Axolotland - The Cutest Creatures You've Ever Seen

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Welcome to Axolotland, a new mountainside village aquarium and habitat for two aquadragons, i.e. axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum). These very unique and cute amphibians, which are closely related to tiger salamanders are pretty interesting creatures. In this video, we watch these two axolotls evolve from strangers to best friends. We also watch how they hunt, forage, relax, and feed. You'll be surprised how intelligent and endearing they are. Hope you like this week's non-ant related (for a change) episode. Enjoy!
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An anonymous person
An anonymous person Před rokem
Those axolotls looking for the pellets remind me of me looking for my keys when I drop them in my car
Im cool boi :D
Im cool boi :D Před 3 hodinami
Im late but xD
allyson layne
allyson layne Před dnem
Hmm its more like me looking for my phone even if its right in front of my face and to admit... I never look.
macacio08 Před 8 dny
these axolotls are gonna reproduce i bet they will
Liam Hogan
Liam Hogan Před 9 dny
Haha 😂
Atara Alyssa Cho
Atara Alyssa Cho Před 9 dny
what happened? will we get an update?
PlushaKsusha Před 3 hodinami
#AXOLOTL 13:55 Sometime before: Female: Hey! what are you doing? *Male:* Female: ... * lays on male * Male: GET LOST Male: ??? _/-------------/??? ?? / o\ /o |???? \__________/?
loser Asian
loser Asian Před 3 hodinami
How’d this man get the 1.17 Minecraft axolotls early? 👁👁
micro 11
micro 11 Před 13 minutami
big brain time
Pedrom Maysami-Azad
Pedrom Maysami-Azad Před 4 hodinami
That is not the cutest animal I have ever seen as claimed in the title. You are wrong, I have seen cuter.
Blue Amongusguy
Blue Amongusguy Před 5 hodinami
They use smellllllLllllLl
GoldFishi Před 10 hodinami
Yakuza Font
eXecute gaming
eXecute gaming Před 11 hodinami
me remebers it from minecraft cave update
Butter Cup
Butter Cup Před 15 hodinami
It’s been awhile what happens to axolotol land
Dr YouTube
Dr YouTube Před 16 hodinami
You know aqua dragons if they get sick you can put them in a fridge to heal .
Elaine Zhang
Elaine Zhang Před 19 hodinami
Legend says that the axolotls were too cute and got released and were never seen again. :C
Graphite Storm
Graphite Storm Před 23 hodinami
Now these fellas are in Minecraft..Amazing.
henry stickmin
henry stickmin Před 23 hodinami
the green bear doing afton fam vids
the green bear doing afton fam vids Před dnem
Woahhhhhh the water is so still it almost looks like little dragons in a lizard tank but it isn't it's very cool and the little axols are so cute and I'm a year late but oooooooooooooooooooooo and they are so cuteee 💜 and don't mind this comment in one in the morning I'm bored and I gave it a like myself don't like it people just a random comment nothing to see here
cherr E
cherr E Před dnem
Ik this was a year ago but I'm worried because they have been taken out of water for the thumbnail it's concerning because you can injure or even kill an axolotl by doing that please stop getting axolotls if you are going to mistreat them and if you didn't take them out of water you are promoting the idea to take them out of water smh
Maekko Před 5 hodinami
Ants Canada i came from Minecraft. This is my new favorite animal and I really don’t want them to go extinct. Btw whats their names
AntsCanada Před dnem
@cherr E No, just looking out for you in case you decide to comment on other videos of youtubers who aren't as nice as me. Be careful, young grasshopper! 😉
MineTheFury Před dnem
@cherr E please stop being a jerk..
cherr E
cherr E Před dnem
@AntsCanada it was a misunderstanding and I didn't notice and you don't really have to be that passive agressive chill out sir
cherr E
cherr E Před dnem
@AntsCanada geez passive agressive much
Ash Pham
Ash Pham Před dnem
when they get eggs and more axolotl s
allyson layne
allyson layne Před dnem
Oh an I love how you always make it seem like a story so cool haha
allyson layne
allyson layne Před dnem
If anyone on this that knows about how to train your dragon you would probably agree with me allright they look like lightfury
FBI Agent Jason
FBI Agent Jason Před dnem
Kirby on crack
FBI Agent Jason
FBI Agent Jason Před dnem
*what a weird way to spell kirby*
ice cream girl 1988
ice cream girl 1988 Před dnem
Bkhjaedbliqjedb lihqwecblijqwdcblijqwdhcliuqwhecliuqwebcoiuqwhdvo8aebdvliuqedvlijqe This is too cute for me
Kabir Narang
Kabir Narang Před dnem
Also, axolotls are almost extinct so keeping and breeding them as it increases both their number and awareness among people but we should not harm them. Love your channel. My favourite is the pheonix empire. Fun fact: 5 types of axolotls are being added to minecraft
Natalka Galova
Natalka Galova Před dnem
Hmm dont reptiliens look sou cute 😌
TheDinnerCatRonnie McEez
TheDinnerCatRonnie McEez Před dnem
"me who watched him feed an axolotl to ants" '-' `-`
Píxëlåtëd Grådíëñt
Píxëlåtëd Grådíëñt Před dnem
"They inched their way close-" *an ad with my mom in it shows up* Me: hOlD uP
Gornmek Pansri
Gornmek Pansri Před dnem
I think the female will eggs soon
SuperPrzeme 2.0
SuperPrzeme 2.0 Před dnem
LyricalJuicyz 2.0
LyricalJuicyz 2.0 Před 2 dny
Axolotls are animals of peace
ju ne
ju ne Před 2 dny
Is there any new update for this Axolotls ?
Firecrab5 gaming
Firecrab5 gaming Před 2 dny
These animals are going to be in Minecraft 1.17
Le'lands Lounge
Le'lands Lounge Před 2 dny
They where eskimo kissing
Dessie Atkinson
Dessie Atkinson Před 2 dny
I hope they are like this in Minecraft!
-_- Před 2 dny
So cute
George Smith
George Smith Před 2 dny
You should be a DM in DnD
Anand Ayer
Anand Ayer Před 2 dny
The male is typical
vaidas pakeris
vaidas pakeris Před 2 dny
omg axolot minecraft cave update
Chilton Hera
Chilton Hera Před 2 dny
Ow my goooood
JIMU 1000
JIMU 1000 Před 2 dny
To onother dimension which is onother aquarium
TheGachaAnimator Před 3 dny
Minecraft 1.17 is making a impact on Axolotl's
Jane Writer
Jane Writer Před 3 dny
I’m officially impressed 💞💜💕❤️💗💖❣️
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee Před 3 dny
MEAxokweleemliqme owwmd Mailed
Joseangel Před 3 dny
Minecraft with circles 0_o
Dylan Wyman
Dylan Wyman Před 3 dny
spaghetti *exists*, me 8:40
the sword master 1
the sword master 1 Před 3 dny
Yo they added the Creature from Minecraft in real life
christina frost
christina frost Před 4 dny
13:36: something tells me ur gonna have mimi axolotls swimming round that tank very soon
Isabella Flameno
Isabella Flameno Před 4 dny
Johanna Mikaela Martir
Johanna Mikaela Martir Před 4 dny
Never in my whole entire life have I shipped to animals SO HARD
Johanna Mikaela Martir
Johanna Mikaela Martir Před 4 dny
Shrimp, fish, and chicken are one of my top favorite foods- GIMME THAT PELLET
Johanna Mikaela Martir
Johanna Mikaela Martir Před 4 dny
Me eating spaghettio be like: 8:42
Johanna Mikaela Martir
Johanna Mikaela Martir Před 4 dny
7:07 Everybody turned gansta when the female Axolotl posed like that
Johanna Mikaela Martir
Johanna Mikaela Martir Před 4 dny
sad yeet
sad yeet Před 4 dny
for some reason a curser goes across the screen at 12:06
ThatOneCard :]
ThatOneCard :] Před 4 dny
7:05 Sup
BôbaTeä Před 4 dny
You can pet or tap them on the head VERY gently. In fact you can take them out by hand if necessary.
ZombieAden Před 4 dny
My mom said that Axolotls are ugly 😕
Jeffrey Quigley
Jeffrey Quigley Před 4 dny
Can we get an update
I like how Minecraft announces they adding axolotls and now youtube is recommending all kinds of axolotl videos
jake melendez
jake melendez Před 4 dny
Leonel V.
Leonel V. Před 4 dny
Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute aqua dragon couple
ZZO1 EpicUltra
ZZO1 EpicUltra Před 4 dny
I feel like 371 of the dislikes were mistakes or people just not liking this video, and the other 1,000 were purely because people started spamming sex in the live chat lol
PoggersMcPog Před 5 dny
the title is very clickbate. i am cutest creature youll ever see
Jurassic drawing With me
Jurassic drawing With me Před 5 dny
Their light fury’s now we need a night fury
A guy who’s name starts with T
A guy who’s name starts with T Před 5 dny
The fact that he keeps these in a good place that can sustain an axolotl and in a good sized space makes this man a hero since these things are EXTREMELY endangered there are like 700-1200 of these things alive finding a Lamborghini is easier to find than these
Aryan Prajapati
Aryan Prajapati Před 5 dny
Rambosaurus Rex
Rambosaurus Rex Před 5 dny
I am glad that these wonderful creatures are being put into minecraft.
Cox Kids
Cox Kids Před 5 dny
Me too
Israel Martinez
Israel Martinez Před 5 dny
Get more
Chris Zhou
Chris Zhou Před 5 dny
baby axolotl
Jossue Portillo
Jossue Portillo Před 5 dny
Where is part 2?
Lauren Lee
Lauren Lee Před 5 dny
These two have each other, while I'm here still single...😅
melody angas
melody angas Před 5 dny
Being endangered Axolotl; ): Being in a game (minecraft) And Maybe could help Axolotls; :D
Fantastic Plastic
Fantastic Plastic Před 5 dny
Axo’s have been my favorite animal for years
JJ BFG - Book Reviews
JJ BFG - Book Reviews Před 5 dny
Ever since I saw the Minecraft 1.17 update trailer my CSposts recommendations were filled with axolotl stuff.
NYazhiOfficial889 [Animations, Memes, Stuff]
NYazhiOfficial889 [Animations, Memes, Stuff] Před 5 dny
Little Timmy
Little Timmy Před 6 dny
7:11 i thought she was lagging
Skye Taylor
Skye Taylor Před 6 dny
I so enjoyed this. Any 2020 updates? 😊
you've been f*cked with.
you've been f*cked with. Před 6 dny
Did you get a male, and female... Also... If so are you gonna breed them to help persevere the species?
Late To The Party
Late To The Party Před 6 dny
Dude you need to do a channel of just axolotls. I can't watch ants or bugs. But if you just do an Axolotls Channel I would subscribe and watch it daily.
Brayden Crego
Brayden Crego Před 6 dny
Why don’t you ever do live feedings to your animals? So like a cocroach
GreenCrystal19 Před 5 dny
He does, for his ants anyways. Quite often. time he realized the cockroach wad kinda pregnant...and...the babies were spawnkilled....
AAA MAQ Před 6 dny
This guy is coming in Minecraft 1.17
AAA MAQ Před 6 dny
I thought u send deserve a sub
Shining Plays
Shining Plays Před 6 dny
Yes doesnt deserve those 2 likes
Matthew Hurren
Matthew Hurren Před 6 dny
8:39 Me When I See My Favorite Food
Luzie Ann David
Luzie Ann David Před 6 dny
and add to minecraft!'
Gabe Wyatt
Gabe Wyatt Před 6 dny
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer Před 6 dny
Somebody make this in Minecraft
Ivan 凯文 Shadow Litten
Ivan 凯文 Shadow Litten Před 3 dny
They did it
RedNinja1704 RN
RedNinja1704 RN Před 6 dny
Who else is here because of the axolotl being added to Minecraft
Timothy Ditchfield
Timothy Ditchfield Před 6 dny
Pls respond I need to know love your channel
Timothy Ditchfield
Timothy Ditchfield Před 6 dny
Have they mated are they healthy do you still have them
Timothy Ditchfield
Timothy Ditchfield Před 6 dny
Man what happond 1 year ago I neeeeeed an update
Timothy Ditchfield
Timothy Ditchfield Před 6 dny
Yes more axolotels that's proberly not spelt right
Vertangle Lines
Vertangle Lines Před 7 dny
7:00 idk why i pictured MTV cribs when the music started.
xxblackparade Před 7 dny
mikey bustos chupa
SokkaButAPokemon -DoubleX929
SokkaButAPokemon -DoubleX929 Před 7 dny
Minecraft has blessed this channel
Daniel Khairallah
Daniel Khairallah Před 7 dny
My Axolotls turn their nose up at pellets. One prefers live earthworms, and the other likes Repashy meat Pie best. They know what they like and stick to it.
Michael Claffey
Michael Claffey Před 7 dny
The male axolotl reminds me of winter from Wof
Slime-co Před 7 dny
Axolotl from Minecraft
Mj Amador
Mj Amador Před 7 dny
axolotland love😍😭😁
Shake Well
Shake Well Před 7 dny
Minecraft: announces axolotls CSposts: Ill just recommend... everything
The axolotls are now been added to a game called minecraft AND ITS MOREE CUTE
Aiden Vargas
Aiden Vargas Před 7 dny
I like these underwater lizards
Mr memez Is noice0763
Mr memez Is noice0763 Před 7 dny
Poor axolotl :( it has no money :(
grim reaper
grim reaper Před 7 dny
Their gonna be in minecraft soon
Vallerie Tampi
Vallerie Tampi Před 7 dny
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