Ant Colony Spotlight: Trap-Jaw Ants (Live Feeding)

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Today we are live streaming one of our beloved ant colonies: the ever unique, ferocious, and prolific trap-jaw ants, known as "The Jawbreakers". We discuss about their housing, care, and give them some roaches! Watch how this amazing ants live out their lives.
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AntsCanada Před rokem
AC Family, the trap-jaw ants feast tonight! Wanted to live stream tonight for a change to give a chance to showcase some of your favourite colonies that might not have anything episode-worthy going on at the moment. I apologize, however, as we had a few blips (i.e. my laptop mic finally switched over to my proper mic half way through, and my camera disconnected momentarily) but it generally went well. Thanks for watching, guys and don't forget to hit the LIKE button, leave a COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this video! Ant love forever!
MEMER 1.99
MEMER 1.99 Před rokem
They feel freindly but there bite tickles me
MEMER 1.99
MEMER 1.99 Před rokem
Do you have red trap jaw ants
Louinna Cross
Louinna Cross Před rokem
Love this! Psst... Have you ever housed Army Ants?
JJ Před rokem
AntsCanada why’s is your name ants Canada if you live In The Philippines
Jeryco Risky
Jeryco Risky Před rokem
Fantumh Před 23 dny
I'm just amazed by the amount of work it must take to make these videos at such a high level every week. It's superhuman.
Manuel H.
Manuel H. Před 3 měsíci
After Watching your Videos. I can sense an Ant at a range of >5meters. And a Queen Ant 10-15meters :_D I have now better sensing skills thank you xD
Toxic Recovery
Toxic Recovery Před 3 měsíci
I love this idea
ニールFiery Neil
ニールFiery Neil Před 10 měsíci
CSposts: *Shows facinating facts about ants* School: *AnTs ArE a SmAlL InSeCt PeStS*
Maggz Před rokem
No one : Absolutely no one : Mikey : Alrightt 😎
monty noname
monty noname Před rokem
wait they can be found in Weston Australia wait thats where I live
sofia suzi
sofia suzi Před rokem
Godwin Ip
Godwin Ip Před rokem
Can they climb glass?I am hoping to have a colony of trap jaw ants
TheDocumentarianist Před rokem
Here is an idea. It may be true that they cover the prey to hide, as it actually parallels another reason as well. Oxidation breaks down enzymes over time. By covering the insect it reduces the surface area exposed to that process and prolongs the life of the nutrients. Just an idea. Surface area on a 3d object is exponential and parabolic, therefore the covering of the prey is inversely proportional to a fully exposed 3d object. Similarly to how when meats are cured, they are stored away from the open air.
Clark Ortiz
Clark Ortiz Před rokem
I just want to ask if trap jaw ant can climb in a plastic container or a glass
Jonas Bösch
Jonas Bösch Před rokem
Switzerland :)
KaceyIlliot1669 Před rokem
Annnnttttsss 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜
hello Před rokem
If he lives in phillipines, why is his channel antscanada
Jacob Gabriel
Jacob Gabriel Před rokem
My baby sister watches your channel (sometimes)
korll97 Mutant wolf
korll97 Mutant wolf Před rokem
I always wanted a trap jaw but I can't find one.
Kolossus Godby
Kolossus Godby Před rokem
I dont know that time the fire nation had your hand in honey
Mitchell Tennant
Mitchell Tennant Před rokem
I used to think you call your fans ac family cuz you live in the tropics and and you need to use the ac all the time. But that was only for a couple seconds.
EveryDay Před rokem
Changming Hu
Changming Hu Před rokem
can you please show more trap jaw ant videos
oscar viera
oscar viera Před rokem
Voice was so different I was confused 😂😂💀
Derek Redgate
Derek Redgate Před rokem
Shame I missed the live stream, glad to see your doing so well. Always great footage!
EnFoRcEr Enforcement
EnFoRcEr Enforcement Před rokem
@AntsCanada have you got a Twitch accound?
Brian Boudreaux
Brian Boudreaux Před rokem
“Ariight 😎 “
Cassidy Vanhorn
Cassidy Vanhorn Před rokem
CelticComedy 13
CelticComedy 13 Před rokem
AC: *Makes a commotion above Jawbreaker nest* Jawbreakers: *Agressive workers run out* AC: *Throws down a cockroach onto the soils* AC: Yeah that roach was causing the disturbance Wow blame shifting with ants XD
CelticComedy 13
CelticComedy 13 Před rokem
Whenever AC mentions local ants I just cry, I live in northwest America where only camponotus ants can survive....and I have not seen a single ant my entire time here.
Conn Man
Conn Man Před rokem
Isn't that colony self feeding?
MEMER 1.99
MEMER 1.99 Před rokem
Trap jaw ants live under dead wood so I am using dead wood hehor!!!!!
TL Před rokem
*Here is a Chat about the Ants* Ant 1634: Hey Ant 1425 Ant 1425: Yeah Ant 1634: The Wild ants said that they liked these orange slices with some kind of yellow goop on them Ant 1425: Don’t trust them, there up to no good Ant 1634: True, but don’t you wanna try it? *Ant 1089 now comes in* Ant 1089: Guys we need to transport a new batch of eggs Ant 1634 and Ant 1425: okay *this is not original comment*
Did Giducos
Did Giducos Před rokem
Ants canada This is the first video that I watch.
Khang Nguyen
Khang Nguyen Před rokem
Ant canada thay can eat a super worm ???
Khang Nguyen
Khang Nguyen Před rokem
And they can eat life worm
lynn1381 Před rokem they eat it or do they just eat the spring tails?
Yuyu TV
Yuyu TV Před rokem
There were hundreds of species of trap jaw ants here in Malaysia belonging to the genera Anochetus, Myrmoteras, Odontomachus and Strumigenys. But i only seen two of them... :(
Glitch Fit
Glitch Fit Před rokem
Wow i didn't realized how involved the process is
Kendellius Před rokem
ant canada play empires of the undergrowth
Dox Boi
Dox Boi Před rokem
" :)alright(: "
Oliver Clothesoff
Oliver Clothesoff Před rokem
Can the jaws of the trap jaw ants break off? Like by fighting or just by accident? If they do, does the ant grow it back?
RAZR Před rokem
Better to have 1 good video... rather than sacrifice quality attempting 2 videos
Tanya Genevieve Hernandez
Tanya Genevieve Hernandez Před rokem
Holy shirt! You're Mikey Bustos pala! Lol!
tik tak
tik tak Před rokem
hello i'm from the Netherlands. i really love your videos. how are the shrimp doing in the Selva de Fuego.
CaughtYouTrollin Před rokem
It just seems as if ur playing god it a weird way to look at it im a new fam love what u do here
D Villegas
D Villegas Před rokem
These are my favorite ants of all time... They are fascinating! :)
Smokin' Toes
Smokin' Toes Před rokem
While this idea is even more niche than your usual, a mininiche or subniche if you will, i love the idea. I never thought about wanting to see any specific colonies or missing any of them but i think this is an awesome thing to be doing.
Nihal Wickremasuriya
Nihal Wickremasuriya Před rokem
is it hard to bring the Golden Empire and the Fire Nation to the new house\Antiverse because its a Paludarium?
Kyoko Blitz
Kyoko Blitz Před rokem
i can only speak for my self but i fall in love almost all of your content watching them is truly satisfying like you said. but it is a little hard for me to find videos i may have missed about particular colonies so i end up jumping around the story lines, still love it and usually eventually get the full gist of what happened, but i totally would love to binge watch all the videos you put up about all your different ant colonies in order of when stuff happens one colonie at a time and i feel like ive stumbled upon playlist that you put together that is exactly what I'm describing but i can't seem to find them again. im going to feel really silly if it's just something simple I'm overlooking but i would love if each colony story line was easier to find. If i could I'd like to watch each video as its uploaded to follow your entire antiverse time line but life doesn't always allow me all my luxuries so i end up go dry spells with out your lovely Channel. also want to say how i love how your always trying to please your viewers and i thought id throw this out there cuz of the thing you said about ppl missing seeing particular colonies, cuz i thought to my self (and now at y'all) that every colony is awesome in its own right and if they just watched the story of some of the other colonies that they may have not paid attention to at first or overlooked there would not be so much complaining because they haven't seen their favorite and maybe find more favorites... idk its late where I am and I've been stuck in the hospital for 3 days trying to breath and may be projecting by boredom and need for conversation on to my favorite CSposts channels...idk. keep doing what you doing and letting us share in the ant love ✌
Yomismo ara
Yomismo ara Před rokem
lol, look at 21:15, one ant fails, and take and carry another ant, like she was the real meat.
Anthoney King
Anthoney King Před rokem
It's Still very funny to see them shoot around when the move there Jaws fast its like one min you see them the next you dont
Sylkis89 Před rokem
I thought that the avista colony and the dark knights are gonna be the most difficult because of the difficult setups made out of many parts and the big paludariums you can just put on a trolley and then on a van and that's it
SHERON Brames Před rokem
I love the trap jaws
Killaim Před rokem
I came here from the Novel "chrysalis" comments - Anthony would be proud
Drew Burks
Drew Burks Před rokem
Just barely getting a brake of trying to figure out what im gonna do with my, and remember you from several months im planning to be binge to catch up from here, i love your videos
Penelope Jenkins
Penelope Jenkins Před rokem
You sound a lot better and cooler than you do with the big ol scripted junk drama
Dale Wallace
Dale Wallace Před rokem
I think u should do a video a the rhineo betles
Fira Syam
Fira Syam Před rokem
KHA I LHE Před rokem
Hey dude try reacting to anthill arts work
divegabe Před rokem
The roaches exoskeleton appears to make it difficult for the jaw-breakers to eat, you can see how cautious they are - if they bite too deep they fly! You need to farm those worms now ;)
Dreamer Před rokem
Kamikarmada Před rokem
Hey AC! I got my own ants on Christmas! I’m not sure what species but the queen is very cute and so are her little workers! Ants are very interesting and I can’t wait for them to move into their home!
King-Of-Light Před rokem
So if someone was to send u a queen if a species of ur choice how would they
Henry lives the Sword life
Henry lives the Sword life Před rokem
I have the species of trap jaw ants
hannaah Před rokem
I’m from Germany 🇩🇪 ❤️
W B Před rokem
love it!
-[Bent]- Před rokem
No hate but here’s some ant facts! Ants don’t feel pain *they don’t have pain receptors* Ants don’t think for themselves *they have no conscious* And ants are very *very* invasive
Ant Eater
Ant Eater Před rokem
Heyim CrayCray
Heyim CrayCray Před rokem
Heyim CrayCray
Heyim CrayCray Před rokem
What time do you stream??? In USA time
Heyim CrayCray
Heyim CrayCray Před rokem
That fossil is extra scary
Jared Tench
Jared Tench Před rokem
We need a Coyote Peterson colab
It's Me Jorge
It's Me Jorge Před rokem
Atm.. sleeping with my pet ant.. Oops, he's dead!
Nikolaj Steffensen
Nikolaj Steffensen Před rokem
honestly i never knew ants could be this fascinating!
Cacatua Rosa
Cacatua Rosa Před rokem
the ants making they own "springtailsColony" channel :V
Chingshen Danyeng
Chingshen Danyeng Před rokem
J S Creations
J S Creations Před rokem
We miss your fun story way
joseph ahrens
joseph ahrens Před rokem
The fire nation is my favorite ant colony
Oüber fox
Oüber fox Před rokem
play the song “hell to pay” while the ants are pulling apart the roch it’s so fitting
TYK theyoungking
TYK theyoungking Před rokem
You should become a professor .
Billy The Catfish
Billy The Catfish Před rokem
Ants Canada without a a script lol.
Jonoroxat Před rokem
Would be so cool to projecton a wall, a microscope fed camera to basically "shrink your self down".
Jonoroxat Před rokem
project this video on a wall its the affect desired!
Astoflo The sucker
Astoflo The sucker Před rokem
Now we come too the most important question... are trap jaw ants actual traps?
Cherry Ng
Cherry Ng Před rokem
Fron hk!
Kyle Janke
Kyle Janke Před rokem
You need to get the peacock spider it's a little jumping spider
Jennifer Josling
Jennifer Josling Před rokem
Hi AC. My 6year old girl loves your channel. She told me to tell you.. She loves the fire ants the most
Shannon Sargent
Shannon Sargent Před rokem
Mehmet Akbayir
Mehmet Akbayir Před rokem
Roy Vink
Roy Vink Před rokem
Oh and its 21.06 right now idk if you can see when i sd it but i thought maybeits intrestimg to know
Roy Vink
Roy Vink Před rokem
I am from the netherlands and like 10 friends of mine watch ur fideos becouse of me😉 i love youre content ur just simpely the best😂💪❤ keep the good work up hopefully you will see this X.x.x Roy hendrik engbert kees Vink
Earthstar Review
Earthstar Review Před rokem
Anyone else remember SimAnt? I remember SimAnt. I've been fascinated with ants for a very long time. I once had a colony try to move in! I actually didn't realize this until this year by watching this channel. Whatever kind they were had multiple queens, and I saw several. I had thought they were some sort of higher caste ant. I didn't know there could be multiple queens!
Doge Sanic
Doge Sanic Před rokem
"All right" seems you like that phrase, and i love it xD
Jonathan Yep
Jonathan Yep Před rokem
What happened with Emperor Sapphire
Tarjbee Cloum
Tarjbee Cloum Před rokem
How do you prepare your soil for a new colony
Doodlepede Před rokem
love you ant man!!!!!
Paula R
Paula R Před rokem
Europe, Poland :*
Aleister Mraz
Aleister Mraz Před rokem
Hey, AC family. Can anyone tell me why these ants are standing around doing nothing like this? Is this normal?
Bee Buds
Bee Buds Před rokem
Everyone who truly loves this Channel, say #_YEAHANTS
bat baths
bat baths Před rokem
quality videos!!
BandwagonCelticsFan Před rokem
I do not know if you will see this comment AntsCanada, but when I first saw yout channel, I was like wtf how can this stupid channel have so many subscribers seems boring. But then I started watching your videos and I was hooked ants are so interesting creatures, they can get annoying sometimes but they are incredible for how they work together anyway incredible videos keep up the great job never stop making videos. Regards
Caitlin Palmer
Caitlin Palmer Před rokem
Your videos are amazing. Keep up the good work and education.
TraGi5K Před rokem
i love when he says ups
Ayden Reed
Ayden Reed Před rokem
I had to be up until 2:00AM because of a light show XD
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