ANGEL OF DEATH/Guardian Goblin/DEATH SPRITES: Creatures Saving My Ant Empire

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The Angel of Death is finally revealed, the creature I've chosen to exterminate all surviving ants infected with parasitic mites in my ant terrarium, called the Hacienda Del Dorado. The Golden Empire, one of our O.G. ant supercolonies on this channel are on the brink of extinction, but thankfully, with the help of some unique creatures, including an unexpected Guardian Goblin and a new team of Death Sprites, our beloved ant empire and their massive home kingdom, may just be saved amidst their on going battle with parasitic blood-sucking mites.
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AC Family, we're back, and MAN, was this episode SUPER difficult and long to make! I even got sick making it! Anyway, hope you like this week's episode! Let me know what you guys think? Please remember to give the video a LIKE, leave me a COMMENT, and hit the SUBSCRIBE button and BELL to join the Notification Squad! Thank you for watching! Ant love forever!
Itsjusta Hemi
Itsjusta Hemi Před měsícem
The honey bee gets a mite that looks like those mites on your ants. They're called varroa mites. There's many natural things you can do to control them. The honey bee is similar to your ants. They also use oxylistic acid (something close to this- not much internet service to google the correct name) that kill the mites with a "safe" fog when it's heated up. There's even a tool to use to heat it up. You could get in touch with a bee keeper close to you to try it on like 50 ants to see how they react to the treatment. If it's safe for honey bees and their honey plus their brood then im safely eating it should be ok for the ants and their brood also. You could treat them to prevent outbreak of those nasty red mites. Look into it, could be something simple to control with no fatality!
Paul Miller
Paul Miller Před měsícem
That's sad that your ants got mites
Tom Davis
Tom Davis Před měsícem
You had COVID???
Joseph Sage
Joseph Sage Před 2 měsíci
Math Legend
Math Legend Před 4 měsíci
The best fan . of CSposts last to reply
DanielAVanilla Před 8 hodinami
Ants canada: EAT THE ANTS Cane toad: Nah not really feeling it
Cruxity Před dnem
I reckon you could have put glock beetles inside to eat the ants.
Anthony Dingal
Anthony Dingal Před dnem
He's accent sound like a Filipino
Anh Tuyet Nguyen
Anh Tuyet Nguyen Před dnem
Jess Jaramillo
Jess Jaramillo Před 3 dny
What a frog that dosent do anything
Dead maybe😐
gitanjali sahoo
gitanjali sahoo Před 6 dny
I am going to choose Hadeys the gladiator
StickyLicky Před 6 dny
@21:24 I was not expecting that all. My guy... you have an amazing singing voice!!!!
The unreal Lion
The unreal Lion Před 8 dny
If it doesn’t work out just flood the terrarium
The unreal Lion
The unreal Lion Před 8 dny
Honestly this guy could make a documentary on a single grain of dirt or sand and it would go viral
The unreal Lion
The unreal Lion Před 8 dny
Why the damn hell is so fu**ing addicting
Titanium Tronic
Titanium Tronic Před 8 dny
Oh no I sepnt 5 hours watching ant vids Aaaaaa i have homework what am I doin
Carmy Salvy
Carmy Salvy Před 10 dny
Hi! Are you Kabayan? 😲
JACorvin Před 11 dny
Soooooo why not just save all the queens you can find and repeat the mite experiments with them individually?
Mikael Tapoc
Mikael Tapoc Před 12 dny
AntsCanada is in here, the Philippines,hmmm
Boboy Blesoch
Boboy Blesoch Před 12 dny
Fruit fly millenialls😂
Manav Před 13 dny
You cant make a video you are stupid
Himaank Yadav
Himaank Yadav Před 14 dny
If u live in Philippines then why is ur channel “antscanada”
Natalie Jordan
Natalie Jordan Před 14 dny
is it dead
Party Man
Party Man Před 14 dny
I guessed cane toad lol
El diablo noob
El diablo noob Před 15 dny
Angle of death was doing some cocaine in night
Ahmad kholdun Ibnu sholah
Ahmad kholdun Ibnu sholah Před 16 dny
Where I've been the whole time, I never found such a person that so passionate with zoology, environment, terarium, latin world, cinematography, script writing, and literature at the same time. Definetly subscribe
Firefox gameing
Firefox gameing Před 17 dny
This man....... amazing. Honestly me tho. I get mad at frogs too
Siyao :P
Siyao :P Před 18 dny
This is so funny though when you got mad at toadd
Siyao :P
Siyao :P Před 18 dny
Could you get to the point next time? The story time is okay and all but it just loses interest and is so boring and not the point -_-
Taje Lee
Taje Lee Před 19 dny
Poor ants
graphitebeans Před 19 dny
Cane toads are the worst. If you’re from Australia - Queensland in particular - you’ll understand that they’re literally a plague.
Diana Lumactud
Diana Lumactud Před 22 dny
Yooo this is literally a trilogy movie!!!!!!
Noah Xu
Noah Xu Před 22 dny
the angel of death is a tlod
The Corgi Family
The Corgi Family Před 23 dny
Selim Guadamuz
Selim Guadamuz Před 24 dny
7:53 there you go, skip all the drama and recaps
JiaJun Li
JiaJun Li Před 24 dny
Him: yes thanosed Thanos: hey that’s my job >:( Me: it me job!! Snaps*
JANUARY MARIE Alota Před 25 dny
Go posiedon!
Basiboy Villareal
Basiboy Villareal Před 26 dny
but what about the poisonos frog when you touch it
Basiboy Villareal
Basiboy Villareal Před 26 dny
why toad queen
David Vance
David Vance Před 26 dny
Everybody gangsta until a giant black cylinder is found half submerged in the Pacific Ocean.
joel huck
joel huck Před 26 dny
15:30 the background music is the exact same from a game i played called Arcuz
paintedweasels I
paintedweasels I Před 26 dny
Next time you need to cleanse a tank, fill it entirely with water and add lots of tiny fish to eat everything, then drain it lol, the great flood event
Muhtadi shareef
Muhtadi shareef Před 27 dny
Ok first of all sir shame on you for making this show so damn addictive..IV been watching this ridiculousness now for 3 hours. Also the story telling is full of so much suspense it's giving me anxiety....damn toad Never did come out I almost had a heart attack when the the other toad ate one ant...two Xanax later I'm watching a video about how to build my own ant in your voice ..and become god.
Muhtadi shareef
Muhtadi shareef Před 27 dny
That boy can sang!
Muhtadi shareef
Muhtadi shareef Před 27 dny
Bruh if you don't show me this angel of death already!!!
Exponent Dart
Exponent Dart Před 28 dny
The way the road just thanos snapped that any was hilarious
okuyasu nijimura
okuyasu nijimura Před 28 dny
Petition to get a video of just AntsCanada singing
Connor Stroeing
Connor Stroeing Před 28 dny
a team
karl nystedt
karl nystedt Před 28 dny
Loved the content,but I have hated interminable cliffhangers since I was a small boy going to Saturday matinees at the local cinema...I may or may not come back.
Abhay Singh Chandel
Abhay Singh Chandel Před 28 dny
Epic and cool story
Hugh Derks
Hugh Derks Před 28 dny
looks like an alligator
"Bufonidae" as the beginning letters of the riddle! It's a toad!
Oh. You totally point that out later on LOL! Shoulda known that.
@7:05 to skip recap. YW.
ImtiS Walling
ImtiS Walling Před 29 dny
Is that WoW music?⭐
Alexandru Gisca
Alexandru Gisca Před 29 dny
I am questioning my life waching this
Alex Smith Harding
Alex Smith Harding Před 29 dny
Stop saying antiverse that so silly
Bensjammin Před 29 dny
Did you learn nothing from australia? Cane toads never do what you intend for them to do. We sure learnt that the hard way
supersaiandemon Před 29 dny
"YES! THANOSED!" Perfect.
Preston Gehrig
Preston Gehrig Před 29 dny
I honestly thought Shaggy at 100% definitely would've been it
Harley Bell
Harley Bell Před 29 dny
i knew it was vibn frog
Entity Před 29 dny
Me when i realised it was mikey bustos
Synia Hare
Synia Hare Před 29 dny
Synia Hare
Synia Hare Před 29 dny
I knew it
LOan jensen
LOan jensen Před měsícem
is anyone else re-watching this in 2020?
katrina adrianne
katrina adrianne Před měsícem
I'm team #Ares and my 7 year old sister is team #Zeus!!!
Mr Duckers
Mr Duckers Před měsícem
Nice touch with the music at the start but still poor ants:(
Jason Shi
Jason Shi Před měsícem
Alexia Grey Lee
Alexia Grey Lee Před měsícem
Hala! Taga Philippines ka Pala Kuya? Sana all
MIKE Empire
MIKE Empire Před měsícem
I Feel like AC will be a good movie director.... He is very good at story telling and is very good at video taking
Its a rhino Because idk what its name
Tan guo kang
Tan guo kang Před měsícem
Oop i think i didn't say it ;-; i knew it was a cane toed is it ;-;
Eddie R
Eddie R Před měsícem
You live in the Philippines? I thought you lived in Canada
Angelina Rodriguez
Angelina Rodriguez Před měsícem
Exclusive Oro
Exclusive Oro Před měsícem
God just show us wats in the box and move on
Gaming with Pineapple
Gaming with Pineapple Před měsícem
Wow he has a beautiful singing voice
hotwire 3000
hotwire 3000 Před měsícem
Murder croaks
Bruokoli Před měsícem
Bro how am I just finding out ants Canada isn’t in Canada
TheHiddenOne Před měsícem
Shoulda put a praying mantis in there. Woulda eaten all them ants... And probably the gecko as well...
Ooh he lives in the Philippines :)
leo jacoby
leo jacoby Před měsícem
If you're Sprites fail you get a tokay gecko and your ant problem will be eradicated they are ferociously beautiful.
Breanna Pierson
Breanna Pierson Před měsícem
Dude why are you not on The Voice or America's Got Talent ?
maybe the toad left for australia
meow meow peow peow
meow meow peow peow Před měsícem
More like "angel o boredom"
Sara Barnett
Sara Barnett Před měsícem
I love how he builds up the gecko then is like "SIKE THAT AIN'T IT!!!"
bradly smith
bradly smith Před měsícem
House geekos. I have never wanted to live somewhere more than I want to now.
TAILs AND zANE Před měsícem
#teamzeus btw no one thought that if the toad ate the mites and if they lived they can suck his blood from inside his body and it was weird maybe
SRSUPERRILEY 2010 Před měsícem
What your pipipino sorry I didn't watch this video soooo your PHILIPPINES you live in plipines whaaaaaaata
Benediktas Janulis
Benediktas Janulis Před měsícem
You do realise you can close all the exits and bacicly cut the oxygen in there litrely you could of closed the exit and the roof and left it there
Bee Před měsícem
Why is it called antscanada when he lived in the Philippines lol?
Jessica Marga Leon
Jessica Marga Leon Před měsícem
are you a new watcher
NZThirstQuenchers Před měsícem
#team zeus
Guy fawkes
Guy fawkes Před měsícem
Every good history has a plague and an angel of death play like a god
Sawyer Covey
Sawyer Covey Před měsícem
Oh my gosh GUYS, He’s the “I wear speedos” guy
Jessica Marga Leon
Jessica Marga Leon Před měsícem
Vaysy Playz
Vaysy Playz Před měsícem
Ang kok keng
Ang kok keng Před měsícem
Jack Meredith
Jack Meredith Před měsícem
I knew it was a toad because they need a pool of water to drink out of and to keep their skin hydrated
No You1127
No You1127 Před měsícem
11:49 The Hacienda Del Dorado now has a toad-aly knew look
PixelKage Před měsícem
Bro u can sing
Anika Malacaman
Anika Malacaman Před měsícem
may be the power of the angel death is herobrine powers
Xblade 4156
Xblade 4156 Před měsícem
not sure how I got here but I'm stuck now and don't wanna leave
Skye Gellmann
Skye Gellmann Před měsícem
"Toadally" new look..
Javier Baldenegro
Javier Baldenegro Před měsícem
*builds up a lot of tension for the reveal of Angel Of Death* *literally a toad*
Queen Hawlucha
Queen Hawlucha Před měsícem
You have a beautiful singing voice
Shelby Hrach
Shelby Hrach Před měsícem
so its the golden plague?
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