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Call me crazy, but I'm building an entire house because of my passion for ant keeping. Today I explain how it all started, how I went about finding land, designed the new room, explain the new Ant Room's features, and give you guys a tour of the construction to date. Hope you enjoy today's video! #AntFarms #AntRoom #NewAntiverse
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AntsCanada Před 7 dny
Should the new Ant Room have a new name? VOTE HERE (see replies)!
Joey Lefebvre
Joey Lefebvre Před 6 dny
Aunt Multiverse
SSneaky And Friends
SSneaky And Friends Před 7 dny
Jamah Constance
Jamah Constance Před 7 dny
I think since it is a new Ant Room with a completely different vibe in a totally new place, it is only right to name it something different. The Antiverse should be remembered for what it was, and this new room will definitely not be the same thing! Mikey, I think you should name it THE FORMICADIUM
Lizard Fanboy
Lizard Fanboy Před 7 dny
The Antheon
Champion The Bunny
Champion The Bunny Před 25 minutami
instead of having the table in the middle of the room can you get a large tank you can see from all four sides? (or a round tank) I think that would be AMAZING for some leaf cutter ants!
Juan Herrera
Juan Herrera Před hodinou
I have fire ants wher I live
awesome Rex
awesome Rex Před hodinou
Make ant tubes running all over the house
Juan Herrera
Juan Herrera Před hodinou
I love you
Juan Herrera
Juan Herrera Před hodinou
Yaaa pls pls I like geckos and trantrilas
Finn Nebauer
Finn Nebauer Před hodinou
Wow this is so amazing ants Canada keep up the amazing work, can’t wait for this new home!!!
Headshot Gaming
Headshot Gaming Před 2 hodinami
Hah hahaha ant nerd go brrrrrrrrrrrr
Jhøn Løyd
Jhøn Løyd Před 2 hodinami
Next project is making the ants bigger😮😂
8-Bit Burrito
8-Bit Burrito Před 4 hodinami
AntsCanada 2030: Ok AC family, what should we name the new country I made for my ants? Leave it down in the comments down below!
Tony Winters
Tony Winters Před 4 hodinami
it is becoming the malty antivirus
ItzMeDB Před 5 hodinami
have fun cleaning the solar panels unless self cleaning ones exist idk i havnt kept up with them
erin hampson
erin hampson Před 5 hodinami
The anti-reverse kingdom
erin hampson
erin hampson Před 5 hodinami
The ant kingdom
Josh Rix
Josh Rix Před 5 hodinami
Man, you know ants are superior when they have a better house then you do.
Austin Worden
Austin Worden Před 5 hodinami
This is not what i was expecting when i clicked on this video I am not disappointed
S-27 Před 5 hodinami
What a mad lad
Bryce Chadwick
Bryce Chadwick Před 6 hodinami
It’s awesome!!!
Richard DeSimone
Richard DeSimone Před 7 hodinami
Hold up: so ant lives outside.we take ants in now they can’t handle the cold? Here in Rhode Island we have fire ants: It snows here. Ants just don’t die and then pop back up next year. So why can’t your ants survive cold. I’m having a hard time understanding this
OrenStarfright Před 7 hodinami
Love hearing the plans for your new lay out.
Rainer Lambertz
Rainer Lambertz Před 9 hodinami
I think, the new Name for the Antroom it´s :" Anticarium ", thats my Idee, Greats from Germany, Rainer.
What is Muc spelled backwards
What is Muc spelled backwards Před 9 hodinami
That house looks better then my previous two houses...
D'Angelo Před 10 hodinami
Is it a house you’re going to move into or just an ant room that you gotta drive to every day 😂
memz king
memz king Před 10 hodinami
AntsCanada into the antavirse
D'Angelo Před 10 hodinami
Yooo I’m so excited to see this. Someone reply to this comment when he posts the tour
Eliel Semidey
Eliel Semidey Před 10 hodinami
I bet someone could build some kind of cart that can go down stairs to hold the tanks...
D'Angelo Před 10 hodinami
Anyone else feel amazing every time he says welcome to the AC family😂like finally I’m part of sometbing
Andydawg Před 10 hodinami
I think the ants have finally completed their mind control over him.
Madavio Před 10 hodinami
Best thing since sliced... COVID?
Marco Gianni
Marco Gianni Před 11 hodinami
The ants are going to invade earth!!!
Austin Burras
Austin Burras Před 11 hodinami
OK come questions on how to move all your and into that house that seems like a very dangerous problem and to And if the ant Room is gonna be 2 stories in so bigA week cutter set up like Canada has
Percyval Dämmerlicht
Percyval Dämmerlicht Před 11 hodinami
♫ I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it ♫ Enjoy your catchy tune
Nik Tuljak
Nik Tuljak Před 12 hodinami
Are u creating the strongest army of ants ever to take over the world?
Penay Haciali
Penay Haciali Před 12 hodinami
i remember someone in the comments saying:10 years later:Ants Canada building house for ants:well he guesed it right BuT iTs RiGhT nOw this is my 4th comment on my life :D
Penay Haciali
Penay Haciali Před 12 hodinami
Woah thats sus
Kronos. Před 13 hodinami
I’m probably late, but I have a great name that I thought I would share. Antlantis.
Inuhōseki Před 13 hodinami
I thought he built an entire house for his ants like the ants owned the house he just set all his ants free in a huge house I'm an idiot
JayDatGamer :D
JayDatGamer :D Před 13 hodinami
@AntsCanada the lounging room could have a big tank as a window so the sun will go through the tank and into the lounge room while ants do what they do
JayDatGamer :D
JayDatGamer :D Před 13 hodinami
You good bro
Ramy zzstu Zebib
Ramy zzstu Zebib Před 14 hodinami
instead of a V to support it put an AC for antsCanada
Diego Yepes
Diego Yepes Před 14 hodinami
Mikey could have easily just build a giant block with some dirt and the ants would like it. All this extra room design and whatever is just for fun at this point
the oofer gang
the oofer gang Před 14 hodinami
When AntsCanada is in the buiding he should like do vlogs around the area and see cool animals
Ileikants Před 14 hodinami
The size of the ant room is literally the size of my living room omggg
Ileikants Před 14 hodinami
Imagine if the ants escape while the truck is transporting the tanks
Anonymous Monkey
Anonymous Monkey Před 15 hodinami
for one second I though he was building the house and releasing the ants IN the house itself.
Mama Schatzy
Mama Schatzy Před 15 hodinami
My dude.... you're literally creating your OWN palidarium to live in 😂😂😂
Louis Vanden Broucke
Louis Vanden Broucke Před 16 hodinami
tape isolation material to the corners and sides of the tanks, a simple but effective way of limiting possible cracks
Ironic Cookies
Ironic Cookies Před 16 hodinami
So when is the first ant zoo opening?
Dawnbreaking Před 16 hodinami
Moving idea: you should probably move the ants into a smaller case using food, light, etc. that way you might be able to put the cases down the elevator.
Juice Boi
Juice Boi Před 16 hodinami
Make and ant house terrarium
ben Před 16 hodinami
you should build transport tubes for the ants like in berlin
pkextra Před 17 hodinami
I just realized that if you make a giant hallway with any farms on either side, it might be more accurate to call it a human farm
jamesfan1630 Před 17 hodinami
but send it to indonesia pls cause im from indonesia
matt ford
matt ford Před 17 hodinami
It worry’s me about the temp in the truck you use. You said it takes a hour to get to your new home and it can get super hot in the back of trucks. Have you thought about this?
Digital Nova
Digital Nova Před 17 hodinami
Cryptokemon Parkesy
Cryptokemon Parkesy Před 17 hodinami
epic! hope you're going to have a 2 story ant tank with tubes so they can move between each level!
vineheart01 Před 18 hodinami
the fact that you can do this for a youtube channel alone is insane.
Stahlzahn Před 18 hodinami
How to become a millionair.. Step 01: Keep Ants
Thomas babb
Thomas babb Před 18 hodinami
is it just me or is his voice deeper
Jenro Almorfe
Jenro Almorfe Před 18 hodinami
Imagine if you were attack by the massive army of ant
Legoboi609 Před 18 hodinami
call it ant manor
jamesfan1630 Před 18 hodinami
the ant room i love it
Gavin Cowherd
Gavin Cowherd Před 18 hodinami
jorts_ Před 18 hodinami
Kawan Kekawan
Kawan Kekawan Před 19 hodinami
ok things started to get outta hand... holy shet this is real?
Joseph Chua
Joseph Chua Před 19 hodinami
well, i would say a not same name
Jack Nogman
Jack Nogman Před 19 hodinami
bored Před 19 hodinami
Your taking the idea of minecraft waaay too far
Love Stricker
Love Stricker Před 19 hodinami
I know this is off topic, but how is the yellow Crazy ants doing. I really like that serious but you haven't updated for them in so long.
AntsCanada Před 19 hodinami
You missed the episode before this one! Go check it out! Or the episode that just uploaded now!
Manuel H.
Manuel H. Před 19 hodinami
Do you guys have any Tips? Me: dont live on the 15th floor and buying such massive tanks in the first place xD (just a joke)
OgMatrx Před 19 hodinami
Hmm, i do wonder what lovely country AntsCanada is making that house in 🤔
MrJade Stknds
MrJade Stknds Před 20 hodinami
I might have saw two youre tik tok accs
Noor Hasmi
Noor Hasmi Před 20 hodinami
Can't wait right?
Kristopher Crafton
Kristopher Crafton Před 20 hodinami
The country of Antada begins. Real talk though, eagerly awaiting the new ant home and looking forward to hearing how you figure out moving the ants. Feel like that's going to be immensely trying at BEST.
Cruxity Před 21 hodinou
How do you release the flying ants from your enclosures when it's nuptial flight seasons?
Mogley Jay
Mogley Jay Před 21 hodinou
🤔. Eh
jamesfan1630 Před 21 hodinou
and your crazy
Habbie Před 22 hodinami
AntsCanada 2025 : I made a AntVillage. 2030: An actual AntCountry. 2050: How I made my AntWorld in real life101!!11!1!!!!!!!
Quality Anims
Quality Anims Před 22 hodinami
Next there’ll be an ant sized suburb
jamesfan1630 Před 22 hodinami
call the fire ma and then make them lift the latter and give the tanks to the
jamesfan1630 Před 22 hodinami
Oskaras Dockus
Oskaras Dockus Před 22 hodinami
this is museum material
James Eccleston
James Eccleston Před 22 hodinami
Anomander Rake
Anomander Rake Před 23 hodinami
I live in a room with 5 other guys that is smaller than the room this dude is building for his ants
Anomander Rake
Anomander Rake Před 23 hodinami
"The ants canada center for ants who can't read good and who want to learn to do other stuff good too"
Waray TV
Waray TV Před dnem
Who is your real name
Cohen vanB
Cohen vanB Před dnem
Your new house 🏡looks really cool and if you ever find a draco lizard,spitting cobra or python please make video of it.👍🏼🤩😃
Anime Dude
Anime Dude Před dnem
I don't want to be a downer but I don't think you'll really be able to get those big tanks out full like that. The weight plus the stairs would be insanely hard to manage but I hope I am wrong
Dumb kid Tabanao
Dumb kid Tabanao Před dnem
Lol saw this coming
leonell costales
leonell costales Před dnem
Watching vids from this channel is my way to unwind ❤️ (Mikey's voice is so d*mn good) I also wanted to keep ants but it's kind of expensive for me 😑 PS. Pa shout out kuya Mikey 😂
Nicholas Wroblewski
Nicholas Wroblewski Před dnem
multi antiverse
The Ants Life
The Ants Life Před dnem
i just made a video on how to make your first plaster anthill lmao.
Sir Imran
Sir Imran Před dnem
Luck is yours wishes are mine. Let your future always shine. Best of Luck
Random Review United
Random Review United Před dnem
How much money did this take?
Mihailo Guzijan
Mihailo Guzijan Před dnem
3:21 Well if you wore a shirt when filming then you wouldn't be as sweety
wackybadette23 Před dnem
Mikey: giving his ants an small apartment 10 years later* get a masion for an ant colony 20 years later* gets a planet for the ants
Deivid Alves
Deivid Alves Před dnem
aushuahsuahsuahuhs 35 celcius is the main temperature in my country
Michelle De los santos
Michelle De los santos Před dnem
He's gonna get a whole village once he gets 30 homes for the ants that's a start of a big generation of ants
Alondra Sanchez
Alondra Sanchez Před dnem
Are you going to be like a big room for the ants reply back in a few days I’m your biggest fan and I like I like I don’t like snakes on that I don’t seem to wanna lose you and then take it to when they get to it I guess on the amount of size replied back in like 20 days and this is the biggest fan
Kiel Anderson
Kiel Anderson Před dnem
Dalton Belo
Dalton Belo Před dnem
Rename it to the “Ant multiverse” since the smaller one was the antiverse and it’s two floors
Lancraftmal Před dnem
I wonder if anyone is with this guy, he's too cool to not have a partner!
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