BEASTS OF THE WATERWORLD: Avatar-Themed Floating Mountains Paludarium for Ants

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Today we populate the waters of our Avatar-themed Floating Mountains paludarium, called the Ember Islands. The Ember Islands will become the future home of our massive pet fire ant colony, called the Phoenix Empire, but before they can move in, we needed to create a stable aquatic system in order to handle the garbage, feces, and dead bodies the fire ants might drop into the water, lest they foul up their own drinking water and get poisoned. Watch as we add some water beasts to act as clean up crew for the waters of the Ember Islands. Hope you enjoy today's episode! #Avatar #AntFarm #Paludarium
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AntsCanada Před měsícem
Greetings, Ant Lovers/AC Family! Hope you guys enjoy this week's episode! Taking name suggestions for our beasts now! Let me know your name ideas so we can all vote together in a future video to give them official names! By the way, if you haven't yet don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the channel (hit the BELL and select ALL for Notification Squad), hit the LIKE button, and SHARE this video! Thanks so much, guys! Ant love forever!
Annel Campa
Annel Campa Před měsícem
@Rubber_Drawz yeah
Dragon Fan
Dragon Fan Před měsícem
I like sapphire as a name, but is that too girly? I love the Betta, He's so pretty!!! I had a red betta named James that lived 5 years! Bettas are so lovely
Cap'n Cookie and Heebes
Cap'n Cookie and Heebes Před měsícem
is it a good idea to use GMOs to try to make ants with things like human intelligence, the ability to make tools, creativity and abstract thinking, individual personalities emotions, and consciousness.
Dayton Hatfield
Dayton Hatfield Před měsícem
I was thinking pez Dr fuego
Emir Pulungan
Emir Pulungan Před měsícem
Add More fish pls
Taimour Saud Salim ALLamki
Taimour Saud Salim ALLamki Před 45 minutami
How about water Phoenix
Cade Candee
Cade Candee Před 8 hodinami
Ants can act like the mafia sometimes. Here's my evidence... Ant: *dies* Other ants: "Get rid of the body." *Throws the body in the water and goes on with their business* Conclusion.. they use other ants like they're tools for personal gain and remove them once they have no more use.
Chady Plays
Chady Plays Před 17 hodinami
Sdd a female betta so they can reproduce
James McKelvie
James McKelvie Před dnem
i had a fish just like that fighting fish
jarbaca 19
jarbaca 19 Před 2 dny
Put an axolotl
Patton’s Pets Official
Patton’s Pets Official Před 2 dny
Add many many snails
Drew Sample
Drew Sample Před 3 dny
This whole time I've thought "Avatar themed" meant the last airbender, with the floating rocks a nod to the air nomad's temples. smh
IBocardoF youtube
IBocardoF youtube Před 3 dny
Please do an ark aberration based paludarium
Tripplestryke 245
Tripplestryke 245 Před 4 dny
Fancy that! I get an avatar the last Airbender ad for the Secret Tunnel song!
Surferjoe17 Před 4 dny
I think maybe some cardinal tetras would be quite nice in the tank as the beta is blue and red and would look quite nice in a shoal
TheVortexGamer Před 4 dny
Who else wants this to be the two-floor paludarioum in the ant house? I think it would be cool to have an even bigger space that could have more animals, more fish, and more plants. And of course more ants.
Fee the Fox
Fee the Fox Před 4 dny
Rob Soro
Rob Soro Před 4 dny
SimAndi Před 5 dny
You really missed an opportunity there, you could have done it like smash bros.
The Wild Hooligan
The Wild Hooligan Před 6 dny
You should try ghost shrimp
Laserstar80 Před 6 dny
You should add a female beta
Jul 0518
Jul 0518 Před 8 dny
A couple years ago a got sick and found out it was dengue
Zachary Luke
Zachary Luke Před 9 dny
Hydra and Kraken
Red Cheeks
Red Cheeks Před 10 dny
Hello nice vid!that middle fish O.o !!!! tetra something it is a killer dont put it in with the guppys cos it can turn to hunter that kills all the guppies..esp when your not around...i had one of those in purple it killed my entire aquarium,while the store classified it is harmless...
Red Cheeks
Red Cheeks Před 10 dny
beter keep your eye on it ,when you start to c eaten tails of fish you might have to remove him.
Dustin Owens
Dustin Owens Před 10 dny
I hope beta stays safe
Dustin Owens
Dustin Owens Před 10 dny
U should add a toad to the mix bro
Dustin Owens
Dustin Owens Před 10 dny
Or a frog
Del Demmonet
Del Demmonet Před 10 dny
I think the fish , crabs and betta should be named after creatures of avatar.
JAMES FROM Před 10 dny
April Martiz
April Martiz Před 10 dny
This is emotional lmao, when the fishes took on their color and the Betta guarded his cave, my heartu cried :'3
Effemar Před 11 dny
girl..... we're out here crying over fish
Richard Ordonez
Richard Ordonez Před 11 dny
If its call ember island is the water will kill it
Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito Před 11 dny
DO NOT get a female betta with a male betta.
Lanka Gossip
Lanka Gossip Před 12 dny
add an female betta fish
Lanka Gossip
Lanka Gossip Před 12 dny
i tyhink the shrimps should be called the janitors
JustGamingBOT Před 12 dny
2:19 italian flag intensifies
Nehemiah Sawyer
Nehemiah Sawyer Před 13 dny
I want A glow in the dark fish in it please
Renzy avila
Renzy avila Před 14 dny
This is nice. I think for betta fish. I prefer copper Crown tail It fits the Color of the habitat and It’s amazing. As far I go this is the best aquarium I’ve ever seen
Austin Soumetho
Austin Soumetho Před 15 dny
Austin Soumetho
Austin Soumetho Před 15 dny
Mason Allen-Stevens
Mason Allen-Stevens Před 15 dny
and cool fishdont put more male bata fish then they will fight antcanada
Mason Allen-Stevens
Mason Allen-Stevens Před 15 dny
get some females deta fish and get some other fish like other littel fish
Ostrich Před 16 dny
Toruk is cool
Jalil Parker
Jalil Parker Před 18 dny
My name suggestion for the fish is aldamar
Plusle Playz
Plusle Playz Před 18 dny
The Shrimp Soldiers!
Tabatha Jolly
Tabatha Jolly Před 18 dny
Oh come on!!! 😡😤
Sami Say’s
Sami Say’s Před 19 dny
Thank you thank you thank you!! You all voted my suggestion, Ember Islands! Thank you all so much!! I love you all, and I’m so glad I was part of making history in the AC Family Universe! Thank you so much!
Abzdragon 272
Abzdragon 272 Před 19 dny
Yes add a female beta i wanna see beta babys 😂🤣
Abzdragon 272
Abzdragon 272 Před 19 dny
Oh nvm just reading danials commont
Abzdragon 272
Abzdragon 272 Před 19 dny
At there local waterfall yes we all have LOCAL WATERFALLS 🤣🤣
Clever Boy
Clever Boy Před 20 dny
vo hanhnguyen
vo hanhnguyen Před 20 dny
AntsCanada: you guys will die! Me: I died now what
Eric Houtman
Eric Houtman Před 21 dnem
African dwarf frog
Thefirephoenix Před 21 dnem
The bettas would kill all the other fish.
Delande Před 21 dnem
D.W. - Water Dragon
boss302whr Před 21 dnem
Female Beta would be cool, if they mate and have eggs that would be a cool videos
Claire Whiting
Claire Whiting Před 22 dny
I like the name Finny
shiying xia
shiying xia Před 22 dny
fianly..after 10000000000000000 vpns I can finally watch you!!!!
Cristia Olson
Cristia Olson Před 23 dny
Nooooo Mikey! That betta is going to go to town on those chilis and amanos as soon as his mouth is big enough! I mean, if the amanos are big enough, they may have a shot, but chilis are so dinky that they are definitely on the menu in about 3 or 4 months. He's a really pretty boy, but maybe move him to a different setup (or at least keep a really close eye on your rasbora population). I know you are a responsible keeper, and there are a lot of hiding places in there, but I've made the mistake of keeping an adult betta with nano fish. I mean, occasionally you get a really chill betta, and it manages to work (I had a massive female who was fine with my ember tetras and only attacked snails for whatever reason), but I lost a half dozen galaxy rasboras once too. Just, um, proceed with extreme caution. Warnings aside, you have the coolest looking paludarium ever. The habitats you build are truly spectacular.
Bridget Před 23 dny
Either the school of fish or the troop of shrimp should be called The Ember Island Players. Totally a good opportunity for this!
doctor lightning super
doctor lightning super Před 23 dny
Can you guy help me name my Queen carpenter ants and her future colony. I know you are really good at naming ant colonies so I figured I'd come here for help.
GameGuyBeardMan Před 23 dny
This needs mushrooms or other fungal life
GameGuyBeardMan Před 21 dnem
@AntsCanada 😱 I am very excited!
AntsCanada Před 21 dnem
Stay tuned!
Jim Valsorable
Jim Valsorable Před 23 dny
Can you pls add crabs and also make a ancient looking queen ant in the islands thats all i hope you like my ideas
Bucket Dog
Bucket Dog Před 24 dny
Name him Exotic
Eatinsomtin Před 24 dny
2:18 Me: So Italy flag really is everywhere
Gar Wal
Gar Wal Před 25 dny
Orange dwarf crayfish have a very aggressive hunting tendency so it may get taken for a ride by your betta but the amono shrimp potentially may be hunted relentlessly being most vulnerable durring moulting.
Styles Před 25 dny
My comment to show support for your Video is as follows. -Big Thumbs Up
Mat Gaming
Mat Gaming Před 25 dny
I think I'm so late but I think gappy is gonna be cool
Big Shrek
Big Shrek Před 26 dny
Love to see some sort of small eels
Adrian Zambrano
Adrian Zambrano Před 26 dny
Ghost fish
Adrian Zambrano
Adrian Zambrano Před 26 dny
I think finney
Darkshadowswager _YT
Darkshadowswager _YT Před 26 dny
Maybe you could call the water fall the fungi falls?
J Garringer
J Garringer Před 26 dny
I thought beta fish had to be by themselves because I used to have 4 gold fish, a gorami fish and a bottom feeder and I wanted to get a beta fish but the person at the pet store said that beta fish will fight the other fish so they have to be by themselves in
:Choco: :Shade:
:Choco: :Shade: Před 26 dny
I used to have a beta fish named Scales, he survived my cats once and his fins got ripped up.. I miss him a lot! He lived 2 years maybe almost 3, very long for a beta!
Jimin Park
Jimin Park Před 26 dny
Looks like evolution has stared in the ember island
Zeus Rudland
Zeus Rudland Před 27 dny
Deviance -
Deviance - Před 27 dny
Yas give the beta a companion
Crazyxchill Před 27 dny
Maybe add some bugs that walk on the water i feel they would fit in
Neurotic Aquatic
Neurotic Aquatic Před 28 dny
I have never been so interested in ants before!! This is an absolutely INSANE set up! 🤯🤯🤯🤙🐟💙🐟 your channel is incredible!
Agnes Landry
Agnes Landry Před 28 dny
I love the fact that the fish remind me of the neon colors of Pandora s plants.
GamerTron 91225
GamerTron 91225 Před 28 dny
petition for corydoras catish
Yes taruke
Nena Maka
Nena Maka Před 28 dny
🇲🇽💕😤 12:20
Kem Hug
Kem Hug Před 28 dny
What are feral ants and where do they come from?
Finn Rogers
Finn Rogers Před 28 dny
If you still haven't decided a name for the betta, I think you should name him Odin, the name of the norse god of death. Or, he could be named Sonar.
EwigerSuchender Před 28 dny
Can you add a crokodile please
Kc Flick
Kc Flick Před 29 dny
I love when you make entire ecosystems just for ants :) 🐜
Wyatt Toronto
Wyatt Toronto Před 29 dny
That betta you have reminds me of my betta fish that died recently in late January R.I.P Sir Benjamin the third
Teh Před 29 dny
Jarel Coleman
Jarel Coleman Před 29 dny
This man has the best cliff hangers
W B Před 29 dny
BRO BE CAREFUL. If you add the crayfish he WILL eat any shrimp he can get his slicers on. They're opportunistic predators
Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia Před 29 dny
When he said “alright ac family the moment y’all have been waiting for” I had already forgot about the ants at this point. I need more relaxing footage of the aquatic ecosystem
Zeus Rudland
Zeus Rudland Před 29 dny
I love ants I love water beasts
Brendon Havener
Brendon Havener Před 29 dny
Ember islands? Where’s the theater?
Minecraft’s New Begginings
Minecraft’s New Begginings Před 29 dny
Add some guppies in there
Snake God
Snake God Před měsícem
What about when the fish/shrimp die?
Wolffer King
Wolffer King Před měsícem
For adding another creature hmmm... I think a piranh:)
Mech BOII Před měsícem
i always wanted to do something like this ,making a small world for me to sculpt and form and let life to take place and grow but i cant i'm too lazy and no space:( also the fish name.. ummm he looks unique how about the ____ king of the fish maybe add a queen
Cassandra Boland
Cassandra Boland Před měsícem
i know a great fish that cleans and is good with bettas it is a coir cat fist
Demon Ascended
Demon Ascended Před měsícem
GrimFoX Shadowfang
GrimFoX Shadowfang Před měsícem
Dwarf shark
Spicy_Aodh Před měsícem
This channel is my guilty pleasure
Elvie Barrientos
Elvie Barrientos Před měsícem
TheMountainDeer Před měsícem
Beta be like everything the light doesn't touch Is my kingdom
Cake Buns
Cake Buns Před měsícem
You should name the prettyfish something that means king of the sea
Notti Před měsícem
A device that creates mist, a device that creates rain, but no camera inside that can run all the time at a hotspot where you normally wouldnt be able to film? Bad planning, Mickey Mouse.
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