsícem
This is just cute
K. Fuji'
K. Fuji' Před měsícem
Been excited all day to finish off this tale from the any room
get stickbug lol
get stickbug lol Před měsícem
R.I.P brave ant 4:08 #coffindance
Kronos Mania
Kronos Mania Před měsícem
This could be on Netflix. Very cool
Izzy Rose
Izzy Rose Před měsícem
“Where do you go when you don’t know where the heck you are?” To me that was probably deeper than it was meant to be lol
Daniel Faase
Daniel Faase Před měsícem
Michael M.
Michael M. Před měsícem
I love watching your ant storys. I dknt think i could keep my own ants but I am even more mesmerized by your aquatic setups. Can you teach us how to keep a beginner aquatic life aquarium maybe even something inexpensive and for small apartments or homes. I would love the calming of pet aquatic animals.
PHOENIX FOLEY Před měsícem
how do u deal with your ant "problem" XD
Marlon Thomas
Marlon Thomas Před měsícem
Honestly after a while I was wondering what's the insects actually doing... this self made and preserved but pretty interesting to watch.
sherif nour
sherif nour Před měsícem
you are such a gifted film-maker/story teller. I just wish you stop with the cliff hangers and the corniness. I mean it feels like a children videos when it can be more
Schwaodin Před měsícem
This was a year ago you can just watch the next video
Deadsea1993 Gaming
Deadsea1993 Gaming Před měsícem
This is way better than Animal Planet or National Geographic how you create amazing stories for wildlife and you have an amazing narrator voice too
Iking Cabañas
Iking Cabañas Před měsícem
Im from philippines too
Keith Clayton
Keith Clayton Před měsícem
This is so oddly satisfying and entertaining. Funny to think I started my morning off watching country music videos and now I’m on this lol funny how CSposts works.
Alex A.D.D
Alex A.D.D Před měsícem
2:01 (me) that ant gon die
Cleetus Son
Cleetus Son Před měsícem
Antscanada: Im one of the best antkeepers:also antscanada:kills his ant: helth:/
Mikey402 Před měsícem
Eric Carrington
Eric Carrington Před měsícem
What an epic adventure!
Dustin Hertel
Dustin Hertel Před měsícem
I'm not sure how I found this channel. I'm extremely happy I did. What a fascinating thing you do. I was amazed the entire time. Subscribed!
Pepper Před měsícem
This wasn’t about the ants it was about building a beautiful frog habitat
Jack Chandler
Jack Chandler Před měsícem
I found this channel 7 hours ago, and have watched 7 hours of ant videos. But the funniest thing I heard was the naming of the Bob Ross toad.
Liz Joyce
Liz Joyce Před měsícem
Canadians: "IT'S JUST MOSS!"
Sidney Před měsícem
Why do you say "don't get any ideas guys its just moss" ?
Drago Le beardie
Drago Le beardie Před měsícem
When you were naming the frogs I was like, “Please name one Bob Ross!!” And you named all the newest ones and I was like “Noooooo!!” Then you named the one that was watching you!! I just... THANK YOUUUUUUU
Drago Le beardie
Drago Le beardie Před měsícem
Ac: Names his death sprites after famous artists Everyone: likes that Ac: names the one death sprite who was watching him all the time while he struggled and made the pond Bob Ross Everyone: likes that even more and subscribes
J Marshal
J Marshal Před měsícem
As an Australian, frogs in the bathroom are just a fact of life. Like spiders under the toilet seat and lizards on the ceiling.
Summer Prete
Summer Prete Před měsícem
Its so beautiful
NZThirstQuenchers Před měsícem
NZThirstQuenchers Před měsícem
why dali he was affraid of ants and saw them as death oof
A G Před měsícem
Out of all the ways people have chosen to remember & honor Bob Ross, I'm sure his spirit is most filled with joy by knowing his name was given to a toad who was patient & kind to the person striving to create the best habitat he can.
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