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Help me build an epic Avatar-themed paludarium for my growing pet fire ant colony, the Phoenix Empire. Be sure to stay tuned for the VOTE to help me decide on some symbiotic creatures to cohabit with the fire ants. This will be a historic ant farm build! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #FireAnts #Avatar #Paludarium
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AntsCanada Před 2 měsíci
Hit *‘LIKE’* to *VOTE* for any of the Aquatic Livestock Combo options below (feel free to vote for more than 1 option & leave your reasons why):
Chady Plays
Chady Plays Před 17 hodinami
1 because the glow thing is gonna look so good with the glow in the dark plant ahh i cant wait
twins Powell
twins Powell Před 11 dny
i want option 1
instagram Vidéo
instagram Vidéo Před 17 dny
It is🌹 impossible 🌹that you🌹 did not see🌹 this Ä ẅöṃäń ệńďṩ ḧệŕ ŀïḟệ ïń ḟŕöńẗ öḟ ḧệŕ🌹 ċḧïŀďŕệń Ḅệŀöẅ ẗḧệṿïďệö öń 🌹ṃÿċḧäńń🍁pjJJJJJJ
Eatmypeanutbutter Butter
Eatmypeanutbutter Butter Před 22 dny
Definitely go with combo one with that Beta!!
Elizabeth_Salazar31 Před měsícem
Coco Nut nobody cares.
IBocardoF youtube
IBocardoF youtube Před 3 dny
Gail Hulsey
Gail Hulsey Před 8 dny
I watching in the future and I looked back it’s funny how he thought the paint in toad Lake with a big project but now he’s doing this
Nehemiah Sawyer
Nehemiah Sawyer Před 13 dny
Avatar the movie copy the name of a Nickelodeon show called Avatar the last air bender
Murphy Rutledge
Murphy Rutledge Před 13 dny
This guy is going to get moved out of his apartment to make room for ants.
Shaurya banga
Shaurya banga Před 15 dny
its even more beautiful then the selva de fuego
Tabatha Jolly
Tabatha Jolly Před 18 dny
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted volcanoes 😭
ProXYGammer Před 21 dnem
you should feed the crayfish something amazing. as reward for keeping the water clean
Romeen Karimi
Romeen Karimi Před 21 dnem
even if the crayfish looks really dope I think it should be combo#1 because I really like glow fish
houwlingwoolf Před 22 dny
Smoll fish pls
Amanda Pothering
Amanda Pothering Před 22 dny
Cray fish because I want memories of my pet cray fish prawn
Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis Před 23 dny
The reason I picked the one with GloFish and the cleaners is because I think it would look really cool
tania bravo
tania bravo Před 23 dny
Corona snails.. wait a minute
Tjhe7 Před 25 dny
Wish it was an Air Temple :(
Ani_ B
Ani_ B Před 25 dny
I think combo1 was the best, (my option.)
John Chen
John Chen Před 26 dny
I thought Bettas were very aggressive, and also i really hope that when u said the betta would keep watch for fallen ants, i hope u meant that they would go back to land
Kevin Cairns
Kevin Cairns Před 28 dny
Archer fish
عبدالمحسن احمد
عبدالمحسن احمد Před měsícem
number 1
Konstantinos Kaloutsakis
Konstantinos Kaloutsakis Před měsícem
combo #1
Theo Kirby
Theo Kirby Před měsícem
turtle or
Theo Kirby
Theo Kirby Před měsícem
Glow fish
Jiefan Huang
Jiefan Huang Před měsícem
pasiden b6
pasiden b6 Před měsícem
Were you paid?
GROROMINE Před měsícem
Did he got the ants that he left in the wild?
Rikuto Koo
Rikuto Koo Před měsícem
Istg someone needs to make anta canadas ant farm in minecraft
Blake Staffner
Blake Staffner Před měsícem
Do a face reveale
Chloe Star Night
Chloe Star Night Před měsícem
Wait...corna snails!?!?!?!?
Nathaniel Hatcher
Nathaniel Hatcher Před měsícem
Kridey _x
Kridey _x Před měsícem
Have been watching him since the beginning of 2020 watched his every fireant video it had been like 2 months since I hadn't watched his videos thought he stopped posted so eventually went to the channel hadn't subscribed him yet even tho I have been watching this since like a year and I had missed like five of his videos. Wwttff😂😂😅
Cory Muir
Cory Muir Před měsícem
Beardy Guy
Beardy Guy Před měsícem
Combo #5 saltwater with lion fish and coral
The One
The One Před měsícem
Every time I see one of his little series I always feel like he deletes the first episode because I can never find it but finally I have found the first episode
Giganfan1 & everyone else
Giganfan1 & everyone else Před měsícem
Execute order 66!
DarkBrotherhood 22
DarkBrotherhood 22 Před měsícem
Whats the intro song?
A. Wiggins
A. Wiggins Před měsícem
I like Aquatic Livestock combo #1, anybody else?
CreeperWosTaken Před měsícem
Corona snail
CreeperWosTaken Před měsícem
Me when I realize he didn’t mean ATLA:My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
Pumpkin Před měsícem
9:46 my captions: Clithon corona snails Me: wait did I just hear that right corona?
Orange Před měsícem
Jess Silver
Jess Silver Před měsícem
How’s the golden empire been?
Victor Gilbert
Victor Gilbert Před měsícem
Fish 🐠
Victor Gilbert
Victor Gilbert Před měsícem
Frogs 🐸
Victor Gilbert
Victor Gilbert Před měsícem
Victor Gilbert
Victor Gilbert Před měsícem
Fish 🐠
orp adrian
orp adrian Před měsícem
group 1 please choose
Jess Silver
Jess Silver Před měsícem
anyone else thinking this was going to be airbender
Samuel Hanman
Samuel Hanman Před měsícem
Can you really call it a farm if they don't produce anything for you?
Cherubim666999 Před měsícem looks horrible
Dave s
Dave s Před měsícem
I want to see a shark in the ants home
West Virginian
West Virginian Před měsícem
I was disappointed to find out that this isn't a video of you building the new ant farm. I watched the next video about it and the ant farm was already built. More disappointment.
Timm Před měsícem
Insert a thin barrier where only water can fit through and mask parts of it with “stone” in the water part so you can give half to the frogs and half to the fishes maybe Or another type of distribution, just a barrier maybe so you can have multiple options
Diana Marquez
Diana Marquez Před měsícem
if its a male beta its going to kill other fish there agresive.
Derpzee Před měsícem
Lol he got a male one
김둘리 Před měsícem
Korean subtitles, please!
Hannah Před měsícem
Please don't use glow fish. It's cruel and the practice needs to be stopped. If you want fish that have neon colours, try neon tetras or another kind of tetra. They're naturally very bright without being inhumane to the fish. I worry that because your channel is popular with children and parents who don't know, you might spark demand for these poor fish when fishkeepers have been trying hard to spread awareness against buying them.
Marble's Channel
Marble's Channel Před měsícem
Airion Baumgartner
Airion Baumgartner Před měsícem
I do apologize I'm new with this jazz, but wouldn't the frog raid the ants and proceed to get burned
ItsGameTime Před měsícem
#aquatic life stock 1. has to be the best!
dwiyantioi setyati
dwiyantioi setyati Před měsícem
The blu
dwiyantioi setyati
dwiyantioi setyati Před měsícem
Option 1 and 3
dwiyantioi setyati
dwiyantioi setyati Před měsícem
Nevermid 2
dwiyantioi setyati
dwiyantioi setyati Před měsícem
Option 1 and 2
William Před měsícem
Soo basically all of them are firebenders and wheres the avatar?
Lansing green
Lansing green Před měsícem
Is it me or was the fire nation a slightly darker shade of red? Genetics perhaps? No problems just curious
Bruh Mania
Bruh Mania Před měsícem
​ @AntsCanada why wouldn't people want the crayfish? you should add it anyways
Rachal Obando
Rachal Obando Před měsícem
You should feed them a medium sized fish. Like this comment if you agree
Mesatalia Před měsícem
That would be too small to house even one betta with those other aquatic tankmates. They'll eat the shrimp. Most bettas need to live alone. Females, if able to be in a sorority (goes on a fish-by-fish basis), need to me in a minimum of 3 and always an odd number. Huge tank, lots of cover. There wouldn't be enough room and, again, issue with the shrimp. However I found it interesting you mentioned the Glo Danios but not the Glo bettas.
Chris And stellen
Chris And stellen Před měsícem
1 and 3
Chris And stellen
Chris And stellen Před měsícem
Rev Villanueva
Rev Villanueva Před měsícem
In Combo 1, instead of just 1 male betta, why not make a sorority of female bettas with some blues and one red?
Anime Assassin
Anime Assassin Před měsícem
L8n Klly
L8n Klly Před měsícem
Combo 1
Agatha Rights
Agatha Rights Před měsícem
This is really cool, thanks for the inspiration to 3D print my own prototype for my own terrariums!
Austin Phoenix
Austin Phoenix Před měsícem
curtis martin
curtis martin Před měsícem
question: why do the floating mountains need to be hollow? answer: so they may be able to dig their nests
curtis martin
curtis martin Před měsícem
Dear AntsCanda, I think the glow fish are a good idea
Thelastender_ Před měsícem
Put some small flying bugs for the birds in avetar
Hawkeye Prime
Hawkeye Prime Před měsícem
I look at the Tower and all I see is a logistical nightmare.
Mr Polar Bear
Mr Polar Bear Před měsícem
3 or 1
stan tone
stan tone Před měsícem
oooooooh not sure
Fresh Out Of Things To Do
Fresh Out Of Things To Do Před měsícem
Number one with glow fish
Msthieu Marin
Msthieu Marin Před měsícem
Small crab
MARK JESTER Před měsícem
Add sandew carnivorous plant
Cartoony Nightmare
Cartoony Nightmare Před měsícem
Glow fishes are made by Scientists so Thank them for glow fishes
nano nightfury
nano nightfury Před měsícem
Windigo Před měsícem
Combo 1. Or 3.
Natalie Soto
Natalie Soto Před měsícem
15:02 hearing a grown man with a narrator voice casually say "owo" makes me immensely happy like you can't comprehend how wholesome--
Porpoise Productions
Porpoise Productions Před měsícem
hey hey..... What about axolotls
Elisha Danielle
Elisha Danielle Před měsícem
Combo #1 hands down. I haven't watched any ants Canada in a while. Just because of life and my severe adhd lol. I'm so glad I ran across this video. I'm excited to watch this world come to be💙
Eugenio Pombi
Eugenio Pombi Před měsícem
number 1 definitely
Spow Před měsícem
Can you have more qeeun ants in 1 ant farm?
user Vid
user Vid Před měsícem
You should add a flower that produce food for ant, and ant trade for it
Darksouls 52
Darksouls 52 Před měsícem
Combo 1 or 3 :)
Letty Divina
Letty Divina Před měsícem
And combo 2 too is the best cause of the glowing fish will match that floating mountains
Letty Divina
Letty Divina Před měsícem
Combo 1 us the best for my opinion
SirPelican Před měsícem
U should add butterflys
Ramamoorthy Nanjundiah
Ramamoorthy Nanjundiah Před měsícem
Get a praying mantis please feed it grasshopper, locust, and so on in the next episode please
Alyssa Thomas
Alyssa Thomas Před měsícem
I like combo number one best
Rosemary Valle
Rosemary Valle Před měsícem
i beleve number 1 is better more cute and it looks bigger
Cohen vanB
Cohen vanB Před měsícem
I can’t wait for it to be finished !!! I can’t believe that you have got glow in the dark plants.🌵🌱🌸🌿I hope that the glow in the dark fish🐟🐠 get the most votes
Alex Kell
Alex Kell Před měsícem
Maybe small shell dwelling cichlids. That would be cool
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